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                 01/21/2018 09:29 AM  
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07/09/2008 06:31 AM ID: 71897 Permalink   

Teen Bakes LSD Cookies for Police Officers


18-year-old Christian Phillips has been taken into custody and charged with possession of LSD after delivering baskets of cookies laced with the hallucinogen to about a dozen Dallas-Fort Worth area police departments.

Officers in Lake Worth were tipped off that someone was delivering treats and falsely claiming to be a representative of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Lake Worth officers thought they smelled marijuana in the cookies, but they tested for LSD.

Phillips, who may face additional or different charges, said he didn't try to contaminate the cookies and said his friend may have been smoking marijuana while he was baking them. Officers in other cities have gotten sick from deliveries of treats.

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  They have a test for LSD?  
That's a shocker. I know there are tests for heroin, coke and meth but this surprises me. It's not like society is awash in LSD. Or am I just uniformed?
  by: John E Angel     07/09/2008 06:44 AM     
  You can test for pretty much anything quickly.  
Back in the old chemistry class they had substances supposed to imitate illicit drugs (heroin, cocaine, lsd) so that they would test positive for the respective drug. Apparently when the school bought the set though, it included real Cocaine along with the imitation though, something I always found interesting. :)
  by: Kolman   07/09/2008 07:12 AM     
I was in San Francisco a couple of years ago and some weird old hippy guy tried to sell us LSD! It was huge in the 60s and 70s, not sure how popular it is now though.
  by: TabbyCool     07/09/2008 11:40 AM     
  what a waste  
waste of acid,
should have laced it with some DOB , so the cops will really get it hard!
lol , they smelled weed in the cookies...
  by: satlan   07/09/2008 11:43 AM     
  One officer actually cracked a smile  
and that's when they knew something was wrong.
  by: valkyrie123     07/09/2008 02:01 PM     
  this lsd test sounds fishy  
a typical dose of lsd is WELL under a milligram, about a third of a mg (~300mcg). I don't see how you can test for that in a cookie that weighs a few ounces and is filled with butter, sugar, flour, etc. Maybe if its just on the outside?

Wish they'd give some more details about the "sick" officers
  by: reverend j roach     07/09/2008 02:50 PM     
  Dumb @$$  
People these days...

LSD is very sensitive to heat and if it was baked it would be useless.

Did you know giving some LSD is on the same level as manslaughter
  by: Darken702   07/09/2008 04:31 PM     
@satlan that actually sounds like a better idea lol.

#Darken702 Title is misleading, he didn't bake it into the cookies.

Oh and I really wouldn't condone this. Yes I believe people should expand their minds/consciousness, but they should make the choice, not forced to open their minds. Other wise they will can't help themselves and most likely will have a bad trip and not understand. Also if I had schizophrenia (in the family) I would not want to touch the stuff.
  by: Vhan     07/09/2008 08:43 PM     
  as a rule, teen druggies are stupid  
the smart ones (those who do well academically) would have used potassium cyanide - colorless, odorless.
  by: naughyforty   07/10/2008 12:42 AM     
  edit previous comment  
not exactly odorless - it has a faint almond like odor - blends well with cookies.
  by: naughyforty   07/10/2008 12:47 AM     
had a simular idea one day. the cops set up a registration check point directly in front of my apt. and they had their cruisers in my drive way wich pissed me off, so seeing how it was a hot summer day i thought i would give them some lemonade spiked with roughly 100 hits of liquid lsd. it's a good thing i never did that but i'm glad that someone did it.

and smelling weed in those cookies is stupid he probally smells weed on his shirt collar after he smoked the pot he confiscated from 2 relativly inocent kids who were just trying to get high
  by: Devil Duck     07/10/2008 06:06 AM     
but not cool to dose someone without their knowledge.. unless you're 100% they will appreciate it
  by: bobloblaw   07/10/2008 06:35 PM     
  Just heard on the news  
They ran tests on them and could find NOTHING in the cookies. The kid was doing community service even delivering the cookies. So it was a false alarm folks.
  by: old man   07/11/2008 01:49 AM     
  are you sure old man?  
if true, then the teens should sue the police for a few million.
  by: naughyforty   07/11/2008 02:33 AM     
hes still in jail on 75k bond, but didn't do anything to the cookies.

"A teenager accused of delivering drug-laced cookies to a dozen police stations was the victim of overzealous officers who had very little evidence indicating drugs were inside the treats, his attorney said Thursday."
  by: brianwcu     07/11/2008 03:17 AM     
a judge does away with his remaining community service time.

We'er Sooooryyyyy Soooo Soorrryyyy.
  by: Synister1   07/12/2008 12:56 AM     
  since when  
was having evidence ever something police worried about?

"A teenager accused of delivering drug-laced cookies to a dozen police stations was the victim of overzealous officers who had very little evidence"
  by: biggfredd   07/12/2008 11:41 PM     
  how many people  
are still in jail from false postives?

I hate cops!!
  by: kross10c   07/15/2008 01:46 AM     
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