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                 01/22/2018 09:26 PM  
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05/28/2008 10:27 AM ID: 71050 Permalink   

UK Teen 'Happy Slapped' To Death


It is now thought that Amar Aslam, beaten to death in a park in Dewsbury was the victim of a popular pass-time for UK teens; 'Happy Slapping'. However, the police did not give much details about vital evidence being recorded on a mobile phone during the attack.

A postmortem found that Amar died of serious head injuries after he was attacked. It is believed that a gang attacked him for entertainment, cash and drugs and may have hit him up to 18 times with a piece of wood.

Local people have described the park where Amar died as a favourite haunt of youth gangs including the aptly named 'Ravey Terror Squad'. It is not known if an organised gang was involved. Neighbours have described Amar as quiet and timid.

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  This weekend  
has been utter carnage in the UK. I'll do my best to write up the higher profile events. It's madness.
  by: Maxx20     05/28/2008 10:28 AM     
  I'll like to see how these hoodlems  
would stand to American gangs. What kind of queer gang calls it's self the Ravery Terror Squad. There a Squad?!? ahahahahaha I'd love to gun some of these punks down with my American made gun GTA4 style. Woorrrddd up.
  by: shoezacks   05/28/2008 11:37 AM     
I’m afraid this kind of shit is now the norm in the UK. Soon it won’t even make the papers.

Never understood Happy Slapping. I mean why go to the trouble of hiding your face from CCTV with a hood. Then as soon as you actually commit a crime you get a mate to record it and post it on Youtube.
  by: mrploppy   05/28/2008 11:38 AM     
Sorry but only a complete ass would try to brag that the gangs in their country are bigger thugs and animals. I see nothing to be proud off m8 and any idiot can gun someone down. Some UK inner city gangs are just as deadly as any in the US and have the weapons and people to prove it.

Whilst I'm here - I fail to see how hitting someone 18 times with a stave of wood until they die can be described as "happy slapping"
  by: kuryakin   05/28/2008 01:02 PM     
First off the police said it was a racial attack then gang attack now its a happy slapping attack,they might get it right someday.maxx is right its getting so out of hand and all the mps care about is more £££ to line thier wallets with.
  by: Jammy-Doger   05/28/2008 01:17 PM     
I think the term "happy slapping" pretty much refers to any act of violence that happens to be filmed on a mobile phone.
  by: TabbyCool     05/28/2008 02:27 PM     
So, you're calling shoezacks an ass and an idiot...


...I have no problem with that.
  by: VermiciousG     05/28/2008 02:47 PM     
Man are youth gang problems in the UK really this bad or are there people who spend all their time looking specifically for and posting these stories?

Honest question.
  by: silentrage   05/28/2008 05:18 PM     
A very fair question also, as I said in my first comment, the bank holiday has been carnage in the UK and yes, I deliberately wrote up the highest profile stories I could find.

So far as UK fact goes... The head of the metropolitan police Sir Ian Blair has described youth violence as a crisis ( This weekend two kids have been killed.

Since the start of the year 14 kids have been killed in London alone, 29 nationwide. While the government arrest people for their bin-crimes and health and safety, *children* are killing each other like packs of animals and sharing the footage on mobile phones. That's not normal!

Detailed in the articles I've posted and responses like Mr P's, this is getting to be normal in the UK.

I think for me it's not the scale of it, although that's frightening, it's the mindset which is worse. Can anyone here honestly say they'd take part in a killing, stamp on someone's head until they were dead, video it on a mobile and play it back? Hell, I'd be physically sick if I watched the video, let alone committed such an obscenity. They *boast* about it as well. The act, I'm sure we can agree is inhuman, sickening and wrong, the really scary thing is that it's being committed by so-called children, and they're proud of it.
  by: Maxx20     05/28/2008 06:36 PM     
  Sorry but i disagree with the title  
Hitting someone with a piece of wood 18 times isnt happy slapping... thats just giving someone a harsh beating, end of story. i always thought happy slapping was just that, when u slap people with your bare hand?!?!
  by: M4CRO_   05/28/2008 08:06 PM     
  If the park is known as problematic  
why on earth isn't there security or police there?
Oh yes, silly me - they are all fighting terrorism.
  by: DarkAngelJG     05/28/2008 08:35 PM     
  @ dark  
Well they do have terror in their name.

  by: Reamensa   05/29/2008 12:17 AM     
  Happy Slapping question  
Nothing is funny about someone's murder but I thought happy slapping had something to do 'slapping the monkey,' 'choking the chicken.' You get the idea.
The truth of this story is tragic!
  by: edwinlj   05/29/2008 05:20 AM     
  Happy Slapping  
Seems to be any act of violence recorded on a mobile phone for entertainment. For instance, I watched one where a kid was knocked unconscious with a large road cone. The acts can range from the relatively benign to rape and even murder. I remember a case where a mentally disabled man was 'happy slapped' and pushed into a river for entertainment, recorded of course on a phone. Because of his mental disability he couldn't swim.... No points for guessing the outcome.

I think therefore, although this is cold-blooded murder, it counts as 'happy slapping' as it was (allegedly) performed and recorded for entertainment. Also the kids were heard boasting about the act later.

As I said in my last comment, something terrible is happening in England. These kids are not only criminals but sociopaths. This is apparent because they enjoy the acts and draw entertainment from them. Something in their up-bringing (and I blame socialist state values like "we are all the same") is de-humanising these children and effectively creating a race of sub-human sociopaths who find pleasure in these acts.

Pretty damned scary.
  by: Maxx20     05/29/2008 09:39 AM     
Oh dear, I fear the rod is wedged far to deeply to remove.
  by: shoezacks   05/29/2008 11:45 AM     
  This is murder  
They laid in wait and beat this guy to death.

The police should be patrolling that park and rounding up anyone hanging around causing trouble. A good police presence would send the message "You Will Be Caught."
  by: CrisW   05/30/2008 01:41 AM     
First time poster on here.

This is quite a sad and tragic story. I was in Dewsbury visiting the in-laws with my wife the evening this happened and saw it on the news the next day.

What makes it shocking to me is that this is the park that I went to after I got married last summer to have some snaps taken. I won't be going there again very soon.

Dewsbury has become some sort of hot-spot for racially motivated crime. At the back end of last year, an 18 year old got stabbed to death outside the train station after returning from a shopping trip at 2 in the afternoon.

I don't see what a lot of the youth (not all) in this day are up to. Most hang about on street corners all day and night and probably sign on, costing people like me more and more in tax. I'm not that much older (25), but the sharp rise in these types of crimes have become more and more commonplace in the last 5 years.

Time to find pastures new me thinks!
  by: isheggy1982   05/30/2008 09:09 AM     
With all the crazy news coming from the UK recently I almost have to be of my friend opinion,god put them on an island for a reason...yeah you guessed my friend is from france.

About the "Happy slapping" thing, if I remember correctly there was some story reported here about just that,people being slapped in subway or on bus and recorded on mobile.

I wonder when they decided to incorporate murder in happy slapping cause it makes it sounds like an accident. "We were only happy slapping him with that 2x4 sir,we didn't mean to kill him...right away."
  by: Korzen   05/31/2008 03:58 AM     
  Evil pieces of filth  
they should be put back down the drain from where they came.

I am sick of these low lives ruling our streets, taking away decent peoples right to live and breath.
  by: captainJane     06/02/2008 02:38 PM     
  UK Teen 'Happy Slapped' to Death  
When I saw the heading about a 'Racist Murder' I guessed that the victim was Black or Asian, and the assailants White, because had it been the other way no suggestion of 'racism' would ever have been made, even if it was glaringly obvious.

Then I saw the Press had jumped a bit too soon with their assumption, and the thugs in question were also Asian.

What a pity that the political bias of the media forces people to think about things like that, rather than just be sorry that a young life has been lost.
  by: Ravenspurgh   06/03/2008 07:44 PM     
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