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                 02/19/2018 10:24 AM  
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07/26/2008 03:59 AM ID: 72273 Permalink   

Sesame Street Tours Military Bases


Sesame Street is conducting a special video tour of 43 military bases as part of "Talk, Listen, Connect", a joint project of the Department of Defense and Sesame Workshop. The goal is to help young children with parents who have been deployed.

Michelle Joyner, a spokeswoman for the National Military Family Association says, "It's a very serious topic, but the magic of 'Sesame Street' makes it a great way to talk to kids about something so serious."

When Elmo, whose father has been deployed in the videos, says "Sometimes there are days I miss my Daddy", it prompts one child to call out "I miss my Daddy, too!"

There are 650,000 children under 5 in Guard, Reserve and Active Duty families.

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  Learning from their enimies?  
How come it was horrific and disgusting when Arab militants started introducing their military beliefs and functions into childrens programs, but when the USA does it, it's "a great way to talk to kids about something so serious."

I'm sorry but this smacks of hippocracy...
  by: george2101436   07/27/2008 06:38 AM     
I, too, am firmly against having society run by horses (rimshot!)

Sorry, I just watched this *hilarious* video that might also help kids understand what's going on when their families are deployed:
  by: lĀ“anglais     07/27/2008 06:49 AM     
  Let us hope...  
it does not brain wash them, the armey has been in all our schools here touting for kids to join up.
I may not be so strong but I had better never see uniform trying to get my kid to join, or he will need more than his army.
  by: captainJane     07/27/2008 01:01 PM     
  @ l'anglais  
i dont know what a rimshot is - but that video is gold.
  by: george2101436   07/27/2008 01:14 PM     
all you civi's afraid of the army brainwashing your kids, just keep them off the military bases and i'm sure Elmo won't try to recruit 'em. because this program is for military bases, not your public schools and shopping centers. they have specially trained (ha!) individuals for doing that work.
and to be honest most kids who are already military dependants end up remaining in the military so you don't have to worry about their bad influence on your future thugs and gang bangers. oh wait, they end up the same... just one side is allowed by the government to hold guns and the other isn't. i will repeat one more time
THIS SHOW IS MILITARY BASE ONLY. for military dependant kids. it is not being brought to your public schools. i for one find it frustrating that some parents find a NEED for programs like this, because they don't know how to talk to their kids, but at least someone cares... or is being paid enough money to care.
  by: calilac     07/27/2008 07:33 PM     
There is a higher percentage of military brats that get into drugs by high-school-- lots end up greatly disliking the military lifestyle, but some do stay in.

The schools are better, the communities are safer, all the kids are better off (no deadbeat parents on military bases).

They don't need to brainwash anybody. The only brainwashing that goes on is that they might have to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day, and have a few more parades per year than the civilian families are exposed to.

  by: theironboard     07/29/2008 12:26 PM     
I find it amazing that people actually get upset over these things. Wow I totally understand why this country is such a mess. First of all let me say to anyone making ridiculous comments about this has NO IDEA what it is to be a military wife or a child to a military parent, or a soldier in the military. While you fat cats get to sit around making your comments, yelling at your kids, pissed about your job, screaming at your wife, miserable about how your life turned out remember you're fortunate enough to do that every day. My husband fights for everyone's right to do that, he misses us dearly, we miss him dearly. He has gone through hell and back for you to do that. If the producers of the Sesame Street program felt the need to ease "our" job when us military wives have to explain why daddy had to go so be it. Find something else to be angry at, certainly not the men and women both in the military and on the home front who sacrifice every day for the stupidity that falls from your lips.
  by: JuliaM29   10/14/2008 02:13 AM     
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