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                 01/23/2018 11:09 AM  
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07/31/2008 12:06 PM ID: 72396 Permalink   

Dell to Launch MP3 Player


PC maker Dell Inc. has announced it will be launching an MP3 player as early as September this year. It will be the second MP3 player launch for Dell, with the first one failing to compete against Apple's iPod.

Although the consumer device market has been struggling with the US credit crunch, analysts say "If Dell thinks it has a competitive product, then they have to release it right away," and see no reason it can't be successful.

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  a decade too late...  
why are they making a fuss about this? it's definitely not news-worthy.
  by: deadmeat     07/31/2008 02:16 PM     
  If you follow the IT world at all .......  
This is important news if you know that Dell is still recovering from the biggest electronics recall in U.S. history.
And then you add to that they have now lost the number one spot to HP
Add to that the fact that they lost the first round to iPod and further add to that the state of consumer confidence, that makes this news worthy at the very least to the point of showing that Dell is attempting to do something with the position they have put themselves in. Watch for some changes in the stock prices later today.
  by: netwerk     07/31/2008 03:09 PM     
And yes, I am aware that both of those references are slightly dated by 2 years, but that's about the average time span to really see factual numbers as far as real world impact goes. No different then changing all of the oil drilling regulations and laws, it would still take a few years before would we see a noticeable and viable impact.
  by: netwerk     07/31/2008 03:16 PM     
  Not close, and no cigar  
And in other news Gateway has announced a new portable cassette player capable of storing up to 90 minutes of analog music. WTF?

The boat has sailed. How the heck are Dell going to compete with a $49 iPod?
  by: ZCT     07/31/2008 04:09 PM     
  This isnt new...  
i have a dell jukebox model that they dont have vista drivers for.
  by: zortona   08/02/2008 08:19 AM     
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