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                 01/21/2018 11:35 PM  
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07/06/2008 03:19 AM ID: 71832 Permalink   

Nude Six-Year-Old Put on Magazine Cover In Protest


The July edition of Art Monthly Australia has protested over the treatment of artist Bill Henson by putting on it's cover a nude six-year-old on this month's cover.

Editor Maurice O'Riordan hopes that some dignity and validity will be restored to the debate over children posing in the nude as art.

The image of the six-year-old is believed to be the daughter of Polixeni Papapetrou. Other images feature children posing naked in adult jewellery and naked teenagers.

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Well, the pic is actually just a little bit disturbing, but I'm glad it's out there.
In your face PCness!

  by: silentrage   07/06/2008 03:58 AM     
  if you want to be non-pc  
that's fine, but don't force it on a six year old. They're old enough to be embarrassed and uncomfortable about being nude. Maybe this little girl did not want to do this. A child is not a prop for your political beliefs.
  by: gryphon50a   07/06/2008 04:53 AM     
Maybe she didn't want to do it,
maybe Einstein didn't like blueberry pudding.
  by: silentrage   07/06/2008 05:51 AM     
Why do i get the feeling you spent some time naked in front of your uncle Chester's camera?
  by: TheWordOfKarl   07/06/2008 05:58 AM     
It is a sick culture that looks on nudity as being worse than bloodshed.
  by: zalpha     07/06/2008 06:06 AM     
Is this similar to feelings you get that god speaks to you?
  by: silentrage   07/06/2008 06:29 AM     
WTF? Einstein and pudding?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're saying it doesn't matter if she didn't want to do it?
Is that what you'll tell your 6 year old daughter when she tells you that her uncle is "showing her how to be a model" for his webcam? Hey, who cares what she thinks?
  by: aardvark   07/06/2008 08:41 AM     
Actually, I believe he is implying that we don't *actually* know, and any comments that state or try to argue either way without knowing is absurd.

Just a thought
  by: gbestwick   07/06/2008 09:36 AM     
  Last I checked  
All the parents and children had no problem with and freely participated in the exhibit.

Unsure about the magazine, but I'd assume the gallery would have OK'd it with her parents at least.
  by: tantryl   07/06/2008 09:40 AM     
"They're old enough to be embarrassed and uncomfortable about being nude"

Haven't you ever heard that children are the most natural nudists? When I was a kid I took great joy in walking around the house naked until I was eight. It was my family that was uncomfortable with the idea in later years.
  by: escalus84   07/06/2008 10:16 AM     
  Here's the question  
Is the nude human form obscene in all contexts? Apparently some people think so, unless it's being used to illustrate a textbook.
  by: l´anglais     07/06/2008 11:27 AM     
  She's only 6...  
As much as they like to think they are grown ups, I think 6 is a little young to be doing this sort of thing.

Who at 6 really knew what they wanted and is currently doing those things? Or thought that something that was good then are relieved now they didn't do it as it turned out not so great.

There are child protection laws for a reason. Why can't we let her be a child for goodness sake, is that to much to ask these arty people? If they want to photograph naked people, there are plenty of adults who will do it.

I just think these arty people are messing up some peoples lives in the name of freedom of expression or some crap like that. Why rob a child of their innocence just so they can make some pointless point about how they think the world should run.

You may say the parents allowed her to do it. Well these parents will reap the fruit of what they've done now a few years down the road and they'll probably blame the government or society instead of taking a look at their own messed up choices.

Just to be clear:
Freedom of expression is good.
At the expense of someone else's innocence is bad.

  by: savagepotato     07/06/2008 05:42 PM     
And again, I ask: is the nude human form obscene in all contexts?
  by: l´anglais     07/06/2008 07:28 PM     
  its hard to say for sure  
considering a six year old's concept of art consists of trying not to color outside the lines, and macaroni pictures. I highly doubt the girl is completely aware of what she is participating in.
  by: m.i.a.elite     07/06/2008 07:34 PM     
  Deviant Behavior  
I guess our only recourse as an elevated society is to keep the electric chair warm and ready. Many people have deviant behavioral tendencies that you don't know anything about it until its too late (But at least we'd get points for posting the horrific stories here on SN);
Guys shoot up their school, a nightclub or family and you can't say there's any connection to music or any other influences. IMHO
  by: crosimoto     07/06/2008 07:53 PM     
  What about...  
cherubs? :\ Isnt it the same concept?

I feel bad for the girl if she felt violated though.
  by: IlluminatedNight   07/06/2008 11:01 PM     
  look at it like this  
would you allow your six-year-old daughter to pose nude for a mag cover?
  by: John E Angel     07/06/2008 11:11 PM     
  @John E Angel  
why look at it like that when that is not relevant.

the question is if you were a professional artistic photographer would you use a picture of your naked child in your artwork. and if anyone actually looked at the picture they would see it is art. the rest of the back ground is painted. in deconstructing the piece I would say they have taken the Photo of her naked at the beach (pretty normal for Aussie kids, would not have had a second though 10 years ago)and painted over the background to give the surreal image.

unlike the Bill Henson ones there is no display of gentialia so unless you are so perverted that you find the flat chest of a 6 year old arrousing how is this sexual or provocative.
  by: veya_victaous     07/07/2008 01:33 AM     
forgot to point out that the girl is the daughter of the artist.
  by: veya_victaous     07/07/2008 01:37 AM     
  Uh oh  
There goes another six year old child's soul. She will remember the day she lost her innocence.

Now she must be traumatised.

  by: H. W. Hutchins   07/07/2008 06:27 AM     
  Ask the girl...  
The girl is now 11yo and just made a statement saying how she likes the photograph and is offended that Kevin Rudd (Australian Prime Minister) criticised it.
  by: ejx24   07/07/2008 07:00 AM     
Her parents are the photographers. Of course she's conditioned to see it as OK.
That these people are so blind to pedophilia (or supportive?) really sickens me.
  by: aardvark   07/07/2008 07:29 AM     
  You know  
that nudity doesn't always equal sexuality, right?

There's nothing wrong with posing nude.
  by: Lois_Lane     07/07/2008 09:11 AM     

I am frankly tired of the mentality that the human body has to be a sexual object. How many nudists do you see sporting erections? Few, if any.

Nudity is only sexual if one makes it sexual. Gorram sky god worshipers...
  by: zalpha     07/07/2008 04:09 PM     
  There is no good nor evil but thinking makes it so  
There are naked children running all over the place here, maybe people should get angry about that and attempt to censor Cambodia...and Africa. We need to force the children of the world to wear cloths just in-case there is a pedderass out there watching. (Sarcasm)
  by: shaohu     07/07/2008 04:39 PM     
  Most of the l'il kids I've known  
(3 and under) actually don't mind being nude in the slightest. Somewhere around 6-8 or so, they begin to become self-aware enough that they understand society's norms about clothes. So, there is s good chance the kid posing could not have cares less, and may actually have enjoyed the experience.

If you don't like it, don't look, Ethyl! (before you're mooned over by the radishes...)
  by: LeePIII   07/07/2008 05:04 PM     
  Ban nudity  
They should ban all of it, it is so perverted. God would have never allowed humans to be naked.
But it is only the first step. We should also outlaw mirrors in bathrooms. Last year when I spent a night at a hotel I saw that thing between my legs!! Think of the shock! I grew a belly just to cover it and they exposed me to it :-(

  by: Shadondriel   07/07/2008 05:09 PM     
pictures like this, that reinforce why we need freedom of expression, speech ect.

The girl posing is Art, art has existed for thousands of years, and a naked body is not always sexual.
  by: Claridus   07/07/2008 05:27 PM     
porn star/exotic dancer/drug addict in the making. She'll be pregnant by the time she's 9. <sarcasm>
  by: elzorro   07/07/2008 10:21 PM     
"Nudity is only sexual if one makes it sexual"

I can also treat my dog like a human but that doesn't make my penis a convenient place to hang my keys.
  by: Kuhl   07/09/2008 05:59 AM     
  My problem  
isn't with the picture at all but rather the fact that in this instance, it's not being used as art, it's being used for a political agenda.
  by: barryriley   07/09/2008 12:29 PM     
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