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                 02/18/2018 07:35 AM  
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05/22/2008 12:27 AM ID: 70910 Permalink   

McCain Preacher Says Nazis Followed God's Will


John Hagee, who has made headlines for backing John McCain, once said in a sermon that the Nazis were fulfilling God's will because they chased Jews from Europe and that brought some to Palestine. He likened Hitler to a hunter.

Hagee cites Biblical passages from the book of Jeremiah (see link). He says Zionist Theodore Herzl told Jews that they needed to leave Europe to found Israel and those who stayed were subjected to the Holocaust.

Hagee is a supporter of the Jewish state of Israel as he believes this will help bring Armageddon. He wants Israel to wage war against Iran and keep all its troops in the West Bank. Click the audio link to hear what he says.

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  John Hagee .....  
.... is a damned nutcase and a half. This man makes Rev. Wright seem as a hospital Candy-striper!!
  by: Discarded Vet   05/22/2008 01:31 AM     
  This has been going on for all time  
All through the ages the region has been unstable all over the views of some and their will to instill their beliefs on others. The right to believe what you will is yours and yours alone. There are other people and factors that want this to happen and they are using the situation in that part of the world for their own agenda. Insidious to say the least.
  by: SilverVixen     05/22/2008 01:50 AM     
Would you WANT to usher in Armageddon. Great lets just start some more wars and kill everyone.
  by: xufeelinlukyx   05/22/2008 05:31 AM     
  @ xufeelinlukyx  
Ya know, I thought about that too. How is wishing for it NOT wishing for the death and destruction of billions of people??
  by: Discarded Vet   05/22/2008 08:17 AM     
  HO HUM......  
And I thought Rev. Wright was BARKING MAD.
  by: cavador   05/22/2008 09:58 AM     
what are you going to do?

According to your media you have to choose between a guy who hates America and a guy that is all for the end of the world.
  by: shmacko.     05/22/2008 10:19 AM     
  I am sure...  
this world has gone back wards and very much undone all the good gained through the last world war. People like him would have been on trail in the forties, now they can do and say anything they want.
  by: captainJane     05/22/2008 10:49 AM     
  @Discarded Vet and cavador  
I've asked before and gotten no response. What is so crazy about Reverend Wright? I expect the corporate media to label the character of anyone speaking out against injustice and genocide as insane, but I'm disappointed to see the same uninformed rhetoric parroted here.
  by: ManilaRyce     05/22/2008 11:55 AM     
is absurdity a god would want one like this i think.
  by: vizhatlan     05/22/2008 12:16 PM     
  He's an "End Timer"  
Just like the president. They wanted the Jewish state and the taking of Jerusalem and the battle of Armageddon (Megido, Israel), the Antichrist, the 666 thing and so on and so on... because the book of revelations has been interpreted as saying that all these things have to happen before the second coming of Christ. That's when they all get to go to heaven.

That's right. NOW I remember why I became a Buddhist.
  by: VermiciousG     05/22/2008 02:50 PM     
Dear Crazy People,

Stop getting jobs as preachers/priests(political advisors/military personnel also included). Pursue a career in the service industry instead.

  by: Svengali   05/22/2008 02:52 PM     
  All the crazies are from the south!  
Must be the sun.
  by: Rv3   05/22/2008 03:46 PM     
  Ron Paul  
  by: smarta$$     05/22/2008 04:15 PM     
  @ ManilaRyce  
I've already responded to that in the thread you are referring to.
  by: Discarded Vet   05/22/2008 04:29 PM     
  And BTW  
I wasn't flaming Wright in this, I was flaming Hagee, so why take it there.
  by: Discarded Vet   05/22/2008 04:32 PM     
ahh, for the days when the crazy ones spent decades without basic hygiene. it was easier to pick 'em out then and i imagine far more entertaining. raggedy beards and a loin cloth stinking to high heaven while preaching The Word, foaming at the mouth and full of fire. passion is what they had and you couldn't mistake them.
now they come with suits and manicured hands, all sneaky-like and full of words even they don't believe half the time. whatever fills the seats and the collection trays. *sigh and alas*
  by: calilac     05/22/2008 05:01 PM     
  Yes Jesus Loves You  
Now let the slaughter begin.
  by: ichi     05/22/2008 06:43 PM     
  so why take it there?  
that's exactly what i was wondering from your post.

as for your response in that thread: you replied to some fox news video posted by one of our resident neocons in which replacing the word "black" with "white" suddenly makes wright a racist. it wasn't a response to me so i didn't reply back, but it is a rather silly argument if that's all you've had to say in response to my inquiry. being pro-black does not make you anti-white. if you're going to call wright a racist for being a black nationalist then you might as well throw malcolm x and mlk into that category as well.
  by: ManilaRyce     05/22/2008 08:24 PM     
Why? Because 29% of the population are ultra zealots who care not about this world but only about the next. They gladly usher in death and destruction because it hastens their ascension into "heaven". They are the same ones who don't believe in global warming, who discount any idea of humanitarian threats.. because to them, this world is pointless. They live to die basically, die and go on to that "better place" instead of trying to make this world that better place.

George Bush is one of these 29% :)
  by: vash_the_stampede     05/23/2008 12:17 AM     
  This amuses me  
I've always thought it so funny that people who are supposedly very faithful Christians could think that they had one iota of influence on God's plans for the end of the world.

As though God's looking down one day and says, "Holy crap! (pun intended) They've gotten ready early! I wasn't going to do this until March 4, 3052, but I guess I'd better do it now!"
  by: lĀ“anglais     05/23/2008 01:44 AM     
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