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                 01/18/2018 08:37 PM  
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06/15/2008 07:22 AM ID: 71418 Permalink   

Another Antarctic Ice Shelf May Be About to Break Up


A 62-square-mile chunk of ice has broken off the Wilkins Ice Shelf, the first ever observed to do so in winter. The chunk is a portion of an ice "bridge" between the islands of Charcot and Latady that keeps the rest of the shelf from breaking up.

The bridge was narrowed to a 3.7-mile wide strip of ice in February, when a larger chunk broke off. The latest piece broke at the end of May, reducing the bridge to 1.7 miles wide. If it breaks, thousands of square kilometers of ice will break up.

In the past 50 years, the Antarctic Peninsula has warmed by 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit. In the past two decades, seven other Antarctic ice shelves have disintegrated or retreated. Scientists believe the Wilkins shelf will soon break up.

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  And people think...  
The beach front property is in a runt now.
  by: CaveHermit   06/15/2008 07:41 AM     
  Oh it's nothing get over it.  
Oh come on. People get all lathered up over a little ice melting. Get over it! Al Gore I bet is even disturbed. Never mind the fact there are millions of vehicles, thousands of fossil fuel plants, millions of pounds of concrete layed down that gathers heat like flies on sh*t,'s just a natural earth cycle ! Don't worry. Some scientists say that the earth will be better warmer. Ah, I can't wait ! No more winter time here in West Virgina! Ah, wait, it is pretty much like that now! LMAO ! WHEN WILL THE EARTH'S POPULATION EVER LEARN ? HMMMMMMMMMMM ?
  by: wvcoalminer   06/15/2008 08:33 AM     
  Its Just The Earth  
Starting to make a little correction and eliminate a human infestation. A couple of million years from now everything will be back to normal without those lice.
  by: ichi     06/15/2008 09:04 AM     
I can't tell. Are you being sarcastic?
  by: Ec5618   06/15/2008 09:37 AM     
am beside it either the solar activity or something else may cause this, I don't believe the human's cause would be.
  by: vizhatlan     06/15/2008 10:09 AM     
  @ Ec5618  
Yeah i was bein sarcastic. I do believe we have had a major impact on the planet. I think the bigger contributors, are those that are in the "know", that is know how to make better vehicles, better power plants, better emmission control systems, but don't due to the allmight "dollar". The average joe (count me in), is limited to what we can do to cut down our footprint. Yes we can do some, but on a lot of things, we (as in the masses), are limited because of the tools (or cards) we are dealt. I do believe, unless we see major, and I mean MAJOR, changes, the planet is in deep peril. I don't believe this is going to make us loose our way of life as much as making us or getting us to change for the better. Who says you can't live good, and yet also responsibly ?
  by: wvcoalminer   06/15/2008 10:35 AM     
Wow, I'm in complete agreement.

  by: l´anglais     06/15/2008 04:57 PM     
  Just to elaborate  
President Bush said that America is "addicted to oil." He was half-right -- Americans are addicted to the things that oil has made possible. I don't believe Americans will give much of a flip if their car runs on something besides oil, as long as it works. The same goes for electricity. The key to fighting global warming isn't to somehow regress civilization to the way it was before the Industrial Revolution; the key is to find out how to do it without burning fossil fuels, and we already know how to do a lot of that. The obstacle isn't changing our way of life; it's in convincing the fossil fuel interests that it's time to adapt.

I've argued before that the oil companies' record profits of the last few years present them with a prime opportunity to diversify into true "energy" companies, which sell fuel derived from a variety of sources. Like most environmentalists, I've hoped that the proof of a significantly disrupted global climate will convince them. It may turn out to be the skyrocketing price of oil, however. I was looking for used hybrid cars for sale in my area the other day, and there are hardly any -- and I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with thousands of car dealerships. Hybrids, just a few years ago ridiculed as the mark of a "sanctimonious liberal," are now being scooped up by anybody and everybody who is sick of these fuel prices.
  by: l´anglais     06/15/2008 05:23 PM     
The world must be coming to an end, like today or something, cuz we actually agree on something. LOL

Seriously though, I hope gas prices sky rocket. Now, wait before ya call me crazy. (I have had a doc or two that I am a few brix shy, but anywayz). Not that I want the common folk (me being there to), to "suffer", I hope it is a catalyst to get people to look AWAY from the big oil, and big auto companies for a "fix". I really don't think (I may be wrong, but I doubt it), really don't give a flying f*k bout anybody but their own greedy pockets. At least the higher echalon. Case in point, the Exxon-mobile ads they are running lately. Makes me sick to watch them. "We hear at EM, are working hard to make motors with higher MPG, and batteries to last longer, etc" OH PLEASE. I could go on, but I gather you get my point.
  by: wvcoalminer   06/15/2008 09:35 PM     
there making cars that get impressive MPG, and batterys that last a impressive amount of time.

in fact im pretty disturbed by your ignorant statement.

you want high gas prices to affect familys so bad to where they have to choose between feeding there familys or driving to work?? truckers who have to park there trucks and look for other work because its not longer cost effective to drive the truck when gas is so high?
please give me a break, we need to drill and get into our resources now. the advancement in the new oil drilling technologies, the new mpgs these cars are getting are incredible. you just seem to think that if gas prices go low again that the advancement into HIGH mpg cars isnt going to happen.

but yet there big dollars in a alternative fuel that works as good as oil and is easier to get then oil, so you just think that there will be no development into alternatives ?

Another things, global warming is blown so much out of proportion. people act like the US pollutes so much worse then china and then some. while chinas rivers flow red and bubbling (sn reported), no restrictions on polluting at all.

i think ppl need to lighten up for a change.

stop watching al gores movie thats been debunked numerous amount of times.
  by: cray0la     06/15/2008 11:40 PM     
  Yes, please!  
Drill now before someone has to choose between an Armada and a Yaris! Or worse...has to choose public transportation, for God's sake. What are we, heathens?!
  by: MomentOfClarity     06/16/2008 01:29 AM     
Apparently you either didn't read my entire post, or read it and promptly forgot it. I said I did not want anyone to SUFFER. HOWEVER, let's not kid ourselves, how bout it? In the 70s, we had the oil shortage. How long did the high MPG and other inovative vehicles last ? Not long after the oil started to gush soon after. What happens when we dril drill drill, and then all of a sudden, the oil REALLY stops to flow ? A change overnight ? I doubt that. I would rather EVERYONE tighten their collective belts NOW, and start making changes that need to be made. And no, if you have rad my previous posts, you would also realize that in the 70s there was high mpg cars, even in the 50s. Then in the 90s, late 2000s. No, inovation has been stifled by the oil, auto, and also congress. What I am getting at, I am hoping that changes can be made in the collective conscience of the CITIZENS, to use technology and fuel, whatver kind, more efficiently. BECAUSE, the OIL, AUTO, and CONGRESS, are NOT that overly concerned about YOU and ME, the AVERAGE JOE. Do you get my point now ?
  by: wvcoalminer   06/16/2008 04:44 AM     
  Dammit Dammit Dammit  
I agree with wvcoalminer. But then I use a bike.
  by: VermiciousG     06/16/2008 06:44 AM     
whats the problem with having cars like the yaris and a armada for sale in car dealerships?
not everyone with 6 kids can drive a damn yaris can they?

ppl with 6 kids (or any kids) for that matter shouldnt have to take public transportation if they dont want to and they shouldnt be forced to if gas prices are so high. while we sit here and demand for the saudis to produce more and we are producing none. really makes no sense now does it?
  by: cray0la     06/16/2008 11:39 AM     
i understand where you are coming from.

im just saying that things are getting tight now and there are plenty cars that get impressive MPG that are being produced as we speak. chevy has what they call the MPVS of MPG. while the new focus gets 35 mpg and then theres hybrids that are awesome for city driving and them some so saying that the technology has not advanced since then is pretty incorrect.

i think we should drill now, we have so much oil here and more and more is being found everyday, while at the same time we drill more research will go into alternatives, new technologys and then some.

the money is there for a clear cut alternative thats as useful as oil, you know it as much as i do.

i do not think people should be gouged here and have to cut back one certain things while we sit here and beg the saudis to produce more while we do not produce hardly any.
  by: cray0la     06/16/2008 11:45 AM     
I find it amazing that you would imagine that 35 miles per gallon is impressive.
Twice that efficiency is not unheard of in commercial vehicles.

"i do not think people should be gouged"
Again, you're not being gauged. You're being given fuel cheaply, though not quite as cheaply as you're accustomed to.

You've had decades to see this coming, to prepare yourselves. During this time, you've consistently lagged behind the rest of the world. You've absolutely wasted the energy you've been given so far. Obviously, giving you even more fuel cheaply would be a waste.
  by: Ec5618   06/16/2008 12:05 PM     
I also understand where you are coming from. While there are some vehciles that get decent gas milage, it could be alot better. As far as drilling in ANWAR, and other ecological places, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I am like, go ahead and drill like hell, just take care of the environment as best as possible. On the other hand ,which outwieghs the other, is that we do not use efficiently what we do have. And because of that, we are using what we do have at a higher percentage rate than what is necessary. And we are also throwing out carbons left and right at an unprecedentad and uncalled for rate. And, if we do turn the tap up higher, we being humans, will forget that the oil is only going to last so long. So, I am for the belt tightening. Plus, with belt tightening, we save the extra oil for future generations, instead of dumping our shortsidedness on the future generations to solve.
  by: wvcoalminer   06/16/2008 01:26 PM     
I would take public transportation in a heartbeat, if it was plausible for me. I wish the US had spent its money on mass public transport as opposed to mass interstate highways.
  by: Svengali   06/16/2008 01:48 PM     
don't hate the Yaris. I bought one a year ago. I get amazing mileage in that car. i'm just happy i bought it when i did.
  by: photo_dude44   06/16/2008 03:31 PM     
35 miles per gallon. What's sad is that manufacturers have abused the quality of life argument to the point that people are glad to have such a vehicle. 35 miles per gallon was good for the 1930s. Just making cars from something besides steel makes a large difference in ICE performance, let alone actually improving the engine efficency.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   06/16/2008 03:38 PM     
I'd want to open up the U.S. strategic oil reserve before I began drilling. There's over 700 million barrels of oil in it, and it's already been extracted, obviously. At that moment, I'd start a program to flood the market with electric vehicles -- a program with an Iraq war-sized budget.

It's said that U.S. leadership for over 30 years has been too self-interested and short-sighted to keep us from this crisis. I think we're going to be in a world of hurt for about a decade, and much longer unless our leaders do something to end the dependence on oil.
  by: l´anglais     06/16/2008 08:08 PM     
It's "sad," not "said"
  by: l´anglais     06/16/2008 08:09 PM     
  re: Yaris, and @cray0la  
For the record, I have nothing at all against the Yaris. In fact, I almost bought one.

Cray0la, my problem is with your sky-is-falling urgency and disdain for any other option. I know it's been pointed out to you by many people that the gas prices we're looking at now are a mere fraction of what people in other countries pay, and they get by just fine. You then lament that people might actually be unable to make the choices they want. Well, I'd rather see people have to change their ways than to make a panicky rush for economically impractical oil that we may have a genuine need for in the future.
  by: MomentOfClarity     06/16/2008 08:28 PM     
  I'm kinda throwing this out there.  
The other day I was thinking about this and came to a little epiphany. First a company is going to need to take initiative and make a reliable fuel source (I vote hydrogen). Then it needs to come down to the same thing as it was with Blu-Ray Vs. HD-DVD, you need to have a clear winner of what type of standardized fuel the entire country/world is going to use. Then you start having competitors making the fuel to start get the market going and stable. The whole point is that it's going to have to be a standardized fuel of some kind, it's not going to be plausible to have a filling station with Hydrogen/Ethanol/Biodiesel/Water/Electricity/Etc.

Anyway that's my thought on what needs to happen.
  by: Rislone   06/17/2008 03:39 AM     
  I was thinking about something  
If the standardized fuel ends up being hydrogen, water or electricity then how are the stations going to compete on anything but price? Our hydrogen is better than their hydrogen. At Exxon we use 20 volt 15 amp chargers to charge your batteries. Unlike shell which uses cheesy 15 volt 20 amp chargers. etc.
  by: VermiciousG     06/17/2008 03:50 AM     
ZZZZZZ. That is pretty much what the political community is doing with all the global warming going on. Never mind the melthing they say, it makes it easier to get more oil from the poles ! LMAO ! OMG, it is like telling some people the building is on FIRE, get out with ya life while ya can, and others (the ones with the monetary interst at stake), saying, HELL NO, put some more wood on it the fire, we have a few more forests left to chop down to make another one ! QUICK, SOMEONE GET THE HOTDOGS AND MARSHMELLOWS ! MORE WOOD ON THE FIRE !
Nothing like a bunch of politicians, oil and auto companies with thier pockets lined to the tee, standing around laughing at the situation while the rest of us are going, WTF is going on ? I don't see a solution, except severe and quick revolution.
  by: wvcoalminer   06/17/2008 04:21 AM     
  Ice melts!  
Get Over It! =)
  by: FunkMan   06/17/2008 07:43 AM     
Children die. Don't fight it. Embrace it.
  by: Ec5618   06/17/2008 07:46 AM     
Ice melts, that is true. But in an Antarctic winter?
  by: l´anglais     06/17/2008 07:59 AM     
Planets die. Acknowledge. Move on.
  by: VermiciousG     06/18/2008 02:42 PM     
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