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                 02/24/2018 09:03 PM  
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07/16/2008 10:55 AM ID: 72040 Permalink   

'Pervert' Father Takes Pics of Kids in Park


Wolverhampton, England- On a summer Sunday afternoon, Gary Crutchley was caught snapping pics of children on a slide. Astute patrons and a worker at the ride told him to stop, called him a pervert with intent to post the pics on the internet.

Lucky for Crutchley that he just happened to be the father of those two boys whom were the target of his camera. Regardless of this fact, he was still branded a pervert that was going to post the pictures of the boys on the web.

Mr. Crutchley called for the help of two policemen to settle the matter. 'It is very sad when every man with a camera enjoying a Sunday afternoon out in the park with his children is automatically assumed to be a pervert.’ says Mrs. Crutchley.

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Sounds like the accusers have some issues of their own to work out.
  by: caution2     07/16/2008 10:59 AM     
that accusation carried about the combined IQ of an informed rock.
I can't believe police had to be involved.
stupid, stupid people.
  by: HolaCola   07/16/2008 11:41 AM     
that man really wanted to film his children only then it is necessary to believe him, this does not mean he is a pedophile.
  by: vizhatlan     07/16/2008 12:13 PM     
  thank you media  
all i can say is its the medias fault for scaring people into thinking everyone with a camera is a pervert.
i work at a games arcade and i get so many people asking is it alright to take pics of kids ... i feel sorry for these parents who are too scared to take photos of precious memories... i wish it was 1980 again.
all i can see is this is going to get worse, people are going to be segregated, soon there will be parks only for kids, no adults ... then any adult caught with a child branded ... when will stupidity stop?
  by: securityunion     07/16/2008 12:24 PM     
  This is ridiculous  
Even if they weren't his kids, what can harm can come from photos of fully clothed children playing on a slide?
  by: TabbyCool     07/16/2008 01:23 PM     
And then in these parks, it's only a matter of time before the events of "Lord of the Flies" ensues! Sounds like the next reality TV show.

Actually, didn't they already make some sick show about kids being put in some random town by themselves and forced to create a society?
  by: Svengali   07/16/2008 01:39 PM     
  @ securityunion  
Acutally in New York State it is illegal for someone to go into a park/playground without children. they can be ticketed and or arrested for it. It's getting too much like "the greater good" mentality. Let's get rid of people's rights because it's for the greater good.
  by: Angreifen78   07/16/2008 03:02 PM     
I have one thing to say.

Asian + Camera.

It says ti all.

  by: Rv3   07/16/2008 03:14 PM     
...this sort of article just highlights why maybe some people just shouldn't be allowed to vote.

These are the sort of brainless idiots who will swallow anything the media say about the threat of peadophilia and then go out and set fire to a peadiatrician's office.

Man, the general public really aren't that bright.
  by: barryriley   07/16/2008 03:36 PM     
Vote, hell. Sounds like the shallow end of the gene pool. Time to drain some water!

Naw, their kids might actually turn out to be something. Shouldn't punish them for their parent's nutty fears.
  by: zalpha     07/16/2008 03:50 PM     
  It's too bad  
Sounds like another parent in line fueled the fire. The picture is adorable, they obviously look happy and healthy.
  by: reehaw     07/16/2008 04:50 PM     
  fleshy-headed mutants  
Just because the guy is a pervert doesn't mean he shouldn't be able to take pictures of his own kids. I'm a pervert and take pictures of all kinds of things. Just the other day I took a picture of a mailbox that was painted like R2-D2; that doesn't mean I'm going to molest it. People are stupid.
  by: captainchainsaw   07/16/2008 04:52 PM     
  I dono  
a mailbox looking like r2-d2 might be hard not to molest...

  by: hl2k   07/16/2008 04:58 PM     
By the way, since when is pervert an insult?
  by: Rv3   07/16/2008 05:17 PM     
the accuser was right about one thing... the pictures did get posted on the web hehe
  by: starlock   07/16/2008 05:19 PM     
Don't confuse clothing with responsible parenting.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   07/16/2008 06:04 PM     
  This is why  
I don't assign a photographer at my newspaper to shoot anything without making sure he/she has a photo ID first. It's sad, but some people really do think that there's only one reason you'd be taking pictures of children.
  by: l´anglais     07/16/2008 06:20 PM     
  This guy is lucky  
Lucky he didn't say he loved his kids. I mean.... then they'd have to round up a mob, get pitchforks and torches. They'd have to make a huge deal about it.
  by: Trevelyan   07/16/2008 09:14 PM     
Offence meant but I could tell just from the title this had to be in the UK. The cry of 'pedophile' and mention of a camera, pretty much nailed it. What is with the UK these days? Kids running wild (feral might be a better word), CCTV all over the place, a fear of (normal) cameras, and a massive panic that anyone who even looks at a child is probably a pedophile. What gives?
  by: StarShadow     07/16/2008 09:41 PM     
  Try this  
Try taking pictures of an airplane flying'll end up in Guantanamo.

  by: stpaul000   07/16/2008 09:47 PM     
are the people from the genral public so completely mindless?
  by: cyphercrash   07/17/2008 12:12 AM     
  What a great planet  
get off with murder because of a missing paperclip on the documents or get lynched for remembering a day at the park with your own kids.

No wonder first contact was so messy 60 years ago and here we are living on a planet in a solar system hidden in a poacket of sub space with a fake sky, sheesh.
  by: AccessG     07/17/2008 10:43 AM     
  Ladies and gentlemen...  
I present to you the parents of the lawmakers of tomorrow.

  by: escalus84   07/20/2008 06:05 PM     
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