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                 01/20/2018 09:32 PM  
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07/07/2008 05:09 AM ID: 71850 Permalink   

Toyota to Add Solar Panels to the Prius


Next generation Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles are getting solar panels on their roofs for air conditioning. The Kyocera Corporation will create the solar panels.

This third-generation vehicle will come out next year. The second-generation Prius came out in 2003. Toyota has sold a million of these vehicles each year. The gasoline-electric hybrids first hit the market in 1997 in Japan.

Toyota has yet to confirm this report.

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  I wonder how the liberals  
in San Francisco will like this. How well will the panels work in fog?
  by: walter3ca   07/07/2008 05:43 AM     
  by: Kolman   07/07/2008 05:53 AM     
  That doesn't work.  
Air conditioners require far more power than a few solar cells can provide.

They would also be wildly expensive.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   07/07/2008 06:21 AM     
  Gas is also wildly expensive.  
Thanks to high gas prices, I bet those solar panels are starting to look mighty viable. I hope Toyota confirms it. If it's true and the price comes down to an affordable range, I'd love to get one and convert it to a plug-in hybrid. Solar panels + charging at home = winner
  by: bluraven64   07/07/2008 06:59 AM     
can look as viable as they want, but as long as they take ALOT of panels to make so little power it wont be a significant answer to the problem.

nuclear is the answer to power here in the us, and drilling all our sources is another answer, on top of this lets raise the dollar and oil prices will fall here significantly.

oil is traded in dollars, the dollar is low so gas is high, add in supply and demand and how china and india are growing the supply is stretched.
raising the dollar and drilling here sounds like a great answer to the problem.
  by: cray0la     07/07/2008 09:27 AM     
Cray0la, these panels aren't meant to power the entire car, they are just meant to power the air conditioning. I seriously doubt they will ever be able to power a whole car.

Solar? Nope. Nuclear yup. I do agree with you on that. Although, there are some very interesting alternatives. on the horizon.
  by: gbestwick   07/07/2008 09:46 AM     
  Nuclear isnt an option  
Unless you sign the waver assuring that your cars reactor is for peaceful purposes only and that you’re in no way attempting to acquire weapons of mass destruction
  by: monstrddg   07/07/2008 04:06 PM     
If they are anything like my Kyocera phone, the darn things will last a year, then start to fall apart.

As to the energy issue, there are a lot of technologies that have convienantly been shelved... from the 32 "cylinder" diesel that got ~75mpg to super carburetors to nuclear reactors that use current waste for fuel... Money is the root of many evils.
  by: zalpha     07/07/2008 04:50 PM     
  @all the negativity  
do you guys not realize that solar panels have gone extensive development since their inception?

you guys who say it can't be done before it's even tried are totally stupid for saying so. if we followed that theory, nothing would ever get invented because people would simply assume it can't be done (the impossible is what drives innovation).
  by: starlock   07/07/2008 05:54 PM     
  been waiting  
for cars and solar panels in the same news story. although i always imagined the entire body covered in panels... kinda geeky but i thought it'd look neat. perfect for here in TX where it rains once every other month ;)
  by: calilac     07/07/2008 06:11 PM     
  @ crayola  
Okay lets raise the dollar. Uhmm how, America is on a slippery slope to nowhere. Its only worth a bit more than toilet paper.
  by: BlackWidow   07/08/2008 11:47 AM     
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