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                 01/22/2018 09:27 PM  
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08/14/2008 10:50 AM ID: 72711 Permalink   

UK Former Police Officer Stands Up To Gang Threatening To Kill Him: Gets Arrested


After a night out in Morpeth town centre Paul Lawson, 52, a retired police officer was being driven home by his wife. As they left the car park a beer can was thrown at their car by a gang member. Mr Lawson confronted the gang.

Being a former officer, Mr Lawson had intended to make a citizens arrest but was quickly surrounded by 12 gang members and told to leave or he would be killed. The gang also informed him they'd wreck his car if they saw it in the town again.

Mr Lawson spoke to patrolling officers who proceeded to ignore him and not take down any details. A gang member later said Mr Lawson assaulted him and Lawson was quickly summoned to a police station and arrested.

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  I'm in 2 minds on this one  
My first reaction would be "good!". The reason being that this man can start to regret every year he worked for a useless, ineffective police force (the UK police force).

My other reaction is one of pity for the officers. They're puppets on government strings. The only way to interpret the current behaviour of the police is that the government want the yobs protected and the public scared. A scared public is a receptive public, receptive even to schemes like curfews. If enough people are afraid, enough will agree.

One thing is clear from this case, the police are *actively* protecting gangs and *actively* persecuting law-abiding members of the public. This is certainly deliberate, although to what goal isn't clear.
  by: Maxx20     08/14/2008 10:57 AM     
  Between the knife attacks,  
and the bedroom police it sounds to me as in the inmates are running the asylum in the UK. Here is a thought: disband the police and allow law abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms.
  by: walter3ca   08/14/2008 11:20 AM     
  Why do tyhey bother...  
writing this down on their web page?

"We want to make it easier for people to contact us.

In an emergency, if somebody's life is in danger or a crime is taking place,"

Well they certainly helped that guy!
  by: captainJane     08/14/2008 01:15 PM     
  I wonder...  
How many people who were in danger this copper ignored? Funny that he wants the red carpet when hes in trouble! Yes, I do mean red carpet, meaning that if the police give you any attention then your a privileged person!
  by: Red!   08/14/2008 02:03 PM     
  Yeah guys.  
Absolutely every single cop in all of the UK is a piece of crap. Totally.
  by: Kolman   08/15/2008 08:09 AM     
Who said all? Were generalising, but who doesnt? Maybe youll curse their name when your in danger then brushed off like its nothing serious till its at the point an ambulance needs to be called?
  by: Red!   08/15/2008 02:29 PM     
  I'm a little bit suspicious...  
I can't help but be a bit suspicious that there may be more to this than meets the eye.

I've never known a police officer to completely ignore someone who came to them saying they were threatened and had missiles thrown at them.

A 'retired' police officer (retired at 52!? They ARE way overpaid) would have known procedure and insisted upon details being taken.

I can't help but wonder if he had been drinking and just seemed like Mr Angry-Drunk to the police, or if he had incited trouble by being Mr Big-and-Tough.

Of course, I may be wrong, and I'd like to think I am in this case, but something just doesn't seem completely true about this account.
  by: chiffington   08/15/2008 05:57 PM     
It just disturbs me a little that after a man is unjustly arrested, the first five responses are "eh he probably deserved it."
  by: Kolman   08/16/2008 07:39 AM     
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