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                 01/17/2018 12:16 AM  
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05/22/2008 04:25 AM ID: 70912 Permalink   

2008 American Idol Crowned


After a long and grueling season of American Idol, the new Idol has been named. At the end of a two hour season finale, host Ryan Seacrest announced the winner.

The judges had heaped a lot of praise on 17-year-old David Archuleta throughout the previous night, with Simon keeping with the boxing metaphors of the night, calling it a knockout.

But when all the votes were counted, the older, edgier David Cook won the night, taking 12 million extra votes over the other David for a decisive victory and a record number of votes.

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There's hope in this world. YAY DAVID COOK!!!
  by: Carmex4thesoul   05/22/2008 04:41 AM     
I'm glad too. Young David was so sickly sweet and annoying.

But let's face it, they'll both make a bunch of money I'm sure.
  by: ZCT     05/22/2008 04:50 AM     
  My Damn DVR  
I had to look for the news online because my DVR stopped as Ryan Seacrest said, "And the winner is David..." Stupid technology.

Still at least I could fast forward through the commercials and the 90 minutes of filler in that show.
  by: ZCT     05/22/2008 04:52 AM     
Yes, my DVR cut off at the same time. It should automatically know when a show is over or But I am surprised Cook won..I knew for sure it was going to be Archuletta. But I am GLAD it was cook, that was who I was rooting for.CONGRADULATIONS COOK
  by: yupiamspoony   05/22/2008 05:36 AM     
  American Idol DVR Premature Stop  
That was the perfect place to stop a very important finale! And the winner is.......David........

Thank God for u tube
  by: turnitupneal   05/22/2008 06:16 AM     
Well mine stopped at the exact moment Ryan Toolcrest's mouth was shaping itself into what looked like a C rather than an A.

It still pissed me off. I never got to see the reaction of Cook.
  by: ZCT     05/22/2008 09:15 AM     
For those who have a crappy DVR like me, here's the link:
  by: ZCT     05/22/2008 09:18 AM     
I was shocked. I though David Archuleta was going to win. I liked him better and I though he was the better singer (under my opinon).
  by: Rachel1085     05/22/2008 01:53 PM     
I was amazed it wasn't closer, and yes, I thought people would vote for the 'adorable little kid.'

In the great scheme of things it really doesn't matter. Both of them will be professional recording artists in their own right.
  by: ZCT     05/22/2008 04:15 PM     
  American Idle  

I'd rather just look out the window.
  by: John E Angel     05/22/2008 11:39 PM     
  Really interesting finale  
I thought Little David had it in the bag -- not as dark and moody, fresh-faced kid, and let's face it, much better voice. But yes, both will be successful -- I can see Cook as a staple on commercial modern rock radio, and Little David as a crooner for the tween set.
  by: lĀ“anglais     05/23/2008 01:50 AM     
No...No there's not, not as long as people still religiously watch American Idol... In fact a good % of the country probably worships crap reality tv more than their 'god' To the athiests: as long as you are not American Idol crazy, I respect you too. :)
  by: ludwitr   05/23/2008 06:04 AM     
Am I the only one who hates these 'reality' show and thinks this isn't news at all ?

nice summary though, haha

(I just hate all the so called reality TV)
  by: Rodney Jason   05/23/2008 09:21 AM     
  @Rodney Jason  
News or not, this article got close to 5,000 hits.

The scary thing is, I've written all kinds of news stories about major current events, and they get less than half that many hits.

As for American Idol. I share your general disdain for reality TV. But I will say this, I am amused by the idiots who can't sing in the first few weeks of Idol. But I usually switch off after that. But this year, there really was some exceptional talent. And for the first time ever, I think I can honestly say, I'd consider buying a David Cook album.
  by: ZCT     05/23/2008 10:24 AM     
  @ John E Angel  
You betcha. Yawn
  by: mcink2   05/25/2008 04:26 AM     
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