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                 02/24/2018 08:59 PM  
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06/29/2008 02:59 AM ID: 71705 Permalink   

"Cyber Terrorist" Group Anonymous hacks and defaces two MTV websites


A group or individual by the name "Anonymous" has hacked and taken over two of MTV music websites and defaced them with racial and offensive images. The sites and were going down shortly after but are back up again.

An MTV spokesperson said: "AllHipHop and SOHH, two pioneering Web sites that have been in the industry for over 10 years, are appalled by the unprovoked racist attacks of these cyber terrorists.".

SOHH CEO Felicia Palmer who was personally attacked as well released a statement saying: "It appears that hackers are specifically targeting Black, Hispanic, Asian and Jewish youth who ascribe to hip-hop culture". The FBI is investigating now.

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  Yes, yes...  
and I'm sure we're supposed to associate this with the Anonymous group that protests Scientology. Thanks for the agenda-driven news. Next.
  by: MomentOfClarity     06/29/2008 03:20 AM     
  What is more pathetic?  
Is it more pathetic that Scientology would stoop this low in their attempts at self-promotion (as we all know they do)?

Or is it more pathetic that somebody with the technological ability of a quasi-intelligent TWELVE YEAR OLD, with even less style, can manage to attract the interest of hundreds of thousands of people?

When I watched the first video, I was about 20 seconds in before I closed the window saying to myself "wow, I could have done so much better, ten years ago", I couldn't believe (nor understand why) anybody was taking this "group" seriously.

What a sad group of lemmings we've all become.
  by: maverick7h     06/29/2008 03:36 AM     
  Agree with Moment  
I find it hard to believe that this is the same group that is going after scientology. It sounds more like some jr high kid shouting that he's 133t.
  by: jaded fox     06/29/2008 03:44 AM     
  did somebody say  

So, from your comment you think Anonymous hacking MTV is the Anonymous hacking scientology? I knew it!
  by: luana1980     06/29/2008 04:37 AM     
Lol, now you're just being desperate.

Did scientology hack MTV just to pin it on anonymous? Come on fess up now.

p.s. MTV is the anus of society and it needs an enema once in a while to know its place, not that I condone racism or anything.
  by: silentrage   06/29/2008 04:56 AM     
we just know what you sad little monkeys are up to. Trying to connect people online by the word "anonymous?" Are you dumb enough to buy that, or do you just expect everyone else is?
  by: MomentOfClarity     06/29/2008 04:58 AM     
  I don't know what's more pathetic  
The fact that someone would bother to do something like that, or the content of some of the comments here when a story like this pops up. "Oh, surely an undefined group of random people couldn't have done this, it must have been some other undefined group of random people". This whole "Scientology causes everything" mentality is really bizarre. Like, bordering on mass delusion.

Speaking of which, has anyone else heard that story about all the nuns biting each other? Classic.
  by: Fratley   06/29/2008 05:01 AM     
Gosh, you are as charming as usual. But see this:

"A group or individual going by the name "Anonymous" has claimed responsibility."

Says MTV. Oh, right, they are owned by big bad scientology, isn't it.
  by: luana1980     06/29/2008 05:08 AM     
Pathetic? Delusional? Nothing so grandiose. The story author is a Scientology mouth. The perp in the story shares a common internet name with Scientology's scapegoat/rival/enemy. The commenters, like myself, have simply had it up to here with pro/anti-Scientology propaganda. We've very short fuses these days.
  by: MomentOfClarity     06/29/2008 05:11 AM     
  @MoC, yeah, yeah  
scienos everywhere, sure, everybody knows. I just sent a mail to the author asking him if he has any scientology background because MoC here, spin-doctoring a little, maybe, finds so. couldn't find a connection myself but google probably does not find online publications on scientology issues. will keep ya posted. tomorrow, bye.
  by: luana1980     06/29/2008 05:17 AM     
I'll save my charm for people with whom I want to talk. I address you and your ilk because I don't think your nonsense should go unchallenged. That said, people have signed threats with "Anonymous" since well before the internet began. Until you and yours latched onto the story, I doubt it had a thing to do with your church or its enemies.

No, you're not everywhere, but the handful of you here are easily recognized. You only post about Scientology (4 of 4 for DP) and cross-rate each others' stories regularly. In fact, last month DP himself reposted a story of yours that had been banned just minutes before. Huh, what a coincidence...

No, no conspiracy here, just a handful of trolls.
  by: MomentOfClarity     06/29/2008 05:32 AM     
Obviously, if a hacker group calls itself Anonymous, it must be the same group that gives those poor Scientologists such a hard time. These people will stop at nothing! It's about time we all joined in the struggle against these Anonymous terrorists, because we could be next.

I'm not even a Scientologist, but I do know some people who are, and they're really cool, they're always happy and friendly, they're Vikings in the sack, they have loads of discretionary income and they seem to become more attractive the further they progress in Scientology.
  by: lĀ“anglais     06/29/2008 05:34 AM     
Pathetic. Scientology was not part of this story until you brought it up. Which got me woken up...
  by: luana1980     06/29/2008 05:52 AM     
Save your lies for someone who doesn't know any better.
  by: MomentOfClarity     06/29/2008 06:01 AM     
Why do you put random periods in your sentences? I'm not trying to be offensive, just curious. Was English a second language after anunaki snake language?
  by: koenig32   06/29/2008 06:05 AM     
It doesn't matter who wrote the summary. If you've had it with pro/anti-Scientology stuff, then don't participate in it. The only reason I read this article was because I knew the comments would be funny.
  by: Fratley   06/29/2008 06:10 AM     
I disagree.
  by: MomentOfClarity     06/29/2008 06:20 AM     
Not all this BS again. I'm so tired of sciencefictiontology and animalous I could throw up.
  by: JonSmith     06/29/2008 06:28 AM     
  not the same group  
Article is by a scientologist mouth piece wishing to associate their critics with criminals and miscreants despite the fact the people responsible are not the same. Considering the article was written with a personal agenda in mind, and the article is inaccurate it probably should be removed.
  by: darth   06/29/2008 08:19 AM     
  Well Well  
If anyone has bothered to watch the interesting(ok really boring) posts from the MTV site they would see that most are saying it is between 4chan and SOHH having words with each other. So sorta like a gang war online. And to quell the LRon insanity it also seems that 4chan's whole message board user list is based on anonymity period. I would put the links to both SOHH and 4chan from but there is quite a war going on with both still.

So it' hip hop vs anime now. When I was young(er) it was East Coast vs West Coast man times have changed.
  by: TaraB     06/29/2008 08:36 AM     
  Anonymous Factions  
Anyone can claim to be part of 'Anonymous', just check out the wikipedia entry, or the implicit meaning of the name itself. Aside from that, Anonymous has had a disgraceful trackrecord, being described as an 'internet hate machine' consisting of underachieving pubescents.

The science fiction cult/extortion racket of Scientology should be dealt with by the proper authorities.
  by: Malefice   06/29/2008 12:14 PM     
Sure has gotten plenty of comments. :\

Just like everything on the boob tube - useless, ignorant and completely without impact. These TV websites, are simply extensions of their TV stations. Encompassing wastes of space (even more so now), much like this comment and every one before and after it.
  by: WicWicky   06/29/2008 08:51 PM     
  It's 4chan huh  
that explains a lot. That was the same group who hacked into the epilepsy website. Nothing but a pack of kids who need to be spanked.
  by: jaded fox     06/29/2008 09:15 PM     
How you can "specifically target" such a diverse range of people?
  by: jendres     06/30/2008 02:39 AM     
  I love the paranoia now  
everyone is a terrorist now. Once called a hacker or script kiddy? Now your a cyber terrorist. Congratulations on hte upgrade! this is bloody pathetic and a stupid abuse of the word. hacking a website like this does not invoke nor was it intended to invoke wide spread terror in the public.
This is just some corporate morons trying to make a petty crime agaist them seem bigger than it is because they dont employ the proper staff to keep their servers safe.
  by: ssxxxssssss   06/30/2008 03:01 AM     
mixed in with a pack of 30 year old basement dwellers who need to be spanked
  by: hamstertube   06/30/2008 03:09 AM     
This is a gross misuse of the term 'cyber terrorists'

They are merely 'cyber vandals', plain and simple and that's the whole of it.

It has nothing to do with real 'terror' - but media propagandists will run to the goal line with it as 'proof' we are all gonna die from an internet attack.

My sister actually thinks that it's only a matter of time until terrorists will use the internet to launch nukes within the US and take over computer-controlled aircraft and reports like this are what convince that air-head that it's true.

With peaople that clueless, who needs terrorists? Psychological warfare alone is enough.


Don't waste nukes where psychology will do just fine.
  by: DeepSand   06/30/2008 06:44 AM     
  We do it...  
for the lulz.

Something like this is too sophomoric to be derived from the chans or our allies. If it were a chan, they'd have signed the defacement 'Love, Ebaumsworld'. More creative things are out there, like defacing secondlife HQ's for prominent political parties or laughable miscreant subcultures.

The epillepsy hack was hilarious, and certainly clever enough an idea to be a chan, but the fact that it was potentially so harmful would probably eliminate them from the list of suspects. I didn't hear anything about it on the chans... And it certainly isn't out of the means or motive of scientology's PR menace to stage the event for us to damage credibility.
  by: japh   06/30/2008 03:23 PM     
My apologies. I shouldn't have said that it was actually 4chan who did it. They never did figure out which group was actually responsible for the epilepsy hack as far as I know. There were accusations that it was from some group called itself anonymous.
  by: jaded fox     07/01/2008 02:24 AM     
>If it were a chan, they'd have signed >the defacement 'Love, Ebaumsworld'.

They did:

I'll break Rule 2 here as well:
  by: darkpanorama   07/01/2008 07:18 PM     
'Terrorist' is the new 'Nazi'.

If someone hated your opinion, they'd call you a Nazi. Later, a communist. Now, a terrorist.

Wonder what the next hot word will be.
  by: deadtaco   07/01/2008 08:31 PM     
  @ Dead Taco  
I vote for Republican.
  by: zalpha     07/02/2008 05:00 PM     
right now it seems to be liberal.
  by: jaded fox     07/04/2008 11:38 PM     
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