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                 01/20/2018 09:36 PM  
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07/14/2008 01:37 PM ID: 72002 Permalink   

Budweiser Brewer Sold to Belgium


Anheuser-Busch, the brewer behind America's iconic beers Budweiser and Bud Light, has agreed to sell to a Belgian beermaker. InBev SA offered a deal worth US$52 billion, which the board agreed to overnight.

InBev CEO Carlos Brito said: "This combination will create a stronger, more competitive global company with an unrivaled worldwide brand portfolio and distribution network, with great potential for growth all over the world."

The sale still has to be approved by Anheuser-Busch's shareholders and regulators. If it does go ahead, it will create the fourth-largest product company in the world.

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  won't buy it ever again...  
When Miller sold out to Africa or whatever, I stopped buying and went to Budweiser, and if they go through with this sale, I will no longer purchase their beer either...nor will many other Americans I know. And I doubt many people in other countries drink the Budweiser, since I'm sure their own countries offer up a excellent selection as well. So Budweiser can look forward to losing a fortune in the long run, in exchange for a fortune in the short
  by: TheAvenger8     07/14/2008 05:02 PM     
  I hope  
I hope they replace that horrible Bud Light with some yummy belgian beer. Unfortunately, I don't think they will.

As you taste different beers from around the world, you realize how bad the average north american beer really is.
  by: Warhound   07/14/2008 05:25 PM     
i currently live in belgium, and i can tell you.. beers here are just amazing ! nothing like the usual crap you can drink in the US or UK..
  by: ProTesTa     07/14/2008 05:31 PM     
  I somewhat agree  
Belgian beer is better than US beer, fine, but UK beer? Have a Newcastle brown or a Kilkenny. They're bitter compared to the Leffe or other pale beers, but they have a special place in my heart. As for Belgian stuff, I recently put my hands on some raspberry Mort Subite. I don't like the fruity stuff usually, but this is too good.
  by: Warhound   07/14/2008 05:54 PM     
  I never liked Bud  
it always tasted watery to me .. I'm not sure if it's the same in the US .Guinness in England is not the same as the stuff back in Dublin even if it says it comes from St James Gate on the label, anyway would I be right in saying that bud is a rice based beer, some beer head out there may know more on that one ...
Also Cruzcampo here in Spain is my least favorite although people who have been way down South say it's totally different down there, that aside I find it hard to enjoy ....(could be the fact that their logo is a huge big fat guy knocking back a beer ...hardly the sort of image we want to aspire to ?? )
  by: Hugo Chavez     07/14/2008 05:57 PM     
  @ poster  
the company is not yet sold, it must first be accepted by the companies shareholders
  by: dieu_7     07/14/2008 08:53 PM     
  @ Avenger  
Isnt that a little small minded, not buying the product becasue it is owned by a company from elsewhere. I mean isnt that exactly how a significant proportion of the US's wealth is generated, especially from dependent countries in the third world. Just smacks of hypocracy.
  by: dieu_7     07/14/2008 08:56 PM     
  So Cindy McCain has Sold An American Institution  
Thanks for the profit before America Cindy. This should give incite to the McCains.
  by: ichi     07/14/2008 09:13 PM     
  US Beer  
... is just horrible to begin with. The beer actually might be worth drinking after they sell it to Belgians who actually know how to make GOOD beer. (Mmmmmm ... Stella Artois *drool*) Heck, if you want good Domestic beer ... buy Canadian beer. (Not Molson Canadian, but a premium Canadian beer like Alexander Keiths)
  by: Daev     07/14/2008 09:28 PM     
  Bud Is Bubba's Necter  
We do have some excellent Micro Brewerys around my area. The local taste in malts and local hops is to die for.
  by: ichi     07/14/2008 11:32 PM     
Don't be alarmed, Budweiser will still keep it's crappy formula, I'm sure the Belgian business men aren't ignorant of the US' horrible taste in watery beer to change anything. I'm from the states and I recently had a friend buy some beer called Abbot Johnson or something like that. Pretty hardcore for me (I'm not a huge beer nut) I just like to go to the local places and see what's on tap that I have never tried. I like my boulevard wheat beer personally, but only on tap. I tried the bottles one time and they were about the same reaction as guiness in a bottle (if you get my drift).
  by: Rislone   07/15/2008 02:17 AM     
  Belgium has just conquered America  
for it be written, "He who controlith the Red Neck, controlith America." It's all over but the crying in some foreigner beer. I'm going to call WalkingStick and go make some real American beer, made by real Americans. This sux.
  by: valkyrie123     07/15/2008 03:29 AM     
I guess there won't be a Budweiser Saison coming our way. Crappy macro conglomerates! Right now I have my Founder's Red Rye and my homebrewed IPA coming my way. :)
  by: JFURY     07/15/2008 04:04 AM     
  Cindy McCain Uno McCains Wife  
Owned between one hundred million to two hundred million dollars worth of The all American "Bud" Brewery. The rednecks candidates wife just sold their heritage out from under them.

The old boys probably will never figure out who sold them out. To hard to read the label.
  by: ichi     07/16/2008 09:17 PM     
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