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                 02/25/2018 03:02 AM  
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07/05/2008 01:25 PM ID: 71829 Permalink   

Hitler Without a Head


In Berlin in a newly opened section of a museum a 41 year old man cut off Adolf Hitlers' head. The Hitler figure was modeled from wax. The case happened shortly after the exhibition was opened to the public.

The police arrested the offender after they alarmed them. The patrons of the exhibition insist that the Hitler figure has to be here and it may not be ignored.

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  couple mistake... but good summarry  
and yes i know english isn't your first language.

muzeum should be museum

sortly should be shortly

afterwords, should be after; afterword isn't grammatically correct in this usage, though it carries the same meaning. english, certianly not the easiest language to learn for things like this; among many other things.

in the second paragraph either them should be him, or offender, should be offenders.

though i agree the figure of hitler should not be ignored... nor forgotten... some grave lessons were learned by germany at the hand of hitler, like just how democracy can fail due to desparation, how democracy can become autocracy in a very short time (america might want to learn this lesson before it too late), how the people can be conned into war by staged terrorism (reichstage fire).
  by: HAVOC666     07/05/2008 01:44 PM     
  don't understand it  
Hitler is in there because he's a historical figure. I don't see how just having a waxwork of him is taken as approval of him or something. Don't they have Vlad the Impaler at the other Mme. Tussaud's??
  by: gryphon50a   07/05/2008 04:53 PM     
  @Havoc666, Corrections  
As long as we're trying to help people be better with their English...

"couple mistake" should be "couple of mistakes".

"summarry" should be "summary".

If you were using title case, the first letter of each word should be capitalized (excluding prepositions and conjuctions, depending on varying rules) - "Couple of Mistakes... but Good Summary".

"i" should always be capitalized - "I".

"english" should always be capitalized - "English".

"certianly" should be "certainly".

"hitler" is a person's name and should be capitalized - "Hitler".

"germany" is the name of a country and should always be capitalized - "Germany".

"desparation" should be "desperation".

"before it too late" is missing the word "is" or the contraction "it's" - "before it's too late".

In general, the first letters of all your sentences should be capitalized. You're missing too many commas to point out. Some of your sentences are poorly formed.
  by: nicohlis     07/05/2008 04:57 PM     
I am waiting to see what havoc has to say in reply to your comment. KUDOS on giving him the "needle" ROTFLMFAO
  by: old man   07/05/2008 05:08 PM     
Finally I symphthize with that man who comitted this but this is my private matter.
  by: vizhatlan     07/05/2008 06:07 PM     
  Good summary...  
Don't let them nit-pick you to death.

With regard to the story--I understand the intent of Mme. Tussauds; however, the sentiment in Germany--everywhere--is that Hitler was to be reviled, not immortalized.
  by: vanillaskye   07/05/2008 07:38 PM     
  SLAP (hows that for a response old man?)  
nicholis do you get hit often (question mark i swear if i knew you in person i swear i'd have been driven to hit you in frustration...

your on a very short list of SN'ers i really cant stand (yes i deliberately missed the peroid on the end of the sentence... go ahead point that out too...

and btw... i dont give two shits about capitalization... i was just trying to help the summary out... your being a prick. the only time i really care about my spelling being perfect or my grammar being as good as possible, or capitalization is for articles, not for comments.
  by: HAVOC666     07/05/2008 08:35 PM     
  @ Havoc666  
i swear if i knew you in person i swear i'd have been driven to hit you in frustration...

Why not take it as 'constructive criticism' I'm sure you could learn something from nicholis!

  by: keanu1982     07/05/2008 09:06 PM     
  @ HAVOC666  
GOOD, i can feel your hate swelling within you. Release your anger; take your Jedi weapon, strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete.With each passing moment you make yourself more my slave!
  by: TheWordOfKarl   07/05/2008 09:22 PM     
Ok, I just laughed when I saw the corrections for Havoc...

I don't know if it was done tongue in cheek, but the corrections of the corrections was just funny.

Even if it was done seriously or not, Vizhatlan you should take note of the correcting of the corrections. For the most part, they were very correct.

Nicohlis, if you don't know this already, Vizhatlan is learning english and is practicing his english by summarizing articles, and we are helping him by correcting his mistakes.

Havoc wasn't being a knob for doing so. If you see Viz's articles with some mistakes in them, feel free to correct them, and give explainations as to why.

Keep up the good work Viz!
  by: gbestwick   07/05/2008 09:40 PM     
  Lead by Example - or - Do as I Say, Not as I Do  
"nicholis" should have been "nicohlis".

"your" should have been "you're".

"cant" should have been "can't".

"peroid" should have been "period".

"dont" should have been "don't".

Multiple punctuation and sentence form issues. Is your apostrophe key broken?

"do you get hit often"
- No, but, as a very small part of my job, I do often get thanked for writing clear and concise instructional documents. When someone is learning something new, the last thing they need is confusing and/or misleading instructions. Segue to...

I know vizhatlan is learning English and it's great that various people here are trying to help him out. However, I found Havoc666's "advice" to be ironic, hypocritical, and very sad. Havoc666 is one of the worst mutilators of the English language on this site. Not surprisingly, he made more mistakes in his "corrections" than vizhatlan had originally made! C'mon! How are English students supposed to become better users of the language when the advice they get can't even be used as a reference?!

Also not surprisingly, after getting some corrections of his own, Havoc666 resorts to name calling, swearing, and physical threats. Oh well. You can lead a horse to water...
  by: nicohlis     07/06/2008 05:00 AM     
  Alright, quit it.  
Enough nit-picking--take it to PMs.
  by: vanillaskye   07/06/2008 06:11 PM     
  Hitler's head  
Didn't it show up on an episode of Futurama?
  by: John E Angel     07/08/2008 05:43 AM     
  Back to the topic.  
I agree that a wax Hitler should be displayed in a Berliner museum. What has Hitler done so wrong that excludes him from other leaders? For example, to establish the U.S.A., many natives and slaves had to die.
  by: ukpunk1   07/08/2008 10:26 AM     
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