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                 01/21/2018 11:29 PM  
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08/18/2008 06:32 AM ID: 72803 Permalink   

Iran Plans Satellite, Test Fires Rocket


Iran test fired a new two stage rocket which they say will launch Iran's first state satellite. The rocket called safir or "Messenger" "paved the way for placing the first Iranian satellite in orbit," the official Islamic Republic News Agency said.

The Iranian development and testing of rockets is troubling and raises further questions about their intentions "This action and dual use possibilities for their ballistic missile program have been a subject of inconsistent with their obligations," said National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe.

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  leave the commentary out  
Leave the commentary out of the summaries hey? Or at least balance the American propaganda.

  by: jendres     08/18/2008 06:49 AM     
Left out the quotation mark at the begining of the 2nd paragraph. There was no comentary, or propaganda from me.
  by: boaznjachin     08/18/2008 07:24 AM     
This does seem suspicious to me.
I would think that if Iran tested anything other than shampoo for puppies, it could be used for WMDs to "wipe Israel off the map" with...

if I was fcking paranoid and wore george bush boxers ;)
  by: silentrage   08/18/2008 08:58 AM     
Maybe it's for the latest research in camera
technology... The giant full color full motion
microburst X-Ray satellite.
  by: TurboPascal   08/18/2008 09:01 AM     
  I think the problem is...  
Getting a satellite into orbit isn't too many steps from developing an ICBM.
  by: ofwolfandman   08/18/2008 02:02 PM     
far from an ICBM at all as there other missiles do have guidance.
Maybe they want to enter the space race.
  by: thinking   08/18/2008 02:12 PM     
Is inaccurate as well. the rocket is actually called, Safir-e Omid, which in english means "Ambassador of Peace".
  by: StarShadow     08/18/2008 02:49 PM     
is Iran going to be slapped for that as well? I wonder.
  by: captainJane     08/18/2008 03:38 PM     
lets now forget, saddam wanted a sat..

israel killed the canadian man who was working for saddam to build him a sat launcher. it was going to use underground tubes and launch the sat via artillary. was amazing in concept but he proved it could be done. but he was snipped and that brain child project gave birth to saddam's secret weapon vs israel called project babylon. which was a gigantic 1000mm cannon that used multi staged boosters to launch a single shell from south iraq right into tel aviv in under 2 minutes. the project was blown up as they were just 6 months away from completion.

my point is, yea ICBM is now doable. or they can use it to view themselves as they get attacked, or hell. do it hezbollah style and make their own sat crash into our sat's LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  by: DRK   08/19/2008 02:22 AM     
Apologies. I see it is in the source a bit clearer that the "troubling" and "questioning intentions" is just american puffery.

It could have been cleaned out a little and use the third paragraph to present the iranian viewpoint. Ah well. I'm just going to have to write some more summaries myself! :)
  by: jendres     08/19/2008 02:24 AM     
  Just more space junk.  
I'm waiting for a space ship toilet seat to come crashing down and kill me.
  by: elzorro   08/20/2008 08:56 PM     
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