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                 01/22/2018 01:00 PM  
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08/02/2008 03:39 PM ID: 72451 Permalink   

Obama Says Reparations Are Not The Answer


When Barack Obama meets with The National Urban League Saturday he's going to have to explain why he is opposed to reparations for slavery. He also does not think the apology passed Tuesday night is very helpful for black Americans.

What he will probably say is he'd rather see reparations in the form of programs that would help all minorities. Obama believes something like Universal Health Care would help because more "people of color" tend to be uninsured.

Some reparation advocates think he's wrong to think that way. They believe help should go directly to blacks that are still being adversely affected by slavery and the Jim Crow laws.

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Cause we still have laws that keep minorities down (oh wait affirmative action is racist but it its racist towards helping the minorities - forbid the thought that the most qualified get the job every time), and slavery is still such a issue with all these owned slaves about.. If anything the racial group being pushed out by the courts and laws is white males. White man kills a group of women - hate crime. White man kills a bunch of blacks - hate crime. Black teens beat two white girls to death - not a hate crime til enough people complain. Black man goes on subway shoots a bunch of whites - not a hate crime.

Seriously, where do these people get off? They are ridiculous. A friend of mine told me once he should get money as reparations for his grandfather being a slave. I asked him if he'd ever been a slave. When he said no, I responded 'so why should you get any money?'
  by: Kroww   08/02/2008 05:17 PM     
  We already have  
"reparations" -it's called WELFARE, FOOD STAMPS, MEDICAID, etc........
It would be a waste because any "money" handed out by the government to "ANY" People regardless of color, would probably be used on booze and drugs anyway.
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   08/02/2008 06:00 PM     
Reparations for slavery are OK as long as we deduct for over a century of post-slavery prison costs, federal housing and health care, drug treatment programs, welfare, and food stamps.
  by: ronny_cordova   08/02/2008 06:44 PM     
  So, the welfare state...  
created by Roosevelt prior to the civil rights marched is now the burden of decent "white" people (such as krow..., ronny..., and ahh...) that must now be repaid?

Makes plenty of sense.

As far as Obama goes - he'll handle this as he handled it in illinois. You see, he's not really an American "black" or even an American "white". He's just an American: which says a lot about how far this country has come from its days of things like allowing the rape of slaves.

But we also have to be realists:

500 years of slavery and the African family survived under the evil hand of heartless and ruthless men. 50 years of welfare has almost destroyed it completely. Why not, it worked for the USSR. It worked for the roman hordes...

Government : the opium of the masses.
  by: mexicanrevolution   08/02/2008 07:08 PM     
if reparations are to be handed out - i say the native americans get paid first. What ever is left over, can be divided up among the other victims of this great experiment. Then, when the USA is flat broke, and anarchy rules, we'll turn to a hitler type figure and allow him to rule us. Sounds like a well thought out plan.
  by: mexicanrevolution   08/02/2008 07:12 PM     
he is rich
  by: dieu_7     08/02/2008 08:10 PM     
  I just keep liking this guy more and more!  
I wish I could vote in the US.. This guy just keeps making more good comments.

The answer to solving problems with race, or religeon is not to constantly say sorry for crap that happened in the past. It is to make a truly level playing field for *everyone*.

I agree with you Kroww. Being an atheist,30 sumptin male employable caucasion, who speaks clear and fluent english, here in Canada, I qualify for the fewest of programs. I had a nervous breakdown last year and because of that I was unable to work. The thrust of what I qualified for was "Hahahahahaha!" Retraining? Nope. I had to lump it and nearly go bankrupt. On the other hand, if I had poor communication skills (ie: don't speak the language) and am uneducated then I qualify for the most ludicriously expensive programs. Go figure...

In order for all people to be equal, we need to all have the same rights and *responsibilites*. Society should require from all people the same.

Saying that something bad happened in the past to your ancestors doesn't make it so that is happening to you. Slavery is wrong on so many levels. Keep in mind tho it wasn't white people who sold most of the slaves to the people shipping them over. It was black people selling the slaves (in Africa).

Where are the reparations from them?

So, I hope that Mr. O gets in. I like his style.

And yes, M-R I think people should just be American not <insert something>-American. When people stop doing that for good, then we are finally making good progress to just be humans, not color coded humans. (Oh, and for the record, I'm sorta a pinky-light-speckled beige, not white. Or as South Park says, I'm a Ginger Kid)
  by: gbestwick   08/02/2008 08:14 PM     
  Should The Tribes That Enslaved  
Their black brothers and sold them into slavery to the white "traders" pay too. Do not just pick the white people, there is more than enough blame to go around for this travesty by all of our fore fathers.
The best way to pay any debt is not to maintain race division but to make the betterment of all, a life's dedication.
  by: ichi     08/02/2008 08:37 PM     
  What I'd like to see  
1) First of all, stop using code. When we talk about race in America, we're usually actually talking about class. It's just that here in the Land of the Free, it's more socially acceptable to talk about ways of addressing racism than it is to talk about the ongoing class war which is being won by the wealthy.

2) No race-based eligibility for anything. Replace race with family income, a much more reliable indicator of need. (Note -- the U.S. is set up so that the poor mainly stay poor and the rich mainly stay rich. I can't tell you how many successful business owners I've met who are as dumb as a box of bricks, but they grew up in wealthier circles and know the people to go to for business advice, investments, loans, inside information, etc.)

3) Most importantly, make social programs empowering rather than addictive. Instead of making people dependent on social programs, transform the social programs to teach people how to be self-sufficient. Let's teach people to fish rather than giving them fish -- it'll be better for everyone.

4) Make the programs available to anyone based on a sensible sliding scale of costs. If you live in a cardboard box, these programs are free. If you earn $30,000 a year and would like to take a class to help you learn a profession, you don't get as much of a discount.

Bottom line is, social welfare can be designed to save lives, fight the poverty cycle, empower individuals, enhance public safety and improve the national economy if we'd just do it right.
  by: lĀ“anglais     08/02/2008 08:55 PM     
last time I checked the slaves worked under the flag of the southern confederation, the northern union freed the slaves and dissolved the confederation, when they won. Do the slave decedents need to make some pay out to the north as well than?

If so there would be a big bill from the north attached to those reparations.

If we're going to make retroactive payments, then if anything we all owe the indians a whole lot of reperations.
  by: ukcn001XYZ   08/02/2008 09:00 PM     
Well said. If minorities get special privileges then they would technically be more free then the average Joe.

Now this is a huge problem. Many minorities see how they are/have been treated and in many cases don't try, so they don't get good education or insurance. Obama's main focus seems to be health care, but wouldn't education be a better start to help get people well educated, so they can help themselves and be more responsible for themselves instead of relying on the government?

Lets out way these two together. Obama says Universal Health Care would help because more "people of color" tend to be uninsured. Now are they uninsured because they are minorities? Would insuring them make them more well off?

I say an improved education would help because more "people of color" tend to be less educated. Now are they less educated because they are minorities? Would better education help make them more well off?

Education for the win.

Priorities. Which do you do first, which of all the problems facing the US would help all other problems down the road? Education. If people where more educated the Health care problem wouldn't be as big of a problem.
  by: Vhan     08/02/2008 09:02 PM     
  Reparations going to Blacks  
Black was not the only race that got enslaved.
  by: kmazzawi     08/02/2008 09:09 PM     
Excellent points. Not trying to jump on the Obama band wagon or anything but he does mention education as a factor too.
  by: gws1968     08/02/2008 11:35 PM     

Please dont include the Jews who were enslaved by Egyptian.. OOOPS I forgot these are your ancestors who enslaved Jews.

Now lets make sense of this topic.

Obama is right about reparation is not an answer, which will only mean WHITES will have to be paying for a long long time, however pay for what?? more hand outs?

Black people need to kick themselves and have an educated. And by that, I dont mean High school and college, I mean all the way to University and earn a degree.

As the saying goes "Be afraid of an educated blackman" This is the only way a blackman will be able to stand with his arms akimbo, in front of a white trashes like Kroww.
  by: isuzu     08/03/2008 02:24 AM     
Popular misconception. The emancipation proclamation freed the slaves in souther states the union took back over (despite their federally graned right to secede from the nation). Fact is, slavery continued much longer in the north than the south.
  by: Kroww   08/03/2008 06:48 AM     
Unless they have to drop out of school to pay for medical costs. Or just die. heh.
  by: PeddlerOfFlesh   08/03/2008 05:29 PM     
While a part of your last statement is true, the entirity of it is not true.

The emancipation proclamation as it was written, when it was written did not free one single slave. It stated that slaves who were in the rebelious states were freed.

Slaves in Maryland and Missouri were not freed. Lincoln did not have the authority to free the slaves of another country, which is what the Confederate States were at the time of the proclamation. The slaves in the rebelious states were liberated whenever they were encountered by authorities. At the cesation of hostilities between the waring states, Andrew Johnson freed the remaining slaves in the "Northern" states that had yet to be free. There were still pockets of slavery where word had not yet gotten.

There were no slaves in the "Northern" states as they had been free states long before the "War of Northern Agression". Maryland was a Southern State that, through coersion, did not seceed from the union.
  by: boaznjachin     08/04/2008 05:49 AM     
  The black population of the US has already gotten  
exactly what 20 million Mexicans are begging for, citizenship in the USA. If a black man can now be elected president, if a black man can be a 4 star general, if a black woman can be Secretary of State, it is obvious that blacks have the same opportunities that everyone else has, all you have to do is get off your ass, use your brain, and work for it. There is no glass ceiling anymore, the only thing holding ANYONE back from achieving their goals in the US is their own ambition and intelligence. I do think reparations should be available in the form of a one way plane fare to Africa for those that don't wish to remain in the USA. Old saying, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." What happened to their ancestors sucked, true. The benefits the slaves grandchildren reap are enormous and beyond anything some poor villager in African could ever hope for or even imagine. Count your blessings, quit your whining. You made it to the greatest country on the planet, opportunity is knocking, get off your ass and open the door.

Blacks were not the only minority that came to the US as slaves. Many Chinese were brought here to work the mines and railroads. The Chinese had the same obstacles to overcome, the language barrier, they looked different, they were poor. Yet the Chinese seem to have integrated into mainstream culture and worked hard to start businesses and become productive members of society. So why aren't the Chinese demanding reparations? How did the Chinese do this? Through honest hard work the Chinese earned the respect of their neighbors and were soon accepted as a vital part of the community. I don't care what you do for a living, if you work hard and are honest you have my respect. If you're standing there with your hand out or have your hand in my pocket I have no use for you in my community.
  by: valkyrie123     08/04/2008 04:15 PM     
"White man kills a group of women - hate crime. White man kills a bunch of blacks - hate crime. Black teens beat two white girls to death - not a hate crime til enough people complain. Black man goes on subway shoots a bunch of whites - not a hate crime."

No, if a white guy kills a black man BECAUSE he's black, it's a hate crime. There's quite a difference.
  by: amir8500   08/04/2008 08:13 PM     
  over simplistic idiocy  
"I don't care what you do for a living, if you work hard and are honest you have my respect. If you're standing there with your hand out or have your hand in my pocket I have no use for you in my community."
  by: dieu_7     08/05/2008 06:40 PM     
Obama certainly is not the answer.
  by: LeePIII   08/05/2008 08:40 PM     
  Right on...  
Obama is correct, reperations are a poor way to make ammends for slavery. I may be the first to say it and it may be wrong of me but if your going to give people money for wrongs in the past give them the money in a way it cant be wasted on friviolus sh!t.
  by: juggalotoka   08/06/2008 12:15 AM     
"I say an improved education would help because more "people of color" tend to be less educated."

Why is it that "people of color" are less educated, even when they go to the same school as whites who go to college?

You can lead a horitculture, but you can't make her think.

And for the record, my mother grew up in Harlem during the depression, and her father died when she was six. There was no welfare, just work ethic.

My uncle on dad's side was a self-made millionaire farm boy.
  by: biggfredd   08/06/2008 10:36 AM     
"Fact is, slavery continued much longer in the north than the south."

In ancient Rome, 1/3 of the population were slaves, and built the aquaduct, collesium, public baths, etc. At the end of the day, they got to use the same public baths everyone else did.

Today, most of the population works, and the government steals half of what they earn and throws it away on what the people didn't want.

Explain again how this slavery stuff is bad.
  by: biggfredd   08/06/2008 10:45 AM     
"Today, most of the population works, and the government steals half of what they earn and throws it away on what the people didn't want."

Give some examples please.

"Explain again how this slavery stuff is bad."

How about this? I'll make you my slave. We'll see your opinion of it afterward. By the way, I hope you like bread and water... a lot.
  by: amir8500   08/06/2008 04:53 PM     
Sentiments like yours are exactly why USA is still stuck in its racial quagmire.

Assumption from you is that, if you are a minority in USA, you White witch has the power to provide the answers to other human beings who are NON WHITE. Simply put you are the Top Kahuna of humanity.

You took this land from aboriginal Indians, killed them slowly and systemically, enslaved them as well and brought your human mules to work and build this nation without any wages for 100 of years before abolishing OPEN slavery and now you can claim.
"If you're standing there with your hand out or have your hand in my pocket I have no use for you in my community."
Valk you are standing on the Back bone of people who built this nation... Have some dignity and the least you can do is be Ashamed. We will acknowledge that.
  by: isuzu     08/08/2008 06:35 PM     
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