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                 02/19/2018 01:04 AM  
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08/22/2008 10:43 AM ID: 72893 Permalink   

Comcast Slow-Speed Broadband?


Comcast Corporation, one of the leading providers of Broadband Internet, Cable TV, and Telephone in the U.S., will begin slowing down traffic on its network. This new program is being referred to as "Fair-Share".

Users who negatively impair their network could expect to see speeds forcibly degraded for periods of 10 to 20 minutes.

These users should experience a connection equivalent to “a really good DSL experience,” says Comcast V.P. Mitch Bowling.

This has sparked criticism in regards to network neutrality. Readers may recall past articles regarding FCC inquiry's into their practices for BitTorrent users.

The company was recently found guilty on Aug 1st by the FCC for blocking traffic.

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"These users should experience a connection equivalent to “a really good DSL experience,” says Comcast V.P. Mitch Bowling."

My overall experience with DSL is that it's better than the cable experience. I've already went through that headache.
  by: ohioankev   08/22/2008 01:26 PM     
  Id be pissed  
if I was paying for a good cable connection but my provider was only giving me a good DSL connection
  by: monstrddg   08/22/2008 02:32 PM     
Comcast is the only high-speed choice we have for a home network in this area. We're less than pleased, I might add. Since three of us in this household are gamers, we do atrocious things to the available bandwidth. We've had nothing but problems with broken connections, etc. here and I'm pretty sure they've been throttling us for a while now.

Ja, we call all the time. I've gotten to know a couple of the service techs they're out here so often. One's kinda cute, but I can't figure out if he's single or not, dangit!

Fair-Share my hiney. I just want the share I've been paying for already. When we're throttled it can happen for hours at a time.

  by: morgora     08/22/2008 03:12 PM     
This is what happens when a company advertises a high-speed, always-on, all-you-can-eat bandwidth connection. They over-sell their capacity, then complain that people are using what they paid for.
  by: StarShadow     08/22/2008 03:17 PM     
It could actually be the "disruptive users" that are causing your problems...which is what they're trying to fix. The shared nature of cable can cause that problem. I don't know of any games that would be able to disrupt their network, whether there's 3 of you or not.

I agree with StarShadow though, they shouldn't be surprised that people are trying to use what they pay for. But in fairness, they do say UP to xMbps. I've been an admin for an ISP before and of course BitTorrent was a headache. I gave priority to main services like web and e-mail, then let whatever was left be divided up by whoever wanted it. Why can't Comcast do that? Unless that is what they're doing... It seems more like they are just punishing you for downloading. Maybe it won't kick in until they are like within 5% of capacity.

I hope this doesn't start to affect me! It's probably more likely to hit people that are using bittorrent 24/7. I wish they would give some clear guidelines about when it will kick in and what speeds it will give you when it has.
  by: PeddlerOfFlesh   08/22/2008 06:00 PM     
I was reading more about this on broadband reports and started thinking...I really hope they give clear info about this, like certain satellite companies. I'm wondering if it will interfere with Netflix streaming video. Of course they would like that, because they want people to use their OnDemand instead.

@morgora again - Depending on your location you can get fiber 10mbps/10mbps for like $65 from SureWest. My friend has it and it has REALLY low latency (good for gaming) and he's never noticed it down or slow in about a couple of years.
  by: PeddlerOfFlesh   08/22/2008 06:23 PM     
I'll have to look into SureWest. I'm not sure if they come out here or not. I'm right in that triangle of McMansions at the edges of CH, Orangevale and Roseville. My neighbors aren't the brightest people on the planet, so when I first moved in and asked all the appropriate questions, they may have misunderstood me. LOL!

Thanks for the tip! My son and I both play EQ and he also plays WoW with my sister. So there's usually at least one of us playing at any given time and two or more of us playing at a time in the evening after dinner/when we get the old people settled in for the night.

^^bandwidth hog
  by: morgora     08/22/2008 08:30 PM     
You guys think Comcast is bad? You are lucky it is even an option!

Here in Seattle I have to settle for BROADSTRIPE (Formally Millenium Cable or something).
  by: vant   08/23/2008 03:29 AM     
Are you sure fiber optic has been on the networks for couple of years now providing services to home users??

I am with Bell Sympatico, I get 16MBps and the only time it actually got to that speed was when the technician was at my home and testing the speed, few minutes after he left I have clocked on 9-10MBps.

I have argued until cows came home, finally I got a service from bell, for ½ a price for 6 months, so instead 0f 80 I dish out 40 with 100GB of Bandwidth usage per month.

I just tested it now and this is what I got BAH ;(
  by: isuzu     08/23/2008 05:04 PM     
In certain parts of Sacramento, yes. He's had it since at least 2005.
  by: PeddlerOfFlesh   08/24/2008 12:07 AM     
  Lucky Lot  
Here where i live in the UK We dont even have telephone lines let alone cable broadband. So i use my mobile phone modem.Soon to be getting a gprs broadband modem.
  by: steve2045     08/24/2008 04:35 PM     
I thought it was just me, but I am recently having connection troubles with Comcast too. In the middle of game playing on the internet, all of a sudden screen freezes for a while, lights blinking on my modem... goes away, comes back.. I don't use bit torrent, but am occasionally downloading 'things' from the usenet. Those Bastards! They killed Kenny!
  by: RAD     08/25/2008 11:27 PM     
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