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                 01/21/2018 03:03 PM  
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08/08/2008 06:12 PM ID: 72613 Permalink   

White Supremacists Secretly Hope For An Obama Win


White supremacists, nationalist, or white activists, whatever name they go by, tend to think that if Obama wins the presidential election that it will bring a backlash of white Americans and cause a momentous change towards their way of thinking.

David Duke claims "Obama is a visual aid for White Americans who just don't get it yet that we have lost control of our country, and unless we get it back we are heading for complete annihilation as a people."

Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center believes there view is "essentially a fantasy." Charles Evers, brother of Medgar Evers says "I think we're past that stage, I don't think the majority of white people are thinking that way anymore."

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that is a damn good point, I wonder how much of a reaction there would be?

A rebirth of the KKK etc is not something this country needs
  by: dieu_7     08/08/2008 06:15 PM     
  oh noes!  
Oh noes! I guess you guys better not elect Obama then.
  by: bane39   08/08/2008 06:23 PM     
I think Charles Evers is right but only time will tell!
  by: gws1968     08/08/2008 06:27 PM     
I keep an eye on hate groups (especially the ones that use the symbols of my faith or claim my faith as their own) so I sometimes end up in places like and other white supremacist sites. I was at one such site just last night/early this morning and the vast majority of them are still very much staunch McCain supporters. I'm thinking the David Duke variety of bigot is pretty rare. Remember, most white supremacists don't just dislike black people. They also don't like gays, women's lib/feminists, globalization or anything even remotely connected to liberal ideology such as a social safety net. If anyone is going to cause trouble over an Obama election victory, it will be them, not the average American. It certainly won't be because Obama is half black, either. It will be because he's too liberal AND half black.

David Duke is an attention-whoring moron who is just telling his target audience what they want to hear. Which apparently would be "it's not just you - everyone will freak so feel free to behave badly."

  by: morgora     08/08/2008 06:30 PM     
Its just David Duke and the clowns in the KKK trying to stay relevant.
  by: monstrddg   08/08/2008 06:49 PM     
  I think  
Since Obama got more votes than any other candidate in the primaries, and since he's consistently leading in the polls, most Americans don't agree with Duke and his ilk.

However, white supremacists generally aren't the most stable people, and I won't be surprised if/when some psycho tries to "do something" about Obama.
  by: l´anglais     08/08/2008 06:58 PM     
  Another thought  
It's amazing what some people think would happen if Obama is elected. To use the same argument used against Bush-bashers, the president doesn't control everything!
  by: l´anglais     08/08/2008 07:00 PM     
What else would you expect from white trash? Go back to your trailer trash home and do your sister!
  by: rutgers   08/08/2008 07:06 PM     
One kook has already been arrested:
  by: JonSmith     08/08/2008 07:22 PM     
  Brave new world  
It amazes me how far we've come along racial lines since I was a kid growing up in Texas. I actually am a little bit proud of us, on this issue anyway. It's far from over but it's still a long way in a short while.

On the other hand it could be that Obama's election could set off some kinda stupid race war. There's irony for ya'.

As an American male of European descent I've been made to feel like everyone's favorite A$$hole for most of my life. Obama's election should at least end a lot of indignation, righteous and otherwise.
  by: VermiciousG     08/08/2008 07:33 PM     
All one thousand of these marginal nutcases will come out after an Obama win to incite
revolution, and be laughed off the streets by people whose main concern for the
president is whether or not he'll be able to get them a better deal on the gas in their
  by: Mister crank     08/08/2008 07:53 PM     
All 1000 of these nutcases will pick up sniper rifles and head to D.C.. One may get lucky.
  by: VermiciousG     08/08/2008 08:30 PM     
  I wonder..  
If there is an Obama Win, just how tight will security be? Since there are many hate groups in America, not all of them well known, and one would think some of them are not even known..
(Jokingly) I wonder how a pizza delivery guy would make it past security, and just how much "pat down" would the guy have to endure. Would the pizza have to be taste tested or chemically tested for poisons? Would Pres. Obama actually be able to get and read his own mail?

If I was Obama, I would have to be very secure in the knowledge that there wouldn't be any cracks in my security systems or else I would be losing a TON of sleep...
  by: Allanthar     08/08/2008 09:12 PM     
What stupid f***ers if they actually believe this. I've never been a fighter (arguing, that's a different story) but if said race war did happen, I'd be happy to shoot these neo-nazi f*** ups. If Obama was smart, he'd pick Hillary to be his VP. That way it might make these white trash clowns think twice before trying to kill him. If they did, it would just make things worse by their standards. Maybe that's why Bush picked Cheney?
  by: amir8500   08/08/2008 10:05 PM     
  If Obama became President  
I cannot imagine there would be anymore people wanting him 'gone' than there are people wanting Bush 'gone'.
  by: John E Angel     08/08/2008 10:57 PM     
The people wanting Bush down are mostly mentally stable enough to not show their disagreement by trying to kill the president.

On the other hand, we have the supremacists.
  by: pas content   08/08/2008 11:41 PM     
  @pas content & John E Angel  
Both good points. Contemptuous acceptance or Agreeable rioting?
  by: VermiciousG     08/09/2008 02:54 AM     
  My opinion  
If Obama wins, i will lose more respect for USA... I m not racist, Im Euro/Arab so don't think i am...

I have no problem with the man, just all the bullshit he spurts out of his mouth - and the actions he says he will take against countries simply because he doesn't want to take the time to settle things properly.

Im sorry guys, but electing Obama is as bad as electing Bush, partially for the same reasons.

Ill proudly defend minorities against supremacists - but for one moment dont expect Obama to.

From what i have witnessed - he is exactly like PM Rudd in australia- A puppet that has won the attention of their nation. They will make blunder after blunder because they will continue to be controlled by those hidden behind them.

Im kinda off topic - sorry for that hehe
  by: george2101436   08/09/2008 04:29 AM     
You could be right about the mental stability of people who despise Bush since, well, he *is* still alive - but I was thinking more along the lines of people that have been personally traumatized by losing a loved one after they were used for Bush's wars. That could be anyone, mentally stable or not. If true, the Secret Service must be performing their job spectacularly, because I'm convinced they've had their hands full during this presidency, more so than in recent times. I'd assume an agency with "secret" in its name wouldn't publish all the threats they've stopped, but it would be interesting to know which president gave them the toughest challenge.
  by: caution2     08/09/2008 04:33 AM     
Where I disagree with you I must say that I respect the fact that you are not being unduly belligerent or rude.

So many people come here and whether they like or dislike Obama for the right or wrong reasons they end up just spewing venom and pissing on the people who disagree with them. So, thanks for that.
  by: VermiciousG     08/09/2008 04:39 AM     
  @ VermiciousG  
Find one stain where pissed on you and i will appologise...

I gave my opinion and thoughts - i didn't insult anyone at all.

When i say "I will lose respect for USA", i - like 90% of all non-americans, mean it as in we lose respect for the country. Not the individual people.

Stop sifting through posts, looking to start fights.

I stand by my comments.
  by: george2101436   08/09/2008 12:07 PM     
You may want to read comments before responding to them. VermiciousG did not say a bad think about you.
  by: Ec5618   08/09/2008 02:34 PM     
Some people just can't take a compliment. Geez!

  by: VermiciousG     08/09/2008 05:34 PM     
You need to learn to read and knock that chip off your shoulder. The guy gave you a compliment. Geesh
  by: JonSmith     08/09/2008 05:59 PM     
  Would The KKK Be Republicans Or Democrats ?  
Hmm, Let me guess.
  by: ichi     08/09/2008 09:06 PM     
We need another FBI raid on all these terrorist groups. The thing they missed is that if Obama does become president, their little remarks will no longer be publicity stunts, but genuine threats against the President. Lets see how many people will want to join them then.
  by: NicPre     08/09/2008 09:39 PM     
You raised a good point. I wonder at what point it becomes a "credible threat" to the president. Or what you have to say for it to be actionable. I know my Mother was questioned years ago after flipping Quayle's motorcade the bird. Wonder if that would be enough to get her arrested now.

Anyone know what the legalities involving talking smack about the prez entails? Would wishing him ill (or dead or whatever) be considered the same as encouraging someone/incitement? I'm very curious about this now...

  by: morgora     08/09/2008 10:01 PM     
I now that saying the words "I'm gonna kill the president" even in jest is a crime.

Oh S#@t!!!
  by: VermiciousG     08/09/2008 10:06 PM     
Well then you might as well go ahead and do it since they're going to get you anyway!
  by: gws1968     08/10/2008 01:20 AM     
Anyone who is familiar with Rodney King, thought those riots were bad,
  by: Mannyishere     08/10/2008 02:13 AM     
I was referring to the sitting one. I don't think anyone would riot over him.<Secret Service -joking>
  by: gws1968     08/10/2008 02:18 AM     
  gws1968 @  
who is the sitting one?
  by: Mannyishere     08/10/2008 07:26 PM     
The sitting President. They would riot if Obama was assassinated but I don't think anybody would riot if Bush were assassinated.
  by: gws1968     08/10/2008 07:49 PM     
  Can you imagine?  
The streets run riot with rabid neo-cons. Running around pissing on homeless people, preaching creationism, knocking down affordable housing to build oil rigs, denying that it's getting warmer and then trying to convince everyone how much nicer it would be if it were warmer.
  by: VermiciousG     08/10/2008 09:35 PM     
Now that would be a sight! Hilarious!
  by: gws1968     08/10/2008 09:46 PM     
You forgot to add taking credit for the warm weather.
  by: amir8500   08/11/2008 05:09 PM     
  !! Hilary as VP?  
Well, if Obama were to pick Hillary as VP, and somehow Bill got to be speaker of the house, Bubba would only be two bullets away from the presidency, once again. He can't be elected, but arguably could serve... A drop in the bucket, compared with how many Klinton associates have died under bizarre circumstances. Cross Bubba at your peril.

Have a care, Obama. Choose wisely....I sure don't want Bubba back.
  by: LeePIII   08/15/2008 01:31 AM     
In that case let's have Bill as VP.
  by: Jaded Fox     08/15/2008 05:23 AM     
  @Jaded Fox  
He cannot be ELECTED to that, either.

He MIGHT be able to succeed to the throne, but not by election.
  by: LeePIII   08/15/2008 07:36 PM     
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