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                 02/23/2018 09:50 AM  
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07/07/2008 04:30 AM ID: 71847 Permalink   

French Rated as Worst Tourists (a French travel web site) surveyed 4,000 employees at hotels in 6 nations and the French were rated the worst tourists in a survey which asked about politeness, eagerness of tourists to speak local languages, generosity and other factors.

The French did come in second place behind Italians for attire. The Japanese once again were ranked number one for factors such as quietness, politeness, and cleanliness. After the Japanese, hotel workers liked the German, British and Canadians.

Americans fared low in the survey with an 11th place tie with the Thais. Americans did score high for attempting to speak local languages (a spot French scored low on) and for tips and generosity. Both Americans and French were seen as complainers.

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I wonder if RV has read this one?
  by: boaznjachin     07/07/2008 04:45 AM     
  The Japanese...  
Wish they were quiet, polite and clean at home as they pretend to be when they go abroad.
  by: fileno22   07/07/2008 05:12 AM     
  I don't blame the French....  
If I was ridiculed as much as they are by the US and others, I'd be a rude tourist,too.
  by: JonSmith     07/07/2008 05:15 AM     
No one has ever seen a group of Brazilians at Walt Disney World. AWFUL BEHAVIOR!
  by: Carmex4thesoul   07/07/2008 05:24 AM     
  What about...  
Gypsy children? Not exactly tourists I know, but still the worst to deal with in any holiday situation.
  by: ejx24   07/07/2008 07:04 AM     
  I hear  
that the German tourists in the U.S. have a bad reputation. Said to be noisy, rowdy, inconsiderate, etc.
  by: lĀ“anglais     07/07/2008 07:07 AM     
I hate to say it, but Brits abroad are generally the worst (most drunk, loud, bitchy, and rude). Americans come 2nd place except they've become more scarce lately.

It's a French site, so somehow think the data is skewed.
  by: theironboard     07/07/2008 07:18 AM     
  Isnt this...  
Profiling? Isnt that supposed to be bad?
How come its ok now?
  by: TheWordOfKarl   07/07/2008 07:58 AM     
  amazing the French still have money  
to travel.

Well, it won't last.

as a side note, the French seem to have elected a Bush style retard as the president.

maybe the French are also getting stupid.
  by: naughyforty   07/07/2008 08:08 AM     
Yeah, I wonder how they did this study myself.

A person meets one rude french tourist in his lifetime, and he declares all french tourists rude.
Another person pins it on Americans from the whole 2 he meets.

A hundred guys later, you have a "Statistic"?
  by: silentrage   07/07/2008 08:12 AM     
4000 hotels, Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Canada and the US... Hardly seems like a research done in some backwater place without any exposure to the outside world except for a foreigner every twenty years.

And I wasn't under the impression that profiling was bad. If you can categorise people by certain qualities and demands they have, that only increases the quality of your services to them. If I want to branch out into an American-only hotel (no clue why, but still), there're statistics to help me decide what to do and how to choose my staff. Statistics and profiling is important. Prejudices and hasty conclusions, on the other hand, are bad. But they are not the same.
  by: Zygo   07/07/2008 09:41 AM     
  Normally when I see  
an American who is absolutely lost or confused I stop and give them some help since I've lived in the area for a while now. However, there are those few Americans that when I hear them from 500 meters away and they are loud and rude and have no idea that many Germans actually speak English. I start speaking to my wife in German and pretending I'm not an American because they are so embarrassing.
  by: zephan     07/07/2008 09:58 AM     
  Worst tourists?  
Russians in 5-star resorts...
  by: Fonzo   07/07/2008 10:52 AM     
  If the survey was just SE Asia  
In SE Asia (especially Thailand and India) the Israelis (how come we don't call them Israelites anymore) are considered to be the worst tourist. I've been to places in Thailand where they have signs up that say "No Israelis". I saw an Israeli in a 7-11 in Thailand trying to barter the price of a can of beer.
  by: shaohu     07/07/2008 05:01 PM     
think those tourists are the best ones who have enough much money too spend and they also behave so it matches in a srtange country.
  by: vizhatlan     07/07/2008 05:13 PM     
  I must say  
that as a Brit, i am very polite when i go abroad, i learn key words from the language, so that i can communicate on whatever level with locals, makes it more of a holiday for me.

Also I know a lot of Brits that are loud, drunk, disorderly, but from my experience i've only seen this in area's that tender to such behaviour; pubs, clubs, general night life area's.
  by: Claridus   07/07/2008 07:39 PM     
  Well on a side note  
As far as I know, and correct me if I'm wrong, but at home customer service is nonexistent and it may reflect that when some French travel abroad because that is what they are accustomed to.
  by: Rislone   07/08/2008 12:44 AM     
really? if you think that's bad, wait till you see mainland Chinese and Taiwanese tourists.
  by: naughyforty   07/08/2008 05:09 AM     
  French are the worst tourists?  
Sacre bleu! Napoleon Dynamite must be twirling in his grave.
  by: John E Angel     07/08/2008 05:59 AM     
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