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                 01/23/2018 04:33 PM  
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06/14/2008 11:30 AM ID: 71409 Permalink   

R. Kelly Gets Off on Having Sex With 13-Year-Old Girl


A Chicago jury came back with a not guilty verdict in the case accusing Grammy-winning musician R. Kelly of performing sex acts on a 13-year-old girl and videotaping it. He got off on all counts, avoiding a 15-year prison term.

His lawyer said Kelly was not guilty because a mole on his back isn't visible in the video, and that the now-23-year-old victim not only failed to appear, a grand jury heard testimony from her that the girl in the video was not her.

Witnesses called by both sides to identify the girl in the video contradicted each other. It took six years for the case to go to trial. Kelly could be seen hugging his lawyers after the verdict was handed down.

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wtf, you could see the soultrain award with his name on it in the background, lol.
  by: silentrage   06/14/2008 12:03 PM     
This is one of those real 'feel good' stories. Good for him!
  by: japh   06/14/2008 12:38 PM     
  Excellent Headline  
Well done!
  by: stretchman     06/14/2008 02:58 PM     
Haha, I just noticed that.
Would it be better though, if it was
R.Kelly gets off having sex with 13 year old girl case?
  by: silentrage   06/14/2008 04:03 PM     
He faced 15 years for having sex with a 13 year old, but when a woman has sex with a 13 year old, she gets probation.
  by: thedrewman   06/14/2008 04:11 PM     
I'll bet if he was found guilty, the stupid media would cry "race" and other nonsense like that.
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   06/14/2008 05:52 PM     
  I Think He Was Guilty But  
The the proof is up to the state. They did not prove "beyound a shadow of a doubt" that Kelly was guilty.
For that I believe the justice system worked for once.
  by: ichi     06/14/2008 07:00 PM     
If there's no mole he didn't stick it in an underaged hole!
  by: groomsy     06/14/2008 07:06 PM     
Everybody knows Chicago's Little LA.
Home of the OJ and the RK.
Got a lil' daughter best keep her away
Cuz if they hook up wif her
Only she gonna pay
  by: aardvark   06/14/2008 08:01 PM     
The title is funny in a way but it seems biased. Claiming he did have sex with the 13 year old but he got off on the charge. Even though he was "proven" innocent.
  by: JayWar   06/14/2008 08:09 PM     
because i'm such a technicality nazi.

no one is proven innocent, only not-guilty.
  by: silentrage   06/14/2008 08:25 PM     
i knew this would happen but what a damn joke!!!!!!!!
who gets off when there SO MUCH evidence racked up against you!??

there was 14 witnessess, A FULL FLEDGED VIDEO, WITH RKELLYS VOICE. in the video there was a look of a log cabin, but in rkellys old mansion the basement had a log cabin theme.

what a joke, the black community does not care and lives at a different standard then anyone else. they basically say its ok to date and have sex with multiple underage girls and record it and they dont deem that "wrong"

me being a white person cannot say anything like this without being called a "racist" so this needs to be addressed by a leader in the black community but that will never happen.
  by: cray0la     06/14/2008 09:37 PM     
You don't seem to understand that you just made a blatantly racist comment, so I'll deconstruct it for you.

You said: "what a joke, the black community does not care and lives at a different standard then anyone else. they basically say its ok to date and have sex with multiple underage girls and record it and they dont deem that "wrong""

Now, let's see what that would look like if you said it about Rob Lowe, a white entertainer who was accused of making a sex tape with underaged girls, charges of which he was also found not guilty:

"what a joke, the white community does not care and lives at a different standard then anyone else. they basically say its ok to date and have sex with multiple underage girls and record it and they dont deem that "wrong"

What you did was to take one black suspected sex offender and judge the entire black community by his actions. That's racist. One person does not speak or act for their entire race (or religion, or sexual preference, etc.).

"me being a white person cannot say anything like this without being called a "racist""

Well, as I said above, to judge a race based on the actions of one member is racist. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck ...

"so this needs to be addressed by a leader in the black community but that will never happen."

Why will that never happen? Your implication, again, is that the entire black community thinks what R. Kelly did was OK, so you're saying that their leaders will obviously not step forward and condemn this decision. Again, a racist statement.
  by: l´anglais     06/14/2008 09:51 PM     
i knew YOU would be quick to call me a racist.
but what im saying is pretty obvious, your just so clouded in your mind you cannot see it.

i never was being racist and never said i hate black people and thought this and that. i also never said that i approve of this action by a white person but YOU obviously think i do. so stop putting words in my mouth.

white black green or yellow, its wrong thats all im saying. but your quick to call me racist when i never said anything racist to being with.

i was unaware of rob lowe but whoever he is or her or what color there are its wrong, pretty simple.

when im referring to the rkelly case im talking about the hoards of ppl outside the court buildings with signs saying we love you r kelly this and that. but NOT ONE talking about HOW WRONG this is.

and you ask why this will never happen, it hasnt happened yet has it? has one person of the black community come forward and talk about this case and how rkelly was wrong for what he did and how this fidning of not guilty is imcreditably wrong???????????

did you not know HOW MUCH EVIDENCE was stacked against him!?? but you just ignore that right?

so what if he was found guilty how many ppl would be pulling the race card then saying he was found guilty because he was black this and that

give me a damn break and loosen up a bit and stop being so quick to judge people and what you belive is racist when its far from it.
  by: cray0la     06/14/2008 10:29 PM     
mind my typos
  by: cray0la     06/14/2008 10:30 PM     
  you know  
I'm just really tired of dumb ignorant people like you langlais that sit here and call people racist.

whenever someone says something that has the word BLACK in it people like you are quick to pull the damn race card and call someone a racist.

but when someone says anything about white people its a valid argument and not racist at all, but when anyone who's not black says anything no matter WHAT it is there automatically labeled and called a racists.

even if its not racist what so ever. that word racism runs so damn rampant in this country because of left wing liberal crack pots like yourself that think you have to cater to black people and you think it makes you look better to them because they vote for your party.

here in Wisconsin whenever a black person is reported about politically in the newspaper and their not a liberal they have a asterisk by there name, what kind of shit is that?
so since there not with the "group" there openly slandered for it?

i think you need to grow up and realize THE REAL PROBLEMS with this country are actually people like you that nit pick through every sentence looking for something to call out someone on being a racist, anti American or anything else.

theres a serious problem with the black community and for some reason its really hard for black leaders to come out and say it, but when a white person comes out and says it there automatically labeled and called a racist.

give me a break.
  by: cray0la     06/14/2008 10:45 PM     
i think you need to grow up.
  by: cray0la     06/14/2008 10:47 PM     
"WAAA!!! I can't even issue a blanket condemnation of the black community without some liberal calling me a racist! WAAAAAAAA!!!! I'm so upset I just sh!t my didy! WAAAAAAAA!!!! I don't know what the hell I'm talking about and some mean grown-up called me on it! WAAAA!!!!"
  by: l´anglais     06/15/2008 02:27 AM     
  (Deep breath)  
OK. Now that that's out of my system, I'll explain to you, cray0la, why your comment was racist.

When a white person is accused of committing a crime, what sort of outpouring of condemnation for the crime do you expect before you decide that the white community does not condone the accused person's actions? My guess is probably none -- you assume that most white people don't condone the crime the person is accused of.

But all it has taken for you in the case of R. Kelly is a) a group of people cheering him on and b) a lack of condemnation from an Al Sharpton, etc., to decide that: "the black community does not care and lives at a different standard then anyone else. they basically say its ok to date and have sex with multiple underage girls and record it and they dont deem that "wrong""

Does a group of black R. Kelly fans who hope one of their favorite singers is found "not guilty" represent the attitude of the entire black community? Of course it doesn't; any fool could see that. But you said what you said. You didn't say "these R. Kelly supporters think it's OK to date and have sex with underage girls." You said that that's what the black community thinks. If you can't see that's racist, you're beyond hope.
  by: l´anglais     06/15/2008 02:48 AM     
Wow... You're ignorant and very immature.

l'anglais was absolutely correct in everything he said.

How do you know that no one, black community or not, has stood up and said "Hey, this is wrong and should not be condoned." Because YOU didn't see it on T.V.? You didn't witness it first hand, therefore it didn't happen. So you were at the courthouse and saw the camera crews shooting everything, not showing this or that. Basically, it comes down to this, all-mighty one, since you were there;

which came first... the chicken or the egg?

l'anglais 1
cray0la 0
  by: nyceplaya2002     06/15/2008 04:26 AM     
  @ l'anglais  
Rob Lowe picked up his women in a bar where door staff were employed to keep those under 21 out. One [ 1 ] slipped past the "goalie".
  by: mcink2   06/15/2008 05:07 AM     
Crayola, all black people aren't like that - BUT - inner city black people are. No, not every single one, but the great majority. If only you could wear my skin for 24 hours and hear the things we won't say when you're around. Your head would melt.

Urban blacks will never see bad in anything but them that wear blue.
Likely because they see the police as the one thing standing between themselves and "financial freedom".

  by: aardvark   06/15/2008 05:49 AM     
It's irrelevant, but the egg came first. I believe it was SN reported.
  by: gimboid   06/15/2008 05:55 AM     
Well, as Ice-T pointed out, U.S. law is based on property rights (the Declaration of Independence, first draft, read "Life, liberty and the pursuit of property). Police primarily protect people's property, period. (Sorry, crosimoto's gotten me into this alliteration thing today).

Who runs for office? Rich people; they're the only ones who can afford to. Who appoints the city manager? The rich mayor. Who appoints the chief of police? The city manager, who works for the rich mayor. What does the chief of police have to do to keep his job? Keep the city manager, who works for the rich mayor, happy. What keeps the rich mayor happy? Low crime in rich neighborhoods.

Who gets the shaft? Poor people, which includes urban black people who don't own property.

This photo illustrates just how bad it's gotten in this country -- the whole "driving while black" thing.

  by: l´anglais     06/15/2008 06:11 AM     
Sorry but you just got creamed.
  by: silentrage   06/15/2008 07:34 AM     
may come in that case if all traces of that video recording are lost or gets ruined?
  by: vizhatlan     06/15/2008 02:41 PM     
Your picture isn't showing. Reupload please.
  by: aardvark   06/15/2008 06:40 PM     
It showed for me just now. But I'll give you another link, just in case:

  by: l´anglais     06/15/2008 09:01 PM     
Oh, it was a joke.
I was all set to explain why racial profiling exists etc.
Instead I'll laugh with you and go mow my yard now that it's cooled off.
Black skin plus 90 deg temps equals fried eggs, know what I'm saying?
  by: aardvark   06/16/2008 03:46 AM     
You think that's bad, you should see what it does to freckly pale Irish skin. We're talking Red Lobster.
  by: l´anglais     06/16/2008 04:06 AM     

For the record I'm Black.
If the girl was 13 and white R. Kelly would have been in jail six years ago! The White community wouldn't of had it any other way. If they didn't get a conviction he would have been outlawed. Michael Vick went down for taking advantage of a dog because the white community was not going to have it any other way period. She was still a child. It shouldn't of mattered if she was black. As for us,they,we,them Black Folks. Everyone in the black neighborhood knows Robert was guilty. That was decided in the barber shops and beauty shops years ago but no one I know really gave a hoot other than the man still made good songs and it wasn't my child getting tossed like porn star. It just goes to show you how sad some of us really are (Black and White) including myself because I sat back and watched instead raising my voice and hitting people where it hurts...their pockets. As a society we still have a long way to go.
  by: truthhurt   06/16/2008 06:43 AM     
id figure id come back here and take a look at what was posted.

let me tell you the city of Milwaukee is out of control, lets sight one example
alderman Micheal McGee Jr

a prominent member of the black community, charge with state and federal charges from taking bribes, shaking down businesses, intimidating witnesses and then some, do a search find some info about him.

what did the black community say here? leave McGee along! they shout. even thou hes charged with multiple serious charges. thats just one instance on my stance here.

you can call me racists and anti this and that but if you would actually understand the issues instead of just reading in black and white you would too understand, but that will never happen with you.

i may have been quick to judge Mr Kelly, but just by reading on what truthhurt said above me it just proved my point!

now you may call my argument about Milwaukee and McGee irrelevant, but I'm trying to have you understand where I'm coming from without you throwing up the race card every time.

you didn't say anything in your post when i talked about how if a white person says anything about a blk person there labeled a racist asap, no questions asked. but when a blk person says anything about a white person calls them a cracker this and that its not a problem, but if we do take the time to say something back we are automatically racist.

back to Milwaukee. this city is out of control with crime, the crime is not happening in the suburbs, its happening in the inner city and until a prominent leader of the black community stands up and tells it like it is it will never change, there will just be another stupid peace march that will do nothing.

I'm going to say again people like you are whats wrong with the country. i have multiple black friends, from the inner city and out, the black community is highly influenced by rappers, theres not one prominent black person trying to lead black people in a different direction then slangin drugs, gang bangin and living in the hood, i know all black people aren't like this, i should know but in the inner city its nothing positive. there were 7 shootings this weekend alone here in the city and theres not one thing any white person can say thats going to change that, it needs to be someone from the black community to stand and and draw the line where its wrong, besides you know it best langlais, if your white saying anything about blacks OUR RACIST!
  by: cray0la     06/16/2008 07:17 AM     
i swear im going to throw the iphone out the window. its auto correct txt system is highly incorrect.
heres my corrections.

"leave mcgee alone"
  by: cray0la     06/16/2008 07:20 AM     
  R. Kelly got off  
like O.J.
  by: ukpunk1   06/16/2008 09:49 AM     
so since truthhurt said the SAME exact thing i was trying to say, and shes black you cant call her a racist, can you?

but because im white and i stated the truth, that THEN was ALSO stated by someone who lives the black community and IS black im still racist right??

thats why i orignally said that these things CANNOT and WILL NOT change until someone comes out from the black community and disowns these actions.
everyone just CLEARLY seen that when any person WHO IS NOT black says ANYTHING about the black community gets labeled racist.

WAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAAAA yourself back to the hole you came from.
  by: cray0la     06/16/2008 11:19 AM     
give it a rest. you got schooled, just take it and hush already. You're overposting and whining like an 8 year old whose toys just got taken away.
  by: jeniq     06/16/2008 03:23 PM     
  Cray0la has one point  
Things will never change until a leader emerges within the black community. All the old leaders are just that... Old. They are no longer looked up too.

One major hurdle to overcome though would be to dodge the assassins bullet. Every influential black leaders that has emerged has been gunned down. Even some of the younger ones such as Tupac were trying to get a message out but they too were killed...

The point is, is that things will probably never change for the black community. There is way too much holding them back. Once the apathy is broken, only then will things change. Of course this is the only thing holding back the rest of us as well from obtaining real power within our own country.
  by: slavefortheman     06/16/2008 04:18 PM     
I'm a black male and I was really inspired to see what truthurt wrote. And I'll piggyback on her sentiment; Today's racism just as it's always been: Different = bad unless there's something in it for me.
Can we all just get along? On the surface maybe but we've still got some deep-seated ill feelings about some things. Slavery for instance; I know that you "white" person didn't come to Africa and kidnap me "black" person so it's not against you personally but because of our impoverished situation, systemically, we still feel that White America has not only NOT "owned up" to such an atrocity, but that they also still see the difference(color) between us as bad. So rather than stand for injustice like someone getting off the hook for obvious infractions; we just go "Ahhh Haaa" if Senator Kenedy can get off with killing that girl, then O.J. and R.K. and M.J. should be able to get off as well. Its not true, its not justice...its just racism. White people may or may not think aobut this,but its a conversation balck people have. IF they have pictures of white people standing around a black lynched body in a tree, why doesn't someone go after them as a murderer or an accessory to the murder?
  by: crosimoto     06/16/2008 05:17 PM     
  Is Lindsey Perryman black?  
  by: l´anglais     06/16/2008 11:29 PM     
Check out the comments on the BET article about this story:

Is it safe to assume that many who condemn the verdict among these comments are black?
  by: l´anglais     06/16/2008 11:46 PM     
R. Kelly has be PROVEN innocent. The man has been drug through hell for the past 6 years along with his reputation. It is my belief that who ever set this man up, with their intent for him to go to prison, should be sent to prison for this false accusation.

I believe now that another investigation should be performed to find out the real intent of the accuser.
  by: slayer06   06/17/2008 03:06 AM     
  Thats BS, Slayer06  
Awww.... he's been drug through enough. PFFT! We all know R. Kelly is into young girls (no pun intended). He found Aliyah when she was 12 (R. Kelly was 24) and then when she turned 15 (Kelly being 27), they tried to get married and Vibe Magazine printed it after they both denied it. Aliyah supposedly lied about being 18 to get the marriage license, but she didn't like to R. Kelly about her age because he knew her for THREE YEARS before then when she was 12. And that is all PROVEN fact.
  by: Flipsyde   06/17/2008 06:53 AM     
...isn't the title slightly misleading?

I've just said he got off on having sex with a 13-year-old girl... there are two ways to take that.

1. He's getting off on it, and that's just plain sick.

2. You're implying that he did it, but got away with it.

Now, don't get me wrong. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he had done it, but if the courts have said he didn't do it then we shouldn't really imply he did.
  by: chiffington   06/17/2008 12:44 PM     
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