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                 01/24/2018 12:47 PM  
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08/05/2008 04:50 PM ID: 72531 Permalink   

Army Recruiters Threaten Jail If Teens Don't Join


Irving Gonzales signed up for the army's Delayed Entry Program (DEP) to give himself time to decide if the army was for him. When he decided he didn't want the army life, the recruiter told him he signed a binding contract.

Sgt. Glenn Marquette told him if he dropped out he would go to jail. DEP regulations state “under no circumstances will any (recruiter) threaten, coerce, manipulate, or intimidate (future soldiers), nor may they obstruct separation requests.”

This isn't the first time people have complained about this practice at the same recruiting station. The last time Sgt. Thomas Kelt was accused, the army promoted him to the role of station commander and he supervises and trains other recruiters.

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  The source  
You really should read the source. It's appalling to see what these jack-asses are getting away with.
  by: gws1968     08/05/2008 05:19 PM     
  Got to make that quota  
I guess???
  by: slavefortheman     08/05/2008 05:36 PM     
  They need  
more bodies to throw into the war machine.

I can actually see a positive bit of social evolution coming out of all this. At some point, maybe not now, but at some point, people are going to realise that they gain nothing from war. Why sign up? Why go and give the one thing you can only give once for a group of politicians who don't even know your name. Parents are going to start wanting to watch their kids grow up and raise families, not fly thousands of miles away and die. Like I say, maybe not today, but something's going to change sooner or later.

Hopefully one day there'll be no-one left who wants to kill for money, then the politicians will be powerless to hurt anyone anymore.

My bit of hope for humanity for the afternoon :-)
  by: Maxx20     08/05/2008 06:47 PM     
  Bad Reporting  
Unfortunately, that is NOT how the Delayed Entry Program operates.
When you enter, you go and sign a contract (Just like if you were to go strait to Basic). Instead you have until you finish school before you head off to basic.
I find it sad that so many people are willing to say "Oh, its ok, your not responsible for your actions. Go ahead, break your word, there are no consequences."

Come on. Pres. Bush is a product of that type of thinking.

Don't misinterpret me though. If those recruiters screwed up then they need to be severely punished and reassigned to a different role.
  by: jprobst   08/06/2008 12:11 AM     
  When I was in the Army  
Going through Basic Training, there where a lot of recruits that where told, join the Army or go to Jail. I thought it was only in the movies.
  by: thedrewman   08/06/2008 03:36 AM     
"Unfortunately, that is NOT how the Delayed Entry Program operates."

If that is the case, then it seems to me that the recruiter misrepresented the DEP to this person.
  by: StarShadow     08/06/2008 03:42 AM     
  I was in the DEP  
24 years ago. And even then, without a war going on, the contract I signed, stated clearly that if you did not fulfil the terms of the contract, you are subject to legal action.

I believe that nearly all enlistments are delayed entry enlistments now. No one just goes into a recruiter and leaves straight for boot camp.

(Paragraph 8a of the Enlistment Contract): "FOR ENLISTMENT IN THE DELAYED ENTRY/ENLISTMENT PROGRAM (DEP): I understand that I will be ordered to active duty as a Reservist unless I report to the place shown in item 4 above by (date) for enlistment in the regular component of the United States (branch of service)."
  by: boaznjachin     08/06/2008 04:38 AM     
  The DEP  
While everyone is obviously quick to shout what heracy this is and lambast the government and the Army,

The DEP is not designed 'to give [onesself] time to decide if the army [is for them].'

The DEP is a program which offers you a choice in job selection (that they WILL honor if you end up meeting the requirements) in exchange for an early commitment. You are 'soft-booked' into the service of your choosing and the job of the same. Upon graduation you are automatically enlisted.

Normal non-DEP enlistees generally enter as 'open general' and will be thrown into whatever job class the Army needs. I DEP'ed in and chose the job I wanted, did my 5 yrs and got out. If you drop out of DEP, it constitutes a breach of contract as the contract is indeed legally binding.
While you may not go to jail, they will legally ruin you.
  by: japh   08/06/2008 09:07 AM     
There are a lot of conflicting resources out there for the Delayed Entry Program like this site:

That states :By joining via the Delayed Entry Program, you give yourself up to an entire year to research, think about, and decide if you made the right
choice in joining the military; while ensuring that you get locked in for the training, tour length and duty station of your choice.


You can get out of DEP anytime before you officially swear in before leaving for basic training. Although your recruiter will most likely make it very uncomfortable, you should know that there are very straightforward ways to go about getting out of the Delayed Entry Program.

Even though this isn't an official site people still see it.

Then there is this:
Department of Defense (DOD) Directive 1332.14, Enlisted Administrative Separations, and individual service recruiting regulations allow anyone in the DEP to request a separation from the Delayed Enlistment Program. Most DEP discharge requests are approved. Even in those few cases where a stubborn recruiting commander disapproves the request, if the applicant refuses to ship out to basic training, absolutely nothing happens to them. Today's military is an "All Volunteer Force." The services do not need, nor do they want individuals who are not volunteers.

  by: gws1968     08/07/2008 02:17 AM     
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