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                 01/21/2018 09:36 AM  
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05/18/2008 06:08 AM ID: 70816 Permalink   

Autistic Boy Banned from Church for Disruptive Behavior


Rev. Walz from the Church of St. Joseph has filed a restraining order against the Race family to keep them from attending the church with their disruptive, autistic, 13-year-old son Adam.

Rev. Walz claims Adam has hit a child, spit, and urinated in church. Walz claims Adam's parents sit on him and tie his hands and feet with a rope that is pulled under the pew and held to restrain him. Walz claims Adam's behavior is getting worse.

Adam's parents offer explanations for the complaints including that they sit on and restrain Adam with soft fleece because it calms him. Adam's mom had previously received an award for encouraging families with disabled children to go to church.

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  A shocking story  
Restraining the child by tying him under the pew? How christian of them *sarcasm*. There must be another way for sure.
  by: sleeky     05/18/2008 06:58 AM     
  Sounds like  
he enjoys church about as much as I did as a kid. Can the boy even grasp what is going on while he's there?
  by: caution2     05/18/2008 07:21 AM     
  I think  
if something else is not a solution then they obliged to go into the church without the boy but where the child is placed while they are in the church.
  by: vizhatlan     05/18/2008 11:11 AM     
  by: The_Frag_Man   05/18/2008 01:48 PM     
  seems the preist  
is afraid of the boy. he's a large boy, more like a man, and it sounds like a pretty intimidating situation but that's no reason to try and ostricize the family from the organization.
last time i checked, tho, tying up a child in public and sitting on them wasn't acceptable behavior. but who gives a monkey's movement about something like proper behavior in a place of worship(where proper behavior has ranged from human sacrifice to mourning your faith), doesn't apply to autistic kids anyway.
  by: calilac     05/18/2008 03:53 PM     
  This priest--this church--needs an education.  
Autism is a disorder that creates chaos within a child, causing them to create their own world and way of interacting with the outside. A person's way of interacting can be seen as disruptive to others if they don't understand--or want to understand the behavior or reasoning behind it.

The mother is right--you can't discipline a child out of autism. Mild restraint and pressure do often calm an autistic child out of an episode. It helps them to center themselves, and is rarely harmful.

For more information on autism, please see the below link.
  by: vanillaskye   05/18/2008 05:39 PM     
How can the boy not be disruptive! He is Autistic for f@#$ sake.

Parents must do something about it though, since he is disruptive and violent, bringing a disruptive child at the church while parishioners come to perform total meditation is being selfish.

They can always attend the church after the mass and pray to the lord, after all he (The lord) listens to all prayers without another persons intervention, right?
  by: isuzu     05/18/2008 05:47 PM     
  What Does God Do with Those Incapable of Worship?  
After seeing an interview with the mom on local news, I have to side with the church on this one. The church offered to do private mass for the family and/or to setup a video feed of the mass. The mom refused those options because they were not the same as actually being there. She wanted "the real thing" because "without that relationship with God, what is he? An animal?"
  by: nicohlis     05/19/2008 01:09 AM     
If thats what the church offered and mom refused! I say Dont allow the family, as reasoning seems to be out of the Door, because of selfishness or self righteousness.

This boy unfortunately is in the thick of it and not for his own sake but the parents.

How do you achieve a relationship with God?
  by: isuzu     05/19/2008 01:59 AM     
  But You're Forgetting...  
God made him that way. :)
  by: tulsalen   05/19/2008 04:41 AM     
  without the church  
How are they going to remove the demons that make this kid autistic?
  by: reverend j roach     05/19/2008 05:57 AM     
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