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                 02/22/2018 06:06 AM  
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08/27/2008 04:39 PM ID: 72995 Permalink   

Woman Gives Birth on Airplane


Parmajit Kaur, who was 34 weeks pregnant, gave birth prematurely on a return flight to Australia from India where she had been visiting family. A spokesman for Darwin Airport said "She was fortunate enough to have doctors on board the flight."

Happy Valley GP Judith Hamel said "I got the operative end, one got the comforting end, the 'breathe, breathe, breathe' end, and the other got the looking-after-the-baby end." She said it was a smooth, "fun" birth.

The mother and baby are in Royal Darwin Hospital and are doing well, despite the baby being six weeks early. The father, Jagdar Jagdar, had tears in his eyes as he said he had been "feeling very, very worried" but that everything turned out well.

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  This one wasn't so lucky.  
  by: jamesmc   08/28/2008 12:08 AM     
  I thought it was dangerous...  
to fly after about 20 weeks?
  by: captainJane     08/28/2008 03:04 AM     
That is really sad! :(

When I was carrying my child it was always most thought to be risky flying while pregnant, others claimed after 20 weeks, I am glad I did not take the risk.
Anyone else have any ideas on this subject?
  by: captainJane     08/28/2008 03:09 AM     
  You can  
now fly up to 36 weeks, but you have to have a doctor's certificate and you have to sign a contract with the airline saying they're not to blame if you have the baby on board and something goes wrong.
  by: Lois_Lane     08/28/2008 12:43 PM     
  Imagine if the plane landed in a US airport  
The baby would immediately be surrounded by soldiers with M-16s and taken into custody and subjected to a full body cavity search by a TSA worker with to much authority because he didn't have proper boarding papers.
  by: ohioankev   08/29/2008 01:16 AM     
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