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                 02/20/2018 08:26 PM  
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08/07/2008 01:02 AM ID: 72573 Permalink   

26 Cheerleaders Take The Same Elevator; Rescued When Doors Didn't Open


26 cheerleaders ranging in age from 14 to 17 had to be rescued by firefighters and police in Jester Hall Tuesday evening at the University of Texas in Austin after the elevator they all crammed into wouldn't open at their destination floor.

The curious girls, attending Texas Cheer Camp, wanted to try and squeeze as many of them as they could inside the elevator car. After they realized they were stuck and started panicking, some wiggled free their cell phones.

“It’s dangerous actually. They’re lucky that that’s all that happened. Take the sign seriously. No more than 15 people or 3,000 pounds,” said a university police official. Most were treated on-site, but one girl who fainted visited the hospital.

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Im not going to lie. I would have paid money to have been in the middle of that group...
  by: the mobile kid   08/07/2008 01:08 AM     
not when they're panicking and squealing, and they probably haven't put on their deodorant yet.
  by: The Mad Mule   08/07/2008 01:28 AM     
  @the mobile kid  
I dunno about that. It's not exactly my idea of a fun time to be stuck in an elevator with 26 14-17 year olds who are freaking out. I'd have a bad headache... I have more than enough problems with one 21 year old...
  by: OneEightSeven   08/07/2008 01:36 AM     
"giggidy giggidy" was the first thing that came to mind...
  by: maddhatter   08/07/2008 03:26 AM     
  by: hl2k   08/07/2008 05:59 AM     
  I thought...  
I always thought that when you go over the weight limit the doors wouldn't close.
  by: qwerty017   08/07/2008 07:52 AM     
  ^i guess 14-17 yo girls are pretty light  
hilarious. although being a clastrophiac, that would REALLY bother me.
  by: sceptre_of_fertility   08/07/2008 08:26 AM     
what was going through the minds of the firefighters & police when they popped open that can of sardines.
  by: gws1968     08/07/2008 02:36 PM     
Women for mans ocular delight.

I have never understood the cheer leading hoola hoo. My daughter asks me all the time why do girls want to be cheerleaders when the purpose is to please man.

I tell her "They have freedom, or made to believe so"
  by: isuzu     08/07/2008 04:14 PM     
" I have more than enough problems with one 21 year old..."

I'll take her off your hands. Just pay it forward.
  by: amir8500   08/07/2008 06:48 PM     
  I hope  
they bill the girls for the cost of the rescue.
  by: elzorro   08/07/2008 08:04 PM     
I totally agree. It would be an excellent lesson in how some adults are emotionless tightwad pricks.
  by: l´anglais     08/07/2008 08:27 PM     
I can see both sides of that. Making them pay might encourage them to think before acting. On the other hand, kids mess up, it's part of being a kid. If you never made a mistake then you'd never learn anything.

Personally, I don't think they should have to pay, hopefully the experience taught them a lesson.
  by: StarShadow     08/07/2008 11:01 PM     
  I don't see a problem  
Hmm .. 26 cheerleaders ... maybe 100-110 pounds each ... could be under 3000 pound limit :)
  by: clone 99   08/08/2008 03:38 AM     
  I've been in many elevators  
that could easily hold 26 skinny teenaged girls. How many fat cheerleaders are there?
  by: biggfredd   08/08/2008 04:44 AM     
you mean like that fat girl in Dodgeball?
  by: The Mad Mule   08/08/2008 05:49 AM     
should have just left them in there...
  by: HolaCola   08/08/2008 05:52 AM     
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