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                 01/16/2018 10:30 PM  
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08/14/2008 04:31 PM ID: 72716 Permalink   

One Size Small Condom Wrapper and a Picture of 'The Tart's Knickers'


One Australian womans anger over her husbands cheating is being vented in an Ebay auction. Up for sale is a photo of the knickers she found at the bottom of her marital bed and a condom wrapper she found under her husbands pillow.

Ebayer annastella007 describes them as "They are so huge I thought they may make someone a nice shawl or, even better, something for Halloween perhaps."

The listing is titled "Empty condom packet & a photo of 'The Tart's' knickers."

annastella007 had originally intended to sell the actual underwear but couldn't as it is against Ebay policy regarding second hand underwear.

It doesn't stop there though; she will be auctioning his Harley next with no reserve and 99c start price.

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  This is just...  
perfect. lmao Ha-hahaha
  by: captainJane     08/14/2008 04:37 PM     
  She could sell them on my site....  
No problem!
  by: captainJane     08/14/2008 04:38 PM     
Hell hath no fury like a woman who catches you cheating :)

I should look into getting my 'cycle' license.
  by: crosimoto     08/17/2008 02:05 AM     
  The first condom ever invented... rumored to be a "No Touch" condom.
  by: TurboPascal   08/18/2008 09:30 AM     
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