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                 01/17/2018 08:04 AM  
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08/05/2008 01:29 PM ID: 72525 Permalink   

1 in 4 Italians Indulge in “Wife Swapping”


A quarter of all Italian couples regularly take part in wife swapping according to a new poll in the conservative national broadsheet La Stampa.

The poll suggests that wife swapping has increased across the country "at a rate that makes you dizzy" and places the blame on the stripping of the taboos on the internet.

The 25% figure was reached with the help of Federsex, an organization boasting 500,000 members which meet in over 200 clubs across the country to indulge in partner swapping.

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  so big moral debate  
You're at a dinner party and the hint is dropped for some after ice scream "action" (pun intended) with you're hosts wife ......your wife looks at you as if to say "mmm he's not to bad" ie she wouldn't be enraged at the prospect .... so would the pleasure of drilling the guys wife be over shadowed by the mental anguish of him having even better monkey sex with yours
aggg ....

I'm getting a brain freeze ....

  by: Hugo Chavez     08/05/2008 01:39 PM     
A wife swapping organization's survey says 25% wife swaps? Fcking brilliant.
I'm surprised it's not 99%.
I'm waiting for a church to release a survey telling me what % are religious.
  by: silentrage   08/05/2008 02:12 PM     
I guess this all boils down to the individual situation and choice. On one hand, I'd like to see the 50 year study on 100,000 people who made the choice to 'partake', (vs 100,000 who stayed faithful) to see how the end up mentally. But people are too complex and you probably won't be able to definitively attribute doing well to 'doing it' or not doing well to 'doing it' (or vice versa).
So for me personally, my moral compass is aligned with the Bible. But if I felt I had no higher responsibility to anyone but myself....ohhhh what the heck.
  by: crosimoto     08/05/2008 02:13 PM     
You have obviously never heard of "christian swingers".

There are also plenty of religions (or non-religions) out there that stress personal responsibility and therefore morals. In my faith Honor is one of the NNV (Nine Noble Virtues). We put Oath-Breakers right up there with murderers. So basically, if everyone involved is OK with it and no oaths are being broken - it's all good. Our moral compass is within us and we do just fine that way for the most part. I guess part of that comes from being raised in a faith where there is no such thing as "mandatory forgiveness". If we mess up or do something bad, Wyrd will have its way. Wyrd will ALWAYS have its way regardless of your behavior. It cuts all ways.

And no - I've never done anything like that. Not only am I currently single, I have raging jealousy issues, so partner swapping would definitely be out if I'm somewhere in the equation. People could get hurt. And it wouldn't be me.

  by: morgora     08/05/2008 02:31 PM     
  On an other note  
25% of couple are secure about their relation and do not see any reason for their partners to take off.

But I rather find the term "wife swapping" rather sexist. Why not husban swapping?

It's partner swapping, because both side swap.

You big sexist Chavez person!
  by: Rv3   08/05/2008 02:55 PM     
  Well, here's one for you  
1 in 4 Americans kill there wife's..
  by: steve2045     08/05/2008 03:18 PM     
  Liberated Christians  
Be sure to check this this out:

I'll see you and your spouse there.
  by: TheBlob   08/05/2008 03:44 PM     
It's blocked by the firewall :(
  by: Rv3   08/05/2008 04:34 PM     
  Oh Pshhha!  
People can use statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that!
  by: slavefortheman     08/05/2008 04:54 PM     
Studies show 14 out of 10 people like chocolate.
  by: Kroww   08/05/2008 05:58 PM     
  Internet statistics  
I always heard that 84.794537% of internet statistics were pulled directly out of someone's a.......

Well, anyway...


  by: morgora     08/05/2008 06:01 PM     
  I Hear Ya  
I'm sure that there can be as many moral motivations as there are people who are morally motivated.

I also bet that there's Christian bestiality, Christians for gay porn and even Christian Satanists with websites as well. But I would contend, as with any belief, (religious or otherwise) just because you call yourself one....doesn't really mean you are.
  by: crosimoto     08/05/2008 07:17 PM     
I must say that I think wife swapping would often be a lot less fun than the trouble its worth down the road.
  by: maverick7h     08/05/2008 09:20 PM     
Like getting someone elses wife preggers, getting the claps or worse?

I just think its plain wrong! But thats me.
  by: Jediman3     08/05/2008 10:58 PM     
  Sorry had to say it  
But what happens if you swap your wife and you don't want her back? LOL
  by: ofd72   08/06/2008 03:52 AM     
  not bad  
but if I moved to Italy, does that mean I'd have to get married again to participate?
  by: tasso   08/06/2008 05:35 AM     
  Condoms anyone?  
Or it's just not available were you live?
  by: Rv3   08/06/2008 03:33 PM     
one is so bored with their marriage that they need to engage in something like swinging, I wouldn't be surprised if there are deeper relationship problems.
  by: velger   08/06/2008 07:28 PM     
Swinging has nothing to do with relationships. It's all about sex and fun. ;)
  by: JonSmith     08/06/2008 07:45 PM     
Swingers have less relationship problems than non-swingers! No jealousy issues, no problems with cheating, no secrets, no problems!

That being said, it is definitely not for everyone!
  by: THISISNEWS   08/07/2008 02:14 AM     
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