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                 01/17/2018 09:08 PM  
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07/07/2008 10:02 AM ID: 71858 Permalink   

Google Must Hand Over YouTube Data


A US court has ruled that Google must provide information on every YouTube user who has ever watched a video on the video-sharing Web site. The ruling comes as part of Google's battle against Viacom, which claims YouTube breaches copyrights.

The viewing log will be handed over to Viacom itself, and will include a user's ID, IP address and video clip details. The ruling also applies to users outside the United States, despite it being handed down by a US court.

Google said of the ruling: "We are disappointed the court granted Viacom's over-reaching demand for viewing history. We will ask Viacom to respect users' privacy and allow us to anonymise the logs before producing them under the court's order."

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Youtube is a rubbish way to watch TV shows and movies. You can just about get passable full screen quality South Park. Anything else is just looks ugly.

I’m sure there are some legal aspects to this story I should care about. But as a Brit I doubt the US courts can do much to me anyway.
  by: mrploppy   07/07/2008 11:56 AM     
  @ Mr. P.  
I wouldn't be too sure. It's truly a sad state of affairs when the captains of industry here have such a strong hand in the federal government.

There has already been precident established in Sweden where immense pressure from US dominated trade organizations triggered an unlawful raid on the server host for, which promptly restored a backup server in another country. Swedish courts did strike down any charges against the individuals in question, but they are far more neutral a part than the UK government.

The US and the UK are evolving along a common thread, and I fear this international enforcement will be a more and more common issue. The Internet could not have been safe forever, from the banes of taxes and policing, which every year gain ground on free information and shopping.
  by: japh   07/07/2008 01:36 PM  
for folks that like to watch TV and don't want to use torrents or YouTube. limited selection but excellent quality and they get new stuff almost every day. :)
i can't believe this, tho, especially the bit including non-US users. ugly decision.
  by: calilac     07/07/2008 05:45 PM     
  Sounds to me...  
That Viacom wants to cut in on the RIAA and MPAA's action. I expect massive numbers of lawsuits coming from Viacom.

IP laws are going to have to change to keep up with technology...
  by: zalpha     07/07/2008 05:55 PM     
I can understand if they want the IP's of people posting copyrighted content, but getting information on people VIEWING the videos? What the hell is that? How is this even legal? So basically, if you go to youtube to watch videos, Viacom will know every single video you watched and can create a profile on you. Oh, how wonderful.
  by: deadtaco   07/07/2008 07:11 PM     
  I think people are over reacting ...  
There is nothing they can do to you for watching copyrighted content on Youtube. Youtube (a perfectly legal website) was hosting it ... no fault of your own. What is Viacom going to do? Sue 3,000,000+ internet users?

It seems highly unlikely, and even IF they did try ... something tells me they aren't going to win.
  by: Daev     07/07/2008 08:30 PM     
They want viewer data. Period. Free census data from YouTube. They can't sue everyone who viewed their stuff on YouTube! 6,000,000 people! At an average of $8000 per person, that comes out to $48,000,000,000. And they would be suing people who couldn't afford the original content! Ya, right! Business as usual.
  by: Pandaemonium   07/08/2008 07:34 AM     
  Overreacting or not  
I don't like those bastards in the US getting any information on me. Someone who has nothing to do with the US and lives in a whole other country!!!

It's non of their busines what non us citizens do!!!

This really pisses me of I can tell you!
  by: Flutje   07/08/2008 06:45 PM     
Well I don't know about yourself, but I live in Canada. So they have my IP address? Good for them, if they want it I will give it to them ... but what good is it going to do for them if my ISP refuses to identify who I am?

Thank God I have that nice shield of Freedoms that come with living in the Communist North.
  by: Daev     07/08/2008 07:02 PM     
Easy, cloak your true Ip address. You can disable cookies and have your computer give off a fake Ip Address. There are also servers that will allow you to enter their servers with your Ip Address, but their servers will change your Ip address when you start browsing the web.

Heck, here is a start and

Ever wonder why some people get sued by the RIAA and they never downloaded anything before? It is because someone changed their IP address to the unknown victims Ip address.
  by: slayer06   07/10/2008 07:22 AM     
  51st STATE  
The Yanks consider that any and every other country to be the 51st state.
So I guess they will do what they please.
  by: galleyslave#41   07/12/2008 08:04 PM     
  why keep logs?  
If they didnt keep the damn things then they would have anything to habd over
  by: zortona   07/12/2008 08:35 PM     
u can also use to hide your personel data when surfing the internet.

and just to piss off viacom even more, here is a cool site where u can watch almost everything you like from tv shows to japanese mangas, it's updated every day.

oh i almost forgot, f*** viacom
  by: ProTesTa     07/12/2008 09:14 PM     
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Manual download is not the only option with YouTube Robot. You may as well schedule the download and conversion tasks to be executed automatically, even when you are not around. Downloading is followed by conversion to the format of your choice and uploading videos to a mobile device (if needed). For example, you can plug in iPod, select the video, go to bed, and when you wake up next morning, your iPod will be ready to play new YouTube videos.

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  by: max0211   07/14/2008 11:36 AM     
  It isn't just a Viacom problem  
When written publication was expensive, duplication was not an issue. When video publication was expensive, pirating was not an issue.

Today we have immediate, cheap text and video publication. In theory a person could photograph any book and republish it, or republish any painting or song.

Through 1000s of years of history we have learned how to get along in the real world. We "respect" other people by not standing on their toes while talking to them. We take a little care with our body's smells and fluids to get along in the real world. But it has taken mankind a long time to establish what is appropriate, real world, behavior and what is not.

This generation we are establishing "respectful" behavior in our cyber world. Some stress should be expected as common ideas set themselves into place as law.
  by: terryeo   09/10/2008 01:41 AM     
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