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                 01/23/2018 04:36 PM  
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06/17/2008 05:17 PM ID: 71466 Permalink   

Man Builds Flying Saucer with Plasma Propulsion System


Professor Subrata Roy from the University of Florida wants to patent his saucer craft. The craft has no moving parts and can hover and take off vertically. Roy dubbed the saucer WEAV, or wingless electromagnetic air vehicle.

Using his plasma research experience, Roy developed a craft with no moving parts such as engines or propellers. Electrodes lining the surface of the craft ionize the air, creating plasma. Electric currents are sent through the plasma to give it lift.

Roy said, “If successful, we will have an aircraft, a saucer and a helicopter all in one embodiment.” Roy envisions the craft not only being used on Earth but also on other worlds, such as Saturn’s moon, Titan.

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did anybody actually build it or is this more trash-talking theory? It's past the year 2000 and I want my damn flying car! NOW!!
  by: Captainchainsaw   06/17/2008 05:33 PM     
  Don't forget the ultimate rule of technology...  
If a joe-schmoe can figure it out on his own, then somebody's government figured it out 30 years ago.

Still, it would be pretty cool to see technologies like this more rapidly advanced for commercial use.
  by: maverick7h     06/17/2008 06:04 PM     
  It's being built...  
There is always something being built or there is always a possible cure for cancer or a possible cure for aids. I just can't get excited anymore unless I see it in a showroom in a storefront.
  by: Dark_Stang   06/17/2008 06:24 PM     
Don't be so cynical guys, it COULD work. :)
  by: silentrage   06/17/2008 06:59 PM     
  It can't be a space craft.  
There is no air in space. But it would be fun to play with.
  by: walter3ca   06/17/2008 08:50 PM     
  People have been building these for a while.  
They work, but only if they're essentially made of aluminum foil and balsa wood. The
lift can't pick up anything heavier, and the power requirements make it completely
impractical for anything other than a curiosity.
  by: Mister crank     06/17/2008 08:56 PM     
  Wasn't Nazi's building saucers ?  
Wasn't The Nazis attempting to build saucers during World War II ?
  by: ohioankev   06/17/2008 09:00 PM     
  @Mister Crank  
ya, but what if this guy is as smart as Tony Stark, and can build a reliable super power source with a 500 year half-life?!? hmmmmmm

have u thought of that? i thought not.


but seriously, i'm with Captainchainsaw ... its past 2k, i want my damned flying car!
  by: bpearson   06/17/2008 10:45 PM     
yeh there was nazi ufo's
check out this link lots of cool pics and info
  by: stonedwookie   06/18/2008 05:02 AM     
  I want MY FLYING CAR NOW !!  
I want it NOW. Wait, I want it yesteryear ! I have been reading about the Moller flying car since I dunno, wha the 70's ? LOL. Get off the damn drawing board and make some. Even if it is for police/fire/rescue, at least MAKE some. DAMMIT ! LOL
  by: wvcoalminer   06/18/2008 05:21 AM     
Unbelieveable. i never knew such existed.
if that was the type of technology available then i wonder what the technology is now.
  by: cray0la     06/18/2008 05:59 AM     
why would someone go thru all that trouble to make a website about some fake nazi UFO.... some people are simple minded aand have lots of free time...bah
  by: bastrel   06/18/2008 07:05 AM     
It's just the Biefeld–Brown effect. There's about a thousand articles about it.

It's a real phenomena. Mythbusters even did a show on it. Only trouble is that it's woefully inefficient. Or at least it was. If he's got a 6 inch battery powered working model then maybe he's made a better version. It is possible. I'll sit back with my usual cautious optimsm.

  by: VermiciousG     06/18/2008 04:04 PM     
all we need to do is slap a couple .50 cal machine guns on the side, and the world will be under our controll... i mean the world will be "safer."
  by: Devil Duck     06/18/2008 11:49 PM     
  Oh Yeah!  
Yeah right. "Safer"

(i'll get the mounting brackets ready)
  by: VermiciousG     06/19/2008 12:04 AM     
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