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                 01/22/2018 03:39 AM  
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08/02/2008 07:27 PM ID: 72454 Permalink   

Chinese Olympics Costing Everyone


With the Chinese shutting down manufacturing plants to ease pollution for the Olympics, the world is now suffering a shortage of Vitamin C. China sold ascorbic acid on the world market at less than what it cost to produce it, driving out competition.

Now with their monopoly they were able to drive the price up from $3.50/kg to $22/kg. The problem is 4 of the 5 plants that make vitamin c are near Beijing and they had shut them down to ease pollution for the Olympics.

The only other manufacturer is in the Netherlands and they can't keep up with demand. Vitamin c or ascorbic acid goes in many things from bread to cosmetics and naturally supplements. Corn could be used but it has its own pricey problems as well.

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  Vitimin c...  
can be taken the natural way!

I gave up supplements since I came to this site.
  by: captainJane     08/02/2008 07:36 PM     
  So why hasnt anyone built a couple  
of new factories while making long term contracts with manufacturers?

Basically the world has become dependant on one country for something important and that country doesnt have a good track record.
  by: AccessG     08/02/2008 08:34 PM     
  oh noes!  
the vitimins! were will we get our vitimins? oh the horrors the horrors, we'll all come down with scurvy and the world will end! oh noes! woe woe woe is meeeee... /sarcasm [insert giggles]
  by: calilac     08/02/2008 08:52 PM     
  on a more serious note  
this should not be something to panic over. natural sources of vitamin C are everywhere and half of what you swallow in pill form passes straight through most folk anyway. this is unfortunate for countries who cannot grow and store their own fresh fruits and veggies.
and what happened to all those Chinese who worked at the factories that closed? were they given paid vacation time or merely let go so they can fully enjoy the Olympic festivities and benefits of lessened pollution from the streets?
i'm really developing a distaste for the Olympics. it burns a bit, like ascorbic acid on a sore.
  by: calilac     08/02/2008 09:01 PM     
  I think...  
Before it's all said and done the IOC is going to wind up regretting letting China have the Olympics if not already. The bad part about this story is ascorbic acid has so many other uses it's just going to another excuse for the powers that be to raise prices on everything. And yes it's going to bite us in the but for relying on everything Chinese!
  by: gws1968     08/02/2008 11:25 PM     
as opposed to when germany had the gams in 1936 under the rise of nazi germany.

or in 1984 when the US held them while oppenly supporting the iran-iraq war (the iraqi side of this conflict); 17 countries boycotted these games including the soviet union (in retaliation for having the US boycott the games 1980 games in moscow; which 61 countries boycotted for the invasion of afghanistan), east germany and cuba. this was also the year chine first came back the the olympic since 1932.

the 1996 games in atlanta suffer a minor terroist incident, a pipe bomb explosion which killed 2 people. thought the games were successful with 197 countries represented.

keep things like this in mind when saying china should have the olympics not to mention there are very few countries more underrepresented in the olympics and in countries knee-deep in controversy and ill-will.
  by: HAVOC666     08/03/2008 11:39 AM     
I can't believe china's manufacturing plants have stopped making oranges.. damn them.. now we will have to pay millions of... *record scratch!* come on, get real.. this is not news.
  by: rutgers   08/03/2008 05:05 PM     
  The vitamin C they're talking about  
is ascorbic acid. The "real" name for vitamin C. It's used primarily as a preservative in many food items. It's also used in cosmetics and photographic development solutions.

  by: morgora     08/03/2008 05:34 PM     
I think it's more of a problem for companies that use it as an ingredient than for consumers who want to take it as a supplement.
  by: PeddlerOfFlesh   08/03/2008 05:42 PM     
  Oh whatever shall I do.  

I guess that I'll have to eat an orange or, God forbid, an apple.
  by: VermiciousG     08/03/2008 08:29 PM     
  olympics creating debt  
everywhere these games go they leave cites in whats happening to china is far greater 1 million people displaced and homeless.

this is an outrage not to mention the people out of work and factorys shut down.this country is a workforce engine for world products and needs help not fairytail games.these games should be planned to cost less for china this is a bad deal all around and is creating econonmic is to inspire not ruin people lives.......

  by: flukemol   08/05/2008 05:02 AM     
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