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                 02/23/2018 01:36 PM  
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06/19/2008 02:15 PM ID: 71516 Permalink   

Psychic: “V” has been abused, is it you?


A Barrie, Ontario educational assistant for children went to a psychic who shook her crystal ball and saw that someone by the initial “V” is being sexually abused by a young male in his 20s-30s.

The concerned EA returned to her school the next day and finds an autistic student by the name of “Victoria”.I t must be her since her name starts with a “V”. She then expressed her concern to the principal who in turn contacts Child and Family Services

After CAS investigated the parents, no evidence supporting the allegation was found, the CAS closed the file calling the report “ridiculous”. The mother is now seeking legal advice, and has taken unpaid stress leave to care for her autistic child.

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  I have never...  
seen an article like this in my life. wtf?
  by: maverick7h     06/19/2008 03:02 PM     
  i bet  
I bet the teacher's aide didn't mention the psychic when she made her "report."
  by: JFURY     06/19/2008 04:17 PM     
  the problem with psychics is  
they tend to be so anxious for an opportunity to display their "mad skizzelz" that they usually blow their horn way too early, sacrificing any tactical advantage their extra-sensory abilities may have granted them. Attempting to confabulate the events of someone else's life in an attempt to "look cool" really just makes you look kind of goofy and doesn't help anyone. Usually all it does is give away the fact that you're making things up, or gives away your REAL source of information.

Not that I don't believe psychics are out there (no doubt there are a few), just offering my advice that quasi-psychics or farce-psychics should be more cautious in revealing to others the few tidbits of information they actually have an edge with.

Personally, I consider myself fortunate to have never been physically abused by anyone within my family (nor anyone outside of it for that matter). That said, abusing a child is one of the only ways a person could ever make an enemy-for-life out of me. I doubt this little autistic girl is actually being abused at this point in time, but if she is, I do hope they "get him".
  by: maverick7h     06/19/2008 09:04 PM     
From the source - Here in Canada "under the Child and Family Services Act, anyone who works with children and has reasonable grounds to suspect a youngster is being harmed must report it immediately — and the CAS has an obligation to follow up."

From my understanding even if she would have had a dream where a child has been abused she could report it and an investigation would be started.
I’m all aboot protecting children, but there should be some credible evidence it has happened.
  by: white devil   06/20/2008 01:53 PM     
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