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                 01/19/2018 10:07 PM  
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08/10/2008 10:10 AM ID: 72640 Permalink   

18 Year Old Shot Dead While Shopping


Ryan Bravo was shopping at the Costcutter store in Walworth on Wednesday, when a 19 year old male shoot him in the back.

The post-mortem later revealed that a single gun shot was the cause of his death. The gung ho 19 old youth has now been charged with murder.

Police believed the eighteen year old was just an “innocent by-stander and “another case of in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  Couple things  
1.) It's "gung-ho" not "gun hoe" =P

2.) Prob. a gang initiation...sad way for the poor bystander to lose his life. And a cowardly shot in the back, no less.
  by: The Mad Mule   08/10/2008 11:06 AM     
When ur not even safe shopping good gfind Jane thanks
  by: mikkitaz   08/10/2008 11:07 AM     
  Ty Mule ;)  
Can an Admin repair this please?

This had to be the shortest report ever!
  by: captainJane     08/10/2008 11:57 AM     
by-stander? The police have said a few times over the past weeks when youths have been killed, then it turned out they were gang members. This, i feel, will be the same. Still a damn shame a young kid has been murdered.
  by: philigs     08/10/2008 01:57 PM     
  "Gun-ho" *snicker!  
First thing that went through my mind...

Boom chicka BLAM BLAM!!

I don't want to see that dirty movie. LOL!

19 is a too old for a gang initiation out here. Where was this? Also, the last line of the summary makes me think the victim didn't take cover fast enough when the accused was shooting at someone else.

  by: morgora     08/10/2008 02:12 PM     
  @ morgora  
come again? Boom chicka BLAM BLAM!!

They use that on an advert over here.. Boom chicka BLAM BLAM
  by: captainJane     08/10/2008 02:40 PM     
  The Freedom to Defend!  
Exactly what it says on the tin! The UK needs to start arming itself. No little turds will be acting G'd out in the Dickens Estate Massive if they knew that taking out a gun would likely get them shot by a have-a-go-hero. For some reason, this country has a SEVERE mental block when it comes to common sense and the blantenly bloody obvious. Allow me to explain, criminals will carry guns because the law doesnt scare them. So innocent people will always have the disadvantage. How can the innocent gain the upper hand? By protecting themselves by any means necessary.
  by: Red!   08/10/2008 04:08 PM     
Unfortunately that seems to be the only way forward. That or totally overhaul our useless police forces and get them out of the radar speed traps and on to the street.

With the story; a lot has been said about this chap, some say he was a gang member who was on opposing turf to act tough, others say he was shot by accident as two other gang members ran into the store for cover from trigger-happy rivals. I read somewhere that the victim was an intelligent chap intending to go to university. It is such a shame when the innocent get caught in the cross-fire. Another person totally failed by our failed government, but what do they care, they've hired out a private members club in Beijing and are currently living it up at taxpayers expense.
  by: Maxx20     08/10/2008 04:36 PM     
I hear you loud and clear. Im not just saying "Arm yourselves" as a first resort, more as a last desperate one. Sadly, I dont see people overhauling the police force anytime soon, so what choice do people have? I remember when I was in my local town waiting to get picked up and their was a nutcase wondering around the train station with a Machete and my family called the police only to get the response "Has he harmed anyone? Is he threatening anyone? No? Well, theirs nothing we can do". Someone has to die or become hospitalised before any serious incident gets the attention it deserves. Sickening.
  by: Red!   08/10/2008 05:47 PM     
  Still bugs me too...  

We need money big time on the crime we have here.
  by: captainJane     08/10/2008 06:53 PM     
I agree completely, the police are no use whatsoever. Hence the overhaul suggestion, although I fear the overhaul would have to spread to our impotent criminal justice system and up into our self obsessed government for any real success to be had. In any case, once the Tories are elected, perhaps there will be change?

With your example, and I'm no expert on criminal law, I would have imagined that carrying an offensive weapon in public was a crime? It could also be said that carrying it in full view was threatening behaviour and breach of the peace, both also criminal offences. If the police failed to react there would be grounds for a formal complaint to the IPCC.

@Jane, they have the money, we need someone with the balls to stand up to criminals, then there'll be change. No more idiots like the Welsh police chief who 'stands up' to speeding drivers. Standing up to easy targets speaks for itself.
  by: Maxx20     08/10/2008 11:14 PM     
  No use  
No use arming yourselves in this case, UK or not. The victim was just shopping (as far as we know), and he got shot from behind. Keyword being 'behind.' You could carry a knife or gun around all you want, but if somebody decides to randomly pop you in the back, you'd never know what hit you.
  by: The Mad Mule   08/11/2008 01:47 AM     
believe me I know we need someone to stand Up at this point, pathetic isn't it?

We had men fight for over five years against lying manipulating cheats, similar to this Government, and now this diarrhea for an excuse of a Government, is out in Beijing playing softball right now, it really is frustrating me, we have feral hoodies on our streets, and thieving weak numb skulls playing at running our country, Huh, and we let them? Once upon a time we had real men, now we have useless drips that can do as they please, give me my strength back, I now want to become a hoodlum and kick the living diarrhoea out of these pieces of crap. Where are our people? We would once have fought against these foolhardy jerks and pushed them out, what the hell happened?
  by: captainJane     08/11/2008 05:28 AM     
"It could also be said that carrying it in full view was threatening behaviour and breach of the peace, both also criminal offences."

Thats implying there is peace to be breached in the first place. From what I've seen in the media, there isn't any peace across the sea... heck it seems peace is a rare commodity these days.
  by: Trevelyan   08/11/2008 09:28 PM     
  Life is so short...  
And there are many diseases to contend with during our lives yet as Trevelyan has said there is no peace anywhere, how crazy is that!
  by: captainJane     08/11/2008 11:16 PM     
  Mad Mule  
"gun hoe"

that was no mistake, that's the way the illiterates talk in the US these days. actually showing their low class status.
  by: lambitus   08/12/2008 04:45 AM     
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