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                 02/23/2018 01:38 PM  
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05/07/2008 05:11 AM ID: 70534 Permalink   

Muggles Sack Wizard


Jim Piculas, a substitute teacher at Rushe Middle School in Florida, has been fired after being accused of Wizardry. Piculas performed the disappearing toothpick trick in January, traumatising a student so badly that the student's father complained.

Pat Sinclair, supervisor of substitute teachers in the Pasco County School District phoned Piculas about the complaint. "She said, 'You've been accused of wizardry,'" Piculas said. He then told Sinclair "It's not black magic. It's a toothpick."

The school district denies calling it wizardry and said his overall work performance was not acceptable. Other reasons include not following lesson plans and allowing students to use computers after another teacher forbade it.

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That's great.
  by: Kolman   05/07/2008 05:14 AM     
  wow great school  
nice advanced teaching there.
A basic magic trick is 'wizardry' and they are not allowed to use computers. Well prepared for the world these students will be! next generation of televangelists and cult leaders, no realistic hope for a great career if your not able to use a computer now.
  by: ssxxxssssss   05/07/2008 05:16 AM     
  And let's not forget  
... it happened in Florida.
  by: l´anglais     05/07/2008 05:22 AM     
Does it seem that most of the strange s***t seems to happen in Florida?!?
  by: Allanthar     05/07/2008 05:41 AM     
  Burn him at the stake!!!  
  by: m.i.a.elite     05/07/2008 06:21 AM     
good to see some people haven't left the dark ages yet.
  by: Maxx20     05/07/2008 09:53 AM     
Come on, make it fair on the guy!

What they need to do is tie him up and put him in a sack. Then they can drop him in the river, if he sinks, he was innocent, yay! Shame he'd be dead, but at least they'd know he wasn't a witch. If he floats, then he's an evil witch, let the burning commence, for only then will justice truly be served.
  by: TabbyCool     05/07/2008 01:48 PM     
  Schools have gone backward  
I just do not understand the idiots they have for teachers today, and here they get the only decent raise.
In the last 15 years I have met numerous teachers and can only say for sure that 4 were any good at their job, I find at my childs school most are immature and very petty they would much rather have meetings with parents, wasting every ones time, about nothing at all or sit down and write pathetic notes of threats, so this story is hardly surprising to me at all.
We have even had a teacher accuse my daughter of lying when she informed them that my sister had died and the same teacher stole her expensive top and gave it to charity and we wonder why there is so many problems with the youths today, believe me it is not always the parent.
  by: captainJane     05/07/2008 01:56 PM     
  praise Florida  
at least we know where they all are.
  by: grumpy ray     05/07/2008 01:58 PM     
  Where exactly did that toothpick end up?  
What is the "disappearing toothpick trick" and why would it traumatize someone?
  by: wolfer   05/07/2008 04:39 PM     
my thoughts exactly, although they were clean until i read your subject line.

i accuse the state of using black magic/wizardry to make it's residents exponentially idiotic... time to burn some mofo's at the stake and improve the gene pool
  by: calilac     05/07/2008 04:57 PM     
  a witch!!!!  
if he weighs the same as a duck, he's made of wood! and therefore, a WITCH!!!

witch hunts are fun.
  by: elijah4twenty     05/07/2008 06:35 PM     
Magic, bah.... do you think the district wants to get involved with a huge lawsuit? Of course this guy didn't get sacked over magic.

He got booted because he's a substitute teacher that didn't do what he was told to do.

Schools have more things to worry about than some knucklehead off the street who doesn't push curriculum. They showed him the door.

(... or maybe it was his big pointy cap and long white beard which bugged 'em.)
  by: theironboard     05/07/2008 09:29 PM     
maybe YOU are a wizard too!

  by: elijah4twenty     05/07/2008 09:33 PM     
Yeah, that sounds like a bunch of WIZARD-talk to me ...
  by: l´anglais     05/08/2008 02:11 AM     
  I say, again....  
Man. We definitely have The Bush Dark Ages upon us all. What the heck was wrong with entertaining the kids to keep their interest? And someone needs to tell that ignorant Pasco County School District that there is no such thing as "wizardry."
  by: JonSmith     05/19/2008 10:55 PM     
I agree with you I had 2 extreme teachers but each opposite here is a little resume of them you might have seem some like that too lol.

Back 10 years at my high school we had a teacher with obvious anger management problem or were only interested by their paychecks. Here two example of teacher I had.

My father told me of a teacher he had in high school(I got the same as he was still teaching physics) and if you disturbed his class he would throw the black board eraser or chalk full force aimed at your head so you would disturb the class for something or you would shut the f*** up and listen. (That was when my dad had him as a teacher)

(Same guy 2 decades later when I got him as a teacher)
The man was always semi-drunk with a cheap Pom Pom cigar and Whiskey breath. First day of school he told us "In this class there is ME,GOD and then the rest of you" by which he meant don't f*** around cause nobody can help you while you're in his class not even the school administration,they were afraid of him. And he was walking in the class with his wooden meter and slams it on your desk when he spotted a spelling mistake.

Second exemple is of totally useless teachers that is there for his paycheck.My english teacher didn't know one english word,we were doing crosswords in class while he was looking up the answers in the english-french dictionary with both feet on his desk.

In his class some more hardcore students throw rocks at each others and he never noticed unless it hit the metal cabinet in the back of the class.

I almost forgot my college computer teacher,who told us first time we saw him "the first step towards failure,is trying." lol

Reading back what I wrote I would have loved having a teacher who does magic tricks instead of those useless ones described above. :P
  by: Korzen   05/20/2008 12:24 AM     
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