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                 01/16/2018 08:53 AM  
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08/01/2008 04:25 AM ID: 72420 Permalink   

9 People, Including DHS Workers, Charged in 14-Year-Old's Death


14-year-old Danieal Kelly, who suffered from cerebral palsy, died in August 2006 from neglect. She had maggot-infested bedsores and weighed only 42 pounds when she died.

Nine people have now been charged in Danieal's death, including DHS workers. Danieal's mother, Andrea Kelly, was charged with murder. Two workers contracted by DHS were charged with involuntary manslaughter and tampering with public records.

Two DHS employees and Danieal's father were charged with child endangerment. District Attorney Lynne Abraham criticized DHS saying, "Danieal did not fall through the cracks... Saving Danieal was just too much trouble."

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Grand Jury Report: (

DHS = Department of Human Services.

Many more charges were handed out than I had room to fit. See PDF Page 18 for the full list of recommended charges for all 9 people.
  by: nicohlis     08/01/2008 04:30 AM     
  To Die  
Because you are an inconvenience.

Terribly sad. Tears on my keyboard.
  by: ichi     08/01/2008 05:02 AM     
I'm actually impressed with the charges. These douche bags NEED to be in prison. Not doing your job is one thing, letting someone day like that is appalling.
  by: edya   08/01/2008 07:27 AM     
read the source with being shocked. I can say nothing what an outragious this is all.
  by: vizhatlan     08/01/2008 12:16 PM     
  Extremely sad.  
I can't believe someone could do this. I also can't believe that her friends would cover for her when she killed her daughter. I don't care how good of friends we may be, if you hurt someone, especially to this degree, I'm turning your ass in. There's no excuse for any of these people. Except MAYBE the father, and I only say that because they didn't give much detail on him or his specific actions, but mentioned that he didn't even live with them. Just perhaps he didn't know what was going on. But chances are he's just as guilty. I would think as a father he should have checked on her himself. Not taken the mother's word for it.
  by: amir8500   08/01/2008 06:02 PM     
With all the crap going on in this world, this story put me in the gutter. I have two kids of my own, and this story just kills me...
  by: onphire   08/02/2008 03:23 AM     
Where is capnjane to say something like

awe, I knew a tree that fell down once

  by: robertobar   08/02/2008 07:46 AM     
Luv your compassion.
  by: ichi     08/02/2008 06:52 PM     
  Poor little mite...  
Thank God someone has used the law on these Nazis, more of this and they will actually work for what they are PAID for. They seem to forget it is their duty to do as they should, not just play their power games.

"To Die because you are an inconvenience."

This is the UK for you, even cancer patients are left to die alone these days, and the DLA stops their bennifits to add to their pain.
  by: captainJane     08/02/2008 06:59 PM     
This was in Philly, USA.

Shocking how indifferent social service workers can be to children... Capital punishment!!!

The US and UK are going down the tubes fast as these fascist government regimes strip more and more of our rights away and force us, via law, to place our lives in the hands of scum like those in this story.

We really need less bureaucracy. Pretty soon because of this they will make an agency to oversee this agency "for the children", and when that agency f**ks up, they will create another agency to oversee that one... Pretty soon there will be cameras following us around "for the children" and to "prevent terrorism"... You won't be able to look at people a certain way or you will be fined. Driving 0.001mph over the speed limit will automatically shut off your car as your license disintegrates. Talking negatively about the "WORLD GOVERNMENT" will result in your immediate execution as your government-mandated shock collar injects ricin into your blood stream. It will be illegal to have relations except as prescribed in some ridiculous law document, you will be fined and imprisoned or killed otherwise. Kinda like the Family Guy episode with the FCC but even worse. Because our rights aren't worth jack s**t.
  by: Tsume   08/02/2008 09:44 PM     
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