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                 02/24/2018 01:03 PM  
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07/18/2008 11:29 AM ID: 72094 Permalink   

Twins Born With Different Skin Color


On Friday July 11th in Berlin, Germany, twins were born with different skin color. The parents are mother Florence 35 from Ghana, and father Stephan 40 from Germany.

Experts said that the chance for genes to mix in such a way for twins to have different skin color is one in a million. The babies were delivered by Cesarean section.

"Ryan came first, and everything was as usual. But when Leo was born, I couldn't believe my eyes," said Birgit Weber, the doctor who delivered the babies.
Similar cases occurred in Middlesbrough England last year and in Leipzig, Germany.

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  Another source with Video  
  by: baraka     07/18/2008 11:30 AM     
  Parent Picture  
  by: baraka     07/18/2008 11:32 AM     
Does that mean each baby could have a child of either skin colour?
  by: H. W. Hutchins   07/18/2008 12:19 PM     
is not possible to be surprised at this if the parents of the twins are in different nationalities, theoretically they would be in the same color I think.
  by: vizhatlan     07/18/2008 12:57 PM     
  pretty incredible  
The picture of the four of them looks pretty nice though. The dad looks a bit shocked. lol.
  by: maverick7h     07/18/2008 02:32 PM     
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