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                 01/16/2018 10:30 PM  
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07/31/2008 06:43 AM ID: 72392 Permalink   

Clean Air Still A Far Reach In China


Heavy Pollution filled and covered the Chinese capital on Sunday, Even though tight traffic restrictions were in effect for over a week. With the Olympic games starting August 8th, pollution remains a question on people's minds.

Du Shaozhong, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, states that "Our job is to decrease the pollution as much as possible, but sometimes it is very common to have fog in Beijing at this time,"

Major efforts to lower pollution have included banning over 1 million cars, closing factories, and halting construction for a month, yet heavy pollution still remains. Experts in China are hoping for more winds to blow the pollution out of the city.

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  but yet the US is to blame for pollution right?  
here are a few sets of links of pictures of just SOME of the pollution in china
one set of pictures is from about the same time last year, shows red rivers, thousands of dead fish and basically shows how bad chinas pollution is, things are worse now then they were last year.
another link is to some more pictures from recent, visability so low you cant see over half a mile and shows how many ppl have to wear masks.

but yet the US is the one causing all the pollution and we are the ones to blame for this "global warming"


another story

click the source for another picture
heres another msnbc story with more horrible smog pictures

  by: cray0la     07/31/2008 06:50 AM     
  take a listen  
i would like anyone on here no matter what your views are liberal or conservative to listen to these 2 sets of mp3 podcasts from a local radio show i listen to.
they explain pretty much 100% what the problem is with the environmentalists in the US today.
the first mp3 bite is the beginning of the show and mark belling babbles on so fast forward to about 12MINS into the first mp3 for the start of his insight into this problem.

the second mp3 link please play from the beginning to whenever your done listening.

this shows how the american left and the liberals do not care about global pollution and only care about that one person in the US driving there hummer.

mp3 one

mp3 2

quote" this shows the hypocrisy and stupidity of the american left"
  by: cray0la     07/31/2008 06:52 AM     
  i guess  
im ranting, but when i took a listen today exactly what he said is what i was thinking, im so tired of the US made out to be the big bad guy and the one country ruining the world when china is shown heavily now because of the olympics and its just a crap hole of dirt and scum.

i even once got into a arugement with someone here on short news trying to tell me that chinas air is clean and breatheable unlike the US's air.

i think if china signed kyoto then we should but until then why? every buisness that the environmentalists and the left regulates and taxes to hell due to "pollution" leaves and goes to places like china where there are no restrictions and pollutes even more, taking jobs away from here.

im all for the environment but not at the extent of shutting down our economy and making the US and individual states not buisness friendly.
we recently lost miller brewing, and a bunch of other companies here in milwaukee because they are getting taxed to death and nothing in wisconsin is in favor of buisnesses, in fact we are on track to becoming the next michigan.
  by: cray0la     07/31/2008 07:28 AM     
thou ?
  by: vgslag   07/31/2008 09:10 AM     
But I do agree with you. i think any person with any intelligence can realise it's not solely the US at fault. You can't however avoid the fact it's a big contributer which is why it get brought up a lot.

America is meant to be a world leader, a shining beacon in the quagmire of shite.
  by: vgslag   07/31/2008 09:14 AM     
  May it be  
that the air pollution jeopardizes the Olympics?
  by: vizhatlan     07/31/2008 10:35 AM     
I don't know about other countries, but my countrymen and women (Australia) have been told they're well within their rights if they want to pull out of the games due to the pollution.
  by: gimboid   07/31/2008 01:06 PM     
  aus atheletes encouraged to boycott?  
that's a tough decision, tho. yeah it'd be better for their health and send a nice little message to China but many atheletes only have a short window for their "prime" age and physical condition. 4 years is a long time to wait and brood over lost chances. it must make so many atheletes angry that this years' Olympics is so obviously politically motivated; location, policies, banning of a certain country's participation *coughglasshousescough*. even the little bit of interest that most people (i've talked to) have in the Olympics is how f*d up the politics are. it's pretty sad when good things go bad.
  by: calilac     07/31/2008 05:33 PM     
  at: crayola  
i dont get it, what with everyone ahtuing on china for getting the olympics... i can name dozens of countries that are less deserving of the olympics that have had them... including canada (which will have them again in 2010; which even as a canadian i oppose).

china has never once had the olympics before, yet they have the highest population in the world, infact about 20-25 percent of the world resides in china.

china is a politicall neutral country for the most part, and certianly compare to most countries.

as for the tibet shit... well most of what the west has seen of that is a hoax, the "chinese oppression" what mostly carried by nepal police... and BTW Tibet IS part of china... somethign the "free-tibet" crowd cant get over... similarly to the fringe quebecer's (and quebec independence supportors). not to mention that they have the oppression of tibet COMPLETELY ass-backwards; but then i guess some peope are great fans of a serf/slave society of pre-1959 tibet... now maybe the dalai lama has changed his thinking, after all its been nearly 50 years since china abolished the serf (slave) society that the dalai lama's for centuries had used to weild and retain power with.


please feel free any day now to remove your head from your ass... the US is and was the biggest contributer to air pollution, china has just pulled ahead per in total, but the US is still by far worse than china as a whole; as they are still alot worse per person, china has it alot worse in certian places as opposed to the bad air we have all over north america. not to mention the fact of duration, the US has been industrialized for decade... china is rapidly catching up... and already they are trying to reverse some of the damage even in somtimes inconvienent ways... while the US REFUSES to make any change that might impact business. china is actually impressing me quite a bit in the last few years... but then i've always been told how bad china is... when in reality things ain't much (if any) better here in north america.

oh by the way... you love mentionaing the red rivers... how about your cesspool known as the gulf of mexico... oh forgot about that did you... forgot of the anoxic sea water (hypoxia) and thousands of dead fish in the US's waters...

wanna talk about visablility... i live in a city of only half a million people and we have rather bad air pollution, yet compared to many north american cities we have decent visility... even despite that fact that its much, much lower than it should be but than it is all ove the north america too, even at best air pollution has reduced visibility by no less than 66%... much worse ANYWHERE near oil/coal power plants or mining sites. just look at the wonderful air in the US:

and canada's wonderful air:
this is a reall good picture (most likely taken from the hamilton escarpment looking accross lake ontario at toronto):

and china:

i'd say its a damn close call which has the worst visibility... though i have no doubts in SOME parts of china are worse that probably the worst parts of the US... but again this is mostly because of population density.

"and its just a crap hole of dirt and scum."

agian iwth the throwing of rock in glass is this any worse than your country... or even mine?

as for driving business away... that probably has more to do with lower labour cost, lower material cost and fewer standards and regulations imposed on the business's (owned by americans and other foreign nations) by the government (IE, american of other nationality business`s are circumventing their own countrys rules and regulations by setting up shop in china... and this adds to THEIR pollution, even though its essentially the US` (or whatever other country`s businesses are setting up shop in china) pollution... they are just changing where they cause their pollution from. also union... business hates unions and north america has plenty of unions and they have both the employers and the employees over a barrel... most employees are dumb enough that they couldn`t he happier to to give away ANOTHER 2-4 percenty of their paycheck to a group that does nothing by collect your money and mostly give you nothing in return except a union is a card... and yet people whine about paying taxes when taxes actually do go towards useful things: education, social security, healthcare, unemployment, disability, welfare...

though i very much disagree with the taxing methods of both co
  by: HAVOC666     07/31/2008 11:13 PM     
i think you need to remove your head from your ass.

im sorry your just so blinded and ill minded to see the truth.

a country that has 6Xs the amount of ppl then america but yet america still pollutes more and is worse right?

give me a break.

you cannot sit here and lie like this when its obvious that a country thats so LARGE and SO POPULATED like china ISNT polluting more then the US.


thats hundreds of millions of cars and trucks banned every day but yet there air is still bad...

on top of this they were talking about banning all factories and any plants just to clean the air up...

im sorry but i cannot remember when i ever had to walk outside of my house gagging and covering my face with a mask because the air is so bad..

i cant remember the time i couldnt see more then a mile in distance.. so please cry me a god damn river because your just ignorant and so blinded that you sit here and blame the US because its just the US and its all our fault...

china doesnt pollute at all and we are the ones doing all the damage, but yet chinas people have a hard time breathing the air, the olympians were saying that they did not know if they could participate in runs and such because they were worried about having health issues because of the air, theres no regulations and restrictions on what chinas plants and factorys pollute, there rivers flow red and fish die by the thousands... and theres ALOT MORE but no need to go on right because it doesnt matter, the US is stil the big bad boy in your eyes right just becasue its the US and nothing else.

its funny because when the olympics were here in the US i didnt remember any issues with our air qaulity or olympians having to worry about health problems when performing, or visibility being a problem...
  by: cray0la     08/03/2008 05:48 AM     
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