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                 01/21/2018 01:44 PM  
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07/12/2008 08:02 AM ID: 71967 Permalink   

Man Injures Himself Praying, Sues Church


Knoxville, TN: 57-year-old Matt Lincoln is suing Lakewind Church for $2.5 million after the church's insurance denied his medical bill claims. Lincoln injured himself while praying and asking for a "real experience."

At a June 2007 prayer service, Lincoln claims he was overcome by the spirit and fell. However, he also claims that pastors of the church did not make sure anyone caught him. Lincoln says he "hit full force backwards."

A year and two surgeries later and still in constant pain, Lincoln says, "There's no amount of money that can compensate for what's happened to me. My life is totally altered."

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  Maybe he should pray  
for a miracle cure? He got what he paid for the first time.
  by: walter3ca   07/12/2008 08:20 AM     
  Huh. You prayed and God knocked you down.  
Take the hint!
  by: Kolman   07/12/2008 08:32 AM     
  Kingdom Hospital  
"A year and two surgeries later and still in constant pain ..."

Sue the church? Why? Where's the forgiveness. Doesn't he believe in his own religion? The purpose of the church is to heal the sick! The bible tells him so.

Let the church fix it, after all, he's a Christian and his INFALLIBLE book promises to heal the sick. It says they WILL be healed, not MIGHT be healed.

Thus saith the lord:

JAMES 5:14, 15
"Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him."

Here's a challenge for faith mongers:

Let the church open a faith healing clinic ONLY for those who genuinely believe that god will heal them by faith alone. After one year of operation, I defy them to count how many successful healings of proven and documented diseases they had, such as cancers, versus those with similar diseases who were treated by modern medicine instead.

No religious fanatics have ever dared to touch that challenge and for good reason - they fully know their god never has and never will be able to do it as much as I do and they can't stand the concrete and steel fact that I can prove my case against them consistently while they haven't proven anything even once in over 2000 years!

  by: DeepSand   07/12/2008 10:27 AM     
are full of people who were being prayed for
  by: biggfredd   07/12/2008 11:15 AM     
prayer related injury

too bloody funny.

good find...

perhaps after he sues the church he'll sue his parents for giving birth to a stupid child that grew to be a stupid old man that hurt himself praying.

i hope he gets laughed out of court like he should..

it takes a very "special" person to hurt themselve while praying.

i guess my hopes of stupidity being painfully is starting to show.... if only.
  by: HAVOC666     07/12/2008 11:16 AM     
  He says  
"There's no amount of money that can compensate for what's happened to me".
Then why ask for $2.5 million?
Come on Tara say it for me.
Only in America.

  by: BlackWidow   07/12/2008 11:36 AM     
oh god why people are so f***** stupid ?
  by: ProTesTa     07/12/2008 01:17 PM     
  Dear Lord,  
please protect me from the idiot segment of your followers. These people are giving your churches a bad name.

Also let your calm and rational supporters take back their religion from the hate mongers and spin artist. I know you have some reasonable people in those crowds. How about promoting them in your church?

And since I'm asking... Could you get me a Wii?
  by: jaded fox     07/12/2008 02:31 PM     
  Additional Info, Links to Claim  
Apologies, apparently this was originally reported by various sources in June.

From Court House News: (
(The main site looks like a gem!)

Court House News Scan of Claim: (
(Poor quality scan, but has signatures)

From Smoking Gun: (
(High quality scan of claim)

According to Point 8 of the complaint, the guy had "a pre-existing condition of his neck and back which consisted of degenerative disc disease of his neck and back and following a fall in 1994 while carrying his disabled daughter ... resulting in a discectomy being performed on his back with fusion of two vertebrae (C6 and C7) in his neck." This was aggravated when he fell.

According to Point 10 of the complaint, his wife is also suing the church "as a derivative action as result of the loss of consortium, loss of services and companionship of her husband..." However, she's only asking for $75,000.
  by: nicohlis     07/12/2008 03:27 PM     
  Similar Case  
It is also worth noting that a similar case was won against the church.

Judith Dadd filed a similar suit for similar reasons in Michigan in 2007. She originally sued for $1.65 million, but was only awarded $314,000. It was kind of hard to find news sources regarding the case, but this ( reprints a news article and has several links regarding the case.

Given all the negligence claimed in his complaint, he may very well pull out a win.
  by: nicohlis     07/12/2008 04:32 PM     
my first thoughts after reading, too :)
  by: calilac     07/12/2008 04:38 PM     
How come all these "believers" that get the urge to be "healed" go rigid as a board and fall BACKWARDS with a couple men lined up behind them to catch them? Seems like the law of averages, that maybe some one would fall FACE FORWARD instead of on their a$$.
  by: old man   07/12/2008 04:51 PM     
  I Corinthians 6:1-8  
1If any of you has a dispute with another, dare he take it before the ungodly for judgment instead of before the saints? 2Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? 3Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life! 4Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, appoint as judges even men of little account in the church![a] 5I say this to shame you. Is it possible that there is nobody among you wise enough to judge a dispute between believers? 6But instead, one brother goes to law against another—and this in front of unbelievers!

7The very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been completely defeated already. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated? 8Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, and you do this to your brothers.

  by: luxfestinus     07/12/2008 05:07 PM     
  Call it..  
an act of 'god' and throw it out.

Not getting into religious debate, its kinda off topic
  by: Kroww   07/12/2008 05:13 PM     
  My take...  
this was God testing his faith. The man doesn't have enough. It's his fault. He loses. ;)
  by: JonSmith     07/12/2008 05:30 PM     
  The lesson here  
If you're looking for a relationship with God, don't look for it in some big, theatrical statement such as being "slain by the Spirit" (the term many charismatics use for this so-called experience). God doesn't run a three-ring circus or give bombastic "proof" of his existence.
  by: l´anglais     07/12/2008 07:20 PM     
  What would Jesus Sue?  
"There's no amount of money that can compensate for what's happened to me".

That's right. 'NO AMOUNT OF MONEY' is what he should get...

But- just imagine.... a new world where churches must provide adequate protection for their flock.

"Here's your special air-bag equipped Holy Bible, some floaties in case you fall into the holy water, and a grounding wire in case God tries to strike you dead with lightning. Have a nice pray."

  by: theironboard     07/12/2008 07:56 PM     
  *shakes head*  
Christians... gotta love em..
  by: GREGO85   07/13/2008 12:18 AM     
You and I obviously have didn't definitions for what constitutes "proof".
  by: lauriesman     07/13/2008 11:07 AM     
  No "LOLz" I feel sorry for the guy  
I must say that his idea of sueing and blaming the spirit is very lame and that he should be more sensible, but I don't blame the poor guy his life must be miserable if what is mentioned in the summary is true and if I were in a situation like him I would too end up saying/doing someting as lame0 as him.

Well if he d0ing this to make some money by ripin of the church HAHAHAHAH then they story may well be defined by "lol".
  by: 2?   07/13/2008 09:14 PM     
  The way things are going..  
Maybe the only way to get into Heaven when we die is to sue for it.. Or is that for Americans only?
Or maybe Jesus will sue you to keep you out of heaven.. Or will it be to keep Americans out?
Heck, God might sue us all as squatters since he created everything and we don't own any of it.. Although, he supposedly gave the Earth and the heavens to us, or am I incorrect in what the bible says? (Yes, I didn't read the book, I found a few sections funny though!)
  by: Allanthar     07/14/2008 12:26 AM     
  To all the Christians...  
The enemy is attacking the body of Christ from all angles. Remember to stay in your Word and wear the whole armor of God. We will prevail!
  by: C.O.G.   07/14/2008 08:46 AM     
Bethel - Redding, California.

Ask for Bill Johnson.

That's one of quite a few.

Guess you're outta luck, eh?
  by: Excelsior   07/14/2008 11:38 AM     
  @old man  
The biblical examples are all of people falling face down before God.

But that's not to say that all of them are not genuine. Some, even many, likely are.
  by: Excelsior   07/14/2008 11:47 AM     
  Then give him "no amount of money!"  
This nitwit asked God for it and he got it. He should take it up with the Lord, then, or himself for engaging in this kind of theological thrill-seeking. I don't think a court has any place determining fault within the walls of a church when voluntary acts of worship are occuring.
  by: MomentOfClarity     07/14/2008 09:47 PM     
I appreciate that you enjoy professing your faith and that you want others to stay strong in the faith. But, seriously, when you talk like that... You make all of us sound like Dungeons and Dragons dorks.

Now that I think about it, maybe that's a good way to market it to a new generation! Word of God = 9d10 + 25 damage 20% chance to Blind. Armor of God = +125 armor inflicts 25 damage if attacker's alignment is evil.

(I really have no idea how to play DnD so forgive me for being way off here...)
  by: Svengali   07/16/2008 03:57 PM     
  From Matt Lincoln  
I'm Matt Lincoln and after reading over 300 comments on some of these blogs I felt that I had to say a few things. First, the report that I was on the floor laughing that night is false. On several previous occasions I had laughed with the joy of the Lord. Sometimes I would weep under the power of the Lord. Sometimes I would lie quietly. But on this night in question I laid on the floor unable to move for over 20 minutes. Next, this case was never intended to be a lawsuit. When I found out from the Neurosurgeon the approximate costs, I made a claim on the church's insurance for $200,000, the minimum amount of the surgeries. To date the cost for the first two has exceeded $175,000. The claim I entered was only for the medical costs. I wanted no extra money nor did I ask for any. But the insurance company refused to award me anything so I retained an attorney to negotiate with the insurance company on my behalf, which he did and they refused him also. He told me that we would have to sue to get the money. I agreed and he wrote up the papers and called me when they were ready to sign. We never discussed the amount, nor did we ask that my wife be included. These matters he decided. When I went to his office to sign the papers I was surprised at the figure and also that it included my wife. But being that we were 35 hours from the one-year deadline to file suit, I agreed to the terms that he had drawn up. There was no time to change everything; I just agreed. Now that I have read so many condemning, negative and hateful comments I have dropped the lawsuit. I told my attorney that out of over 300 comments there was only one that agreed with me and the rest of the comments claimed that I was everything from a liar, a charlatan, a thief, under the influence of Satan, was going to go to Hell, needed to repent, didn't have faith, got what I asked for, and on and on. I have never experienced such hatred towards me, and my wife. And such judgment. I have been tried and convicted in so many people's minds. So I told my attorney that I didn't see how he could find an impartial jury because 99.7% of the comments I read were against me, and from people who don't even know me. They judged me by a semi-correct account of the incident that started on The Smoking Gun. My attorney agreed that it was a complicated case and there were obstacles to overcome. So I dropped it. By the way, the surgeries that I've had so far are one on my left wrist for the carpal tunnel syndrome that started after the injury. That was minor and ineffective. The major surgery was putting two titanium steel rods, their holders, a "cage", and bolting it all to my tailbone and to the next several vertebrae. The injury caused by my fall was a fractured vertebra at my waist (not my neck), and this vertebra was also knocked out of the spinal column, and 4 discs were ruined. I am now in constant, intense, horrible pain and can't work much at all. After an hour or two of any activity, even just sitting, I close down in pain spasms. Where I used to be a very active person, now my favorite activity is lying on a heating pad. My life, as well as my family's life, has been completely ruined. And now, because of all of these horrible comments on the Internet, my reputation is all but ruined. Anybody who knows me personally knows that I am truthful, generous, and willing to help anybody in my business. I would go the extra mile for anybody who needed me to. I'm nothing like what these comments have portrayed me as. And as for those "Christians" who have judged me and told me to repent of my sin, read Matthew 7:1. As for those who told me that if I had "ought against a brother take it up with the saints of the church", well, I did. I called the Pastor several times. What he offered me was to buy me an order of groceries since I was hurt and out of work. This is a Pastor to whose church my wife and I had tithed and offered almost $60,000 in the 12+ years we were members. My wife taught at their school for a year for no pay whatsoever. Not even gas money. I taught their Bible College part-time for a year with no compensation. I also went to band rehearsals 1&1/2 hours early every Sunday AM and again on Sunday PM for 10 years. We helped out on many events and occasions. We truly volunteered our lives to serve God through this church. And when I talked to the "saint" about my injuries, he offered me a bag of groceries. Didn't even offer to pay one bill, or even to give me one dollar. So that's what happened when I "took it up with the saints". Also, on one blog I read where the preacher that prayed for me that night denied it and called me a liar. There are several people who go to that church who gave statements to the insurance investigator that they did see him pray for me and did see me fall. The insurance investigator told me that. There are witnesses to the entire event. But it's over now. I've dropped the lawsuit. All I ever wanted was for the medical bills to be
  by: mattlincoln   02/13/2009 08:23 PM     
  Matt Lincoln, cont'd  
paid. But that's something that I have to do alone. I'm also unable to afford the other two surgeries, one for the right wrist and one for the neck for a bulging disc caused by the fall. This is the injury that aggravated a "pre-existing injury", which was a neck fusion done in 1994. The injury to my lower back is the worst kind of pain and I think that's why my attorney asked for such a large amount in the lawsuit. He knew that I would never be well again. But the mental pain is almost as bad. Now, thousands of people hate me, hate my wife, and the church "family" I had for so many years never even visited me once, either before the lawsuit was filed or since. I just wanted to state the facts and attempt to clear my reputation. Thank you for reading this.
  by: mattlincoln   02/13/2009 08:24 PM     
Just pray to your god to heal your wounds.

Problem solved, and you save yourself a lengthy lawsuit!
  by: vash_the_stampede     02/18/2009 04:09 PM     
  @Vash ... BINGO!  
Mark 16:18 (King James Version)

They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

And the Bible NEVER lies!

True believers have no need for medical insurance.

Only infidels need to worry about such things.

Try treating terminal diseases at church by laying on of hands, instead of by medicine and you will certainly note a magnificent improvement in the survival rate - as the bible promises! (Who has more faith that someone who thinks he or she is soon to die of a terrible disease?)

Let God take care of his own like he promises over and over.

And why are not believers the healthiest of all people in the world, since their faith cures diseases so effectively? It seems their health should shine above all the infidels and put secular doctors to shame by comparison with religious healing power.
  by: DeepSand   02/20/2009 08:18 PM     
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