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                 02/23/2018 09:49 AM  
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05/09/2008 11:00 AM ID: 70604 Permalink   

LeBron Pizzas Get Police Escort


Peopple lined up yesterday for their special deal of a Papa John's Pizza for just 23 cents. The deal was part of the pizza chain apologising for one of its branches printing a LeBron James t-shirt with "crybaby" on it (SN reported).

In some cases, the lines were so long that police were on hand in case crowds became unruly. The 86 different Papa John's stores made up to 300 pizzas an hour to meet demand, and some customers were made to wait 90 minutes.

Police were called in to help close its stores in Columbus, which ran out of pizzas. One pizza fan said the wait was "worth it." He added, "All the money is going to charity, and obviously, it's bringing new business to Papa John's."

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  Good publicity  
Papa John's should do this stuff every year.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   05/09/2008 10:47 PM     
  I move from ohio to california  
and then they offer $.23 pizza's... just my luck, and to top that off there is no Papa Johns where I live in California.
  by: ohioankev   05/10/2008 06:55 AM     
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