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                 02/23/2018 03:05 PM  
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05/15/2008 04:26 AM ID: 70761 Permalink   

Congress Urged To Preserve Victims' Rights To Sue


Today actor Dennis Quaid went before Congress and urged the members there to preserve the rights of the injured to sue and seek compensation from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing companies. He used his own family's personal experience.

"My family.. survived a huge drug error, triggered by.. misconduct of a drug manufacturer. Others are not so fortunate. If they are denied access to our courts.. society will lose one of the most effective incentives for safer drugs," said Quaid.

Drug and medical device makers have long maintained that FDA approval supersedes state law claims challenging safety, efficacy, or labeling. They maintain these lawsuits must be blocked to keep the FDA decisions as the final word.

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Sorry for cutting up the quotes so much.. Not a whole lot of space to put everything Quaid said in..

Also, I am on the same side as Quaid. If the public has no way to fight the FDA, who can and have been bought off before, then the pharmaceutical and device makers will make shoddy products and never care who they hurt.
  by: Allanthar     05/15/2008 04:28 AM     
  Hear, hear  
The drug companies' insistance that the FDA rulings be the final official word on a drugs' safety is tantamount to saying that court decisions can no longer be appealed, because the first court can be assumed to have gotten it right.

The reason lawsuits and court appeals exist is because human error and corruption exist, and U.S. society has decided that, because of this reality, we should have the ability to review important questions.
  by: lĀ“anglais     05/15/2008 06:39 PM     
one of the problems in this country is that everyone is so quick to sue for every little thing that goes wrong in their lives
  by: leparsdon     05/20/2008 03:08 AM     
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