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                 02/26/2018 04:19 AM  
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07/13/2008 04:31 PM ID: 71975 Permalink   

Going On Holiday? Come To Where We Can Rob You!


Rajasthan, India. In an effort to increase tourism in high-crime affected areas, local tourism chiefs have come up with the novel idea of using former bandits as tourist guides. Under official watch, former bandits, or "dacoits" will amuse guests.

Tourists could go visit the Chamba Valley, which is a known bandit-infested area to follow the "Dacoit Trail" to meet gangsters & bandits. Whilst there even have cuppa with them. The area should appeal to people looking for "true-life crime".

Banditry is still wide-spread in India, but many criminals are heroes to the poor locals. "Veraappen" a murderer of 180 people, was guarded by local villagers. The "Bandit Queen", a murderess of high-caste Indians, became a member of parliament.

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  Instead of India,  
why not Jamaica?
  by: walter3ca   07/13/2008 07:31 PM     
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