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                 01/19/2018 06:55 AM  
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08/29/2008 05:15 PM ID: 73052 Permalink   

McCain Makes His VP Pick


John McCain has opted to go with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a relatively little known "self-styled hockey mom." It was a surprising pick considering he passed over other candidates with much more experience.

She is 3 years younger than Obama and 21 years younger than his running mate Biden, which makes people wonder about his pick considering McCain has been trying to drive home the point that Obama is so young and "inexperienced."

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America its your choice!

Vote Turd Sandwich or Giant Douche?
  by: slavefortheman     08/29/2008 05:21 PM     
It's almost like John McCain doesn't want to win.

Does the old geezer really think that some unknown young woman is going to make his ticket more appealing to anyone?
  by: ZCT     08/29/2008 05:24 PM     
  Is it okay to say this?  
  by: VermiciousG     08/29/2008 05:26 PM     
I think he is going to get a lot of the women voters that were going to vote for Clinton.
It was really the only move he had, had he picked another old white guy would have doomed him
  by: snowman47   08/29/2008 05:31 PM     
I like what I've heard about Palin, except for that whole "hockey mom" image. This makes things harder for me as I don't think McCain would have risked the wrath of Rove and picked her unless he was going to go back to his normal self.

Still, I want a guarantee of some sort that whoever I choose to vote for will drop dead after the election and their Veep will take over.

And yes, Verm, it's ok to say that. Everyone else is saying it, so why not?

  by: morgora     08/29/2008 05:32 PM     
so either we'll see our first non-white (for those who take issue with Barack's degree of blackness) President OR our first female vice president...I'm jazzed about the idea either.
  by: crosimoto     08/29/2008 05:33 PM     
I disagree. It's a bit like buying someone a puppy because their dog just died. It's hardly a replacement from Hillary.

Hillary supporters wanted Hillary, not just any old woman as a Republican VP.

Now there are some total retards who claim they are going to back McCain because they didn't get Hillary, but anyone doing that is beyond stupid and I question their ability to even vote accurately. Adding this unknown woman to the ticket won't change anything, other than the inevitable thrashing McCain is going to bet getting in the election.
  by: ZCT     08/29/2008 05:34 PM     
  genius VermiciousG  
i am going to use that if you dont mind
  by: dieu_7     08/29/2008 05:34 PM     
I thought mogora was just being funny but OH NO!!!
For VermiciousG > There's a website and everything.

What's with people these days?
  by: crosimoto     08/29/2008 05:35 PM     
I don’t know
theres a lot of people that vote simply on color/gender/party

and it wasn’t that long ago that Barack was that unknown person. And look at how popular he is now
  by: snowman47   08/29/2008 05:38 PM     
sure :)
  by: VermiciousG     08/29/2008 05:40 PM     
Link me
  by: VermiciousG     08/29/2008 05:44 PM     
i did not see this coming.
good for him, it passes the too old image and
passes on a women for still disgruntled hillary
  by: cray0la     08/29/2008 05:45 PM     

I'm sure there's more to come
  by: crosimoto     08/29/2008 05:46 PM     
  If it meant something?  
I would say good for McCain if he wasn't so transparent in what he was doing. He surely didn't pick her because of her experience and what he thought she could do for the country, she hasn't been around long enough to know. All he is doing is trying to one-up Obama and voters should be insulted that he is treating them so stupid!
  by: gws1968     08/29/2008 05:46 PM     
  Trying to make this add up  
John McCain has been using his experience advantage over Obama pretty effectively, and that's one point that's tough for the Obama campaign to counter. Then McCain picks Sarah Palin, who has been the Alaskan governor for just under two years and before that, had only served in city politics. She actually has far less political experience than Obama, the one thing he's been trying to beat Obama over the head with.

That said, this choice certainly brings a refreshing amount of diversity to the old "pale and male" GOP look. Sarah Palin also seems to be a sensible moderate who upholds her own values but doesn't shove them down other people's throats; for example, she fought for gay couples in Alaska to receive the same state benefits as married couples, and considers herself a feminist despite opposing abortion rights. It'll be interesting to see what the national reaction to this choice is.

I still wonder, though, why McCain would so greatly threaten his advantage on the experience issue. That was what convinced an awful lot of Democrats to support Clinton over Obama, after all.
  by: l´anglais     08/29/2008 05:55 PM     
Here's some info on the viewpoint held by some of your so-called 'total retards'
  by: crosimoto     08/29/2008 05:55 PM     
Apparently she got the head of the R party in Alaska fired. She was on the ethics committee, quit. Then got a huge investigation of the ethics committee launched because they were so bad.

McCain bitches about experience then gets picks somebody with little, Obama says his fresh in DC so not so corrupt but choose somebody who’s bin in politics longer then McCain.
  by: snowman47   08/29/2008 06:00 PM     
Yeah, I'd heard of these idiots before.

Anyone who supported Hillary and is going to vote for McCain out of spite is just such a low life in my opinion. Words cannot adequately convey just what a stupid decision this would be.

It is sad that some people are so childish, and moronic that they would think like this. It's a bit like deliberately driving your car into a tree because the bank is about to repo it.

As for the awful web site you showed me (I had heard of it, just never visited it) I think it perfectly conveys just how stupid these people are. The content, stupid music, the colors, perfectly convey the moronic nature of those who created and back it.

They deserve to have their voting rights revoked because they clearly lack the intelligent to vote in a sensible manner.
  by: ZCT     08/29/2008 06:10 PM     
To quote Ronald Reagan, "(McCain) is so far left he has left the country."

  by: JonSmith     08/29/2008 06:11 PM     
I'd venture to guess that Karl Rove slapped his wife and kicked his dog when he heard this news.
  by: JonSmith     08/29/2008 06:12 PM     
  Heh. Apparently she's already got a scandal  
Something about firing some dude who wouldn't fire another dude who just happens to be divorcing her sister.

Well, there go my hopes of McCain going back to normal and picking a rowdy-crowd government-busting hagzilla as a veep in order to lure people like me back to the fold. Apparently he's picked her not because he wants his old, comfy, centrist-leaning brain back, but because she's crossing over to the dark side with the whole abuse of power thing.

  by: morgora     08/29/2008 06:33 PM     
  @ JonSmith  
I think he sometimes gets the two confused as they look so much alike.
  by: John E Angel     08/29/2008 06:34 PM     
I just read this about Palin...

"1. Sarah Louise Palin (nee Heath) was born Feb., 1964, in Sandpoint, Idaho."

That sucks. Unfortunately the most common things to come from Idaho are potatoes and republicans. But at least potatoes are good.

On behalf of Idaho I sincerely apologize.
  by: amir8500   08/29/2008 06:35 PM     
Who will the redneck bigots vote for now, Bob Barr?
  by: JonSmith     08/29/2008 06:47 PM     
  you can call em low lifes  
but theres people voting for obama juat because hes
black as ppl were voting for hillary because she was
a women, these people make a large percentage of
the vote.
  by: cray0la     08/29/2008 06:47 PM     
  I think  
after some thought hes trying to sway away from the
old geezer image, while at the same time appealing
to women and younger people.
it makes sense,
like the biden pick it was confusing and alot of ppl
called it stupid because it didnt give him a jump in
the poles. Whileif he picked hillary he would of been
guaranteedto win.
  by: cray0la     08/29/2008 06:52 PM     
Seriously need some reading comprehension. He's saying they are lowlifes because they are only voting McCain to spite Obama, because Hillary didn't make it.
  by: StarShadow     08/29/2008 06:56 PM     
I think if he is going with Palin to make his ticket look 'younger,' it will backfire. If you want to look less fat, you don't stand next to a body builder, do you? He's going to stand out and look even older now.
  by: Kolman   08/29/2008 06:57 PM     
I just went to the site about Palin. Scrolled down most of the way to see the family photo. That photo showed me why McCain picked Palin!

Look at the little girl in the middle. Pure Evil. Must be a Karl Rove love child. :)
  by: pcXXXtreme   08/29/2008 07:06 PM     
  i wasnt arguing idiot  
just stating the obvious.

On another note this women has a 97% approval
rating in alaska. Thats alot to say compared to
single digit democratically controlled congress
approval rating.
  by: cray0la     08/29/2008 07:09 PM     
  i think its a great choice  
she is nick named "barracuda" shes a government
reformer, her husband works in the oil buisness and
helps get the oil that flies obama around the
country. A real working women with true
conservative roots.
  by: cray0la     08/29/2008 07:14 PM     
Thank you! At least someone else sees his ploy!


Sell out.
  by: Jediman3     08/29/2008 07:16 PM     
  Is Biden Going To Look Like A Evil Man  
for chewing this poor woman up and spitting her out in a debate? The players have their cards dealt, now the games begin. I hope its a rough one.
  by: ichi     08/29/2008 07:16 PM     
I don't know what "poles" you're looking at, but the Gallup Poll has Obama up to a six-point lead -- and that's before people have gotten a chance to react to his awesome acceptance speech and this slightly puzzling pick by McCain.

I actually like Palin the more I hear about her, but the fact remains that she has 20 months service as Alaska governor to her entire political resume. Obama has 11 years combined state and national political experience (7 in Illinois and 4 in the Senate). McCain can no longer use the experience argument, and that was probably his most effective tool to sway independents.
  by: l´anglais     08/29/2008 07:20 PM     
The more I'm seeing about her, the more I'm not liking her one bit. I've got information overload going on right now, so I really do have to chill and examine things more closely.

Please lay off cray0la. There's nothing wrong with having a "potato-vodka drinking men of poland" calendar fetish. The Poles have had years to intermarry with the Russians and some of them are teh HAWT. As a matter of fact, I think I'll go look at some Poles, too.

  by: morgora     08/29/2008 07:31 PM     
Oh another person who is basically in the oil business.


  by: Kolman   08/29/2008 07:31 PM     
Interesting choice of words there at the end.
  by: VermiciousG     08/29/2008 07:43 PM     
  lol @poles  
its my iphone auto correction, it does morewrong
then good.

About the poles the day after obama picked biden
there was NO jump in the polls. Go to gallup and
read on, on how biden pick did nothing for him.
Another note obamas sppech was not that good and
alot of dems are upset about it, the stories are all
over today, on top of that civil right groups are pissef
that he mentioned nothing about the king
anniversery. It wasnt as great as you think it was.
  by: cray0la     08/29/2008 07:48 PM     
Black, white, hispanic, asian, male, female or even republican or democrat... If a person votes simply based on a persons skin color or sexual organs or even simply their political party alone, you can count that person as a ignorant fool.

People use your brains! I cant stress how important it is to know the candidates and the real issues.

McCain and Obama are two imbeciles that don't represent any regular Americans beliefs. They only represent the ideas of money and power and if you don't have either of these then you are not allowed in their club... So why vote for these kinds of people???
  by: slavefortheman     08/29/2008 07:50 PM     
LOL. You are typing that on an iPhone? No wonder I have trouble comprehending what you write. ;)
  by: JonSmith     08/29/2008 08:00 PM     
  After reading this..  
I genuinely feel sorry for this man, he should not be standing at this time in his life, it really is a pity.
  by: captainJane     08/29/2008 08:13 PM     
  7years experiance??  
please tell me that in the state of IL you are not
talking about his "community organizer"
because a thats nearly not enough experiance to be
  by: cray0la     08/29/2008 08:15 PM     
  Palin asks: “What is it that the VP does?”  
  by: Kaleid   08/29/2008 08:27 PM     
"on top of that civil right groups are pissef that he mentioned nothing about the king anniversery."

Actually he DID mention the king anniversary and even spoke of how we still need to go forward. Most people I spoke to really liked the speech and in fact between his speech last night and Mc Cains pick today I am about 95% sure who I will vote for now.
  by: TaraB     08/29/2008 08:28 PM     
What sort of experience pray tell is required to be president? Not that im supporting Obama or McBush er I mean McCain. As far as I know no experience is needed. Only to be selected by a particular major faction and then elected by the electoral college. There are some age and nationality requirements but I believe that is all that is needed.
  by: slavefortheman     08/29/2008 08:36 PM     
  Palin thinks creation is "science"  
or something like that. So now we see another reason why he picked her. She's pro-death penalty, anti-choice, into state-sponsored bigotry based on sexual orientation and thinks creationism should be taught in science class. He's trying to snuggle up to the Religious Wrong while distracting the people who are going to vote based on gender by giving them boobies to stare at. Second place in an Alaskan pageant boobies, even.

Ja, I think he's moving even further away from my values with this pick. I had pretty much decided to go with Obama when he picked Biden as his VP, and McCain nearly distracted me with superificial centrist leanings. But after you dig a little (which many people won't bother doing) you find she isn't a centrist at all. Compromise and keeping government out of personal issues are apparently foreign concepts to her at best.

  by: morgora     08/29/2008 08:50 PM     
"on top of that civil right groups are pissef that he mentioned nothing about the king anniversery."

Any moron that said that never watched Obama's speech. I'd say 90% of conservative pundits never saw any of his speech, yet think they are qualified to criticize it.
  by: JonSmith     08/29/2008 09:10 PM     
I'm not buying into this notion that Palin will attract the disenchanted Hillary vote. Palin is a strong pro-lifer, and Hllary is pro choice. Abortion is something women generally don't waffle around on. And yes, many people are basing their vote on this issue alone - I know a few myself. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if this was one of McCain's primary criteria for his choice.
  by: caution2     08/29/2008 09:21 PM     
Look, I understand that 99% of your talking points come from the faux noise comedy channel and of course the drug abusing Rush Limbaugh, but really... take some time and actually listen to the Obama DNC speech, or at the very least read the transcript.

Towards the end of his speech, Obama says the following:

"We cannot walk alone," the preacher cried. "And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back."

Now I know you'll probably need Rush to tell you what that is in reference to, but I'll save you some time: It's from the "I Have a Dream" speech, by that great man that is Martin Luther King Jr.
  by: vash_the_stampede     08/29/2008 09:30 PM     
  The Pundits On The Right  
Were stunned by Obama's speech and left babbling until their writers could find some pulp for them to spew.
  by: ichi     08/29/2008 09:38 PM     
  Ok This Is Out Of Line  
  by: ichi     08/29/2008 09:48 PM     
  Point of order there Princess Sylvi  
Second runner-up is third place.
  by: VermiciousG     08/29/2008 09:53 PM     
You are a liar.

Obama honored MLK and members of MLK's family were on hand for a tribute to him.

How is anybody supposed to take you seriously when you spread these lies? The Republicans are trying to shake people like yourself off themselves like fleas, and you certainly don't help when you try to lie about something that was on every major TV network and is all over the Internet for anybody to check.

Also, the Gallup Poll usually takes a few days to reflect people's latest opinions. The six-point bounce, as I said, came before Obama's acceptance speech, came before Bill Clinton's terrific speech, and probably only reflects people's reaction to Hillary Clinton's speech on Tuesday at best -- the one that Obama said "rocked the house."

Obama has served seven years in the Illinois Senate and four years in the U.S. Senate. Palin, on the other hand, has all the makings of a great leader but only 20 months experience in state government. Now she'd be a 72-year-old man's heart attack away from President if McCain is elected. That makes me *deeply* uncomfortable, and I really doubt I'm alone.
  by: l´anglais     08/29/2008 10:19 PM     
Point taken. So we're expected to settle for inferior Alaskan boobage on our VP? Was the first place person busy or something?

@All - Just found out she's a member of the Assembly of God version of christianity. That's Tammy Faye Bakker's sect, too, isn't it? They're like Pentecostals but with makeup and big hair. Explains a lot of her positions. Also makes her 10X the scary to me. I don't trust anyone who belongs to a faith that presumes to make choices for everyone else while insisting they are the only ones with a "real" religion or who belong to the only "right" religion. Extremism like that is just not something we need in our government any more.

  by: morgora     08/29/2008 10:23 PM     
Just from reading your posts I can say that I don't like her. Cute though.

Anyone know her position on Romero films?
  by: VermiciousG     08/29/2008 10:34 PM     
  l'anglais ...  
is right. The gallup poll numbers represent a 3-day rolling average. That said, most campaigns enjoy a convention-inspired ratings "bounce" in most elections. The numbers are interesting to look at, but I anticipate that poll numbers 1-2 weeks after the RNC ends will be more meaningful than what we'll see between now and the end of the RNC.

I don't know much about Gov. Sarah Palin, but it sure is an interesting pick.
  by: bobjones     08/29/2008 10:40 PM     
I agree. I think the gun may have been jumped a bit on this one; given another four years in the Governor's mansion, I think Palin could have stepped onto the national scene in 2012 as a Republican version of Bill Clinton. This may turn out to be a career setback for her.
  by: l´anglais     08/29/2008 10:48 PM     
  Drill for oil  
I like how Palin's husband has ties with BP. **** the Alaskan nature preservers, my SUV needs OIL baby.
Also- Inexperienced politicians are easier to control. McCain say, Palin do. She also has a son in the Army whom i'm sure will stay well protected against enemy fire.
  by: 5t3v3   08/30/2008 01:40 AM     
He'll probably have to be pulled out.
  by: VermiciousG     08/30/2008 02:35 AM     
  Some of our best Presidents  
were people nobody wanted.
  by: walter3ca   08/30/2008 02:43 AM     
  A Woman  
At least she is attractive and dresses like a woman...not like Hillary "cankels" Clinton. Plus, she's a real mom...doesn't just have the one check-the-block token kid.
  by: vbened   08/30/2008 11:32 AM     
  Wow vbened  
You really convinced me there. Thank you.
  by: Kaleid   08/30/2008 11:43 AM     
And someone gave her shoes and let her out of the kitchen?!!?

  by: morgora     08/30/2008 04:21 PM     
Sure fashion is always at the top of my list of reasons to vote for a canidate. Beiung pretty is so important. Can't have an ugly person. They might be a brain or something. I'll list your comment up there with the idiotic flag pin incident.

This election is more really going to decide what happens to the country any one considering a candidate based on looks needs to spend election day at home.
  by: Jaded Fox     08/30/2008 04:35 PM     
  Her religion, her hubby and national stuff  
Since she's a member of the Assemblies of God and they teach that women are supposed to "submit" to their husbands, what happens if she is in office and the hubby disagrees with something? Does she have to actually do what the hubby wants instead of what the rest of us want or what is perhaps better for the country just to be in line with her religious beliefs? If so, shouldn't we just acknowledge we're actually voting for HIM as a VP and not her since he'd be the one making all the big decisions? Shouldn't we be looking at HIM a lot harder than her for the same reason?

^^really doesn't understand the middle eastern religions, so was curious
  by: morgora     08/30/2008 05:07 PM     
"what happens if she is in office and the hubby disagrees with something?"

Then say hello to President Goatee Boy!

Another concern with Palin ascending to the presidency if 72-year-old McCain were to die in office is that she has an infant child with Downs Syndrome. DS infants often have to fight through several serious illnesses, and I can't imagine a sadder situation than a mother charged with running the United States and trying to care for her seriously ill baby.
  by: l´anglais     08/30/2008 05:26 PM     
My daily newspaper's conservative side of the editorial page is always ultra right-wing, 19th Century rhetoric. I was amazed when I read the following editorial. McCain has the ultra conservatives beside themselves:

McCain’s VP shocker

Democrats have nominated an obviously unqualified, inexperienced candidate for president in Sen. Barack Obama. And now Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain has selected a totally untested and obviously inexperienced candidate for his vice president in Alaska’s Gov. Sarah Palin.
She obviously is a very fine lady, married, with five children, a conservative Christian, somewhat a maverick, as is Sen. McCain, in challenging fellow Republicans. She has served as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska — population less than 10,000 — and has been governor of Alaska — population 670,000 — less than two years!
She has little domestic government experience, and no obvious foreign policy qualifications. As a woman, will she attract women voters, maybe some disappointed Hillary backers?
But we surely would not elect her president!
We ardently seek the election of Sen. McCain, to avoid inexperienced and extremely liberal Sen. Obama — and will pray for continued good health for Sen. McCain throughout a full presidential term if he is elected.
His VP choice warns of bad judgment.
Top national office in the world’s greatest nation is no place, as many correctly say, for on-the-job training. This is a serious mistake.
  by: JonSmith     08/30/2008 06:02 PM     
  Sorry, I couldn't resist:  
  by: JonSmith     08/31/2008 04:26 AM     
  @Jaded Fox  
My comment wasn't serious. Have a vagina or not, or being black or white, is not a reason to vote for (or against) anyone. That is why I can't vote for Obama...he's a far-left socialist. You can vote for "change", but remember that not all change is good.
  by: vbened   08/31/2008 06:40 AM     
It's funny how you and people like you keep saying that, because "far-left socialists" definitely do not consider Obama one of their own. They *might* decide to vote for Cynthia McKinney ... or they may be planning an Oval Office sit-in and saying to hell with it on voting at all.
  by: l´anglais     08/31/2008 07:45 AM     
  Both dems and repubs  
Are pretty corporate controlled. Hardly socialialist. Well maybe a little because neither are hardcore economic darwinists.
  by: Kaleid   08/31/2008 11:25 AM     
Imposing regulation on industries, companies, and corporations that require and beg for government
bailouts does not make him a socialist. Is that what
you were talking about? His idea to impose new regulations on Wall Street? If not then please show
me what makes him a socialist.
  by: jaded fox     08/31/2008 05:08 PM     
Socialists? Republicans don't even know what a socialist is. All they know is that Limbaugh and O'Reilly told them that Obama is a socialist so it has to be true. Think for yourselves, lemmings!!
  by: JonSmith     08/31/2008 05:34 PM     
  Here's how I define true capitalism  
When I say "capitalism," I mean a full, pure, uncontrolled, unregulated laissez-faire capitalism—with a separation of state and economics, in the same way and for the same reasons as the separation of state and church. - Ayn Rand

Where does this exist? Nowhere. The republicans are not for capitalism, they are plotocrats, by the rich for the rich and the dems are almost as bad.
  by: Kaleid   08/31/2008 05:50 PM     
  Republican Definition of Socialist  
Anyone or Anything that stands to the left of John McCain.
  by: VermiciousG     08/31/2008 06:45 PM     
  McCain a few years back  
TAXES: In 2001 and 2003, McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts, saying that they would “mostly benefit the wealthy.” But in 2006 he voted to extend them and now he wants to double them.

Benefit mostly the wealthy? That sounds like a socialists. But now that he needs help with the votes he has of course change his mind. Wonder what the price was
  by: Kaleid   08/31/2008 06:56 PM     
One Presidency.
  by: VermiciousG     08/31/2008 07:00 PM     
  @jaded fox  
Do a little research on you own will ya!

Just look at his voting record to see what he has done. Here's a link to one of many sites that talks about Obama's Socialist ideals:

P.S. I found that like via a Google search
  by: vbened   09/02/2008 11:57 AM     
Corporate ownership. Just look at all the lobbyists



George Carlin had it right. "they OWN you"
  by: Kaleid   09/02/2008 12:11 PM     
your site was a commentary site that once again
cries that he is a black muslim.

Additionally it has a lot of suppositions based on
Obama Sr. Show me the bills and legislation that
you think Senator Obama is pushing to forward the
same policies outlined in the "Problems Facing Our
Socialism" paper his father wrote.
  by: jaded fox     09/02/2008 12:29 PM     
Do a little research will ya?

If you're idea of a little research is google and a right wing blog then you're f-ing lost.

You think that anyone posting their thoughts and opinions within earshot of google makes it fact?

I'm so sick of you morons that think that petty little hit-n-run slanderous comments followed by "Do a little research" makes you seem more informed than others.

It makes you sound like a conspiracy nut.

  by: VermiciousG     09/02/2008 02:17 PM     
I agree with you to a certain extent. I don't have a problem with looking to certain blogs that are going to link to "factual" sites backing up their points. But the site vbened pointed to was far from that kind of site and only pointed to another koolaid drinking fluff site. The biggest problem is people forget there is two sides to every story and should try to stay open minded long enough to get all of the facts then decide.
  by: gws1968     09/02/2008 04:21 PM     
Ok, pick another site...or just look at his OFFICIAL voting record like I mentioned. As always, all people seem to do is attack the posters or the websites or blow off stories people write as the rantings of right-wing nuts. Don't believe what you read..fine, but don't pretend that you or anyone else here is open-minded. You don't want to be convinced, that's fine...but if Obama wins, don't forget that I told you so.
  by: vbened   09/02/2008 04:52 PM     
I'd say the exact same thing about a left wing blog followed by the phrase "Do some research"

You've been here for 2 months and haven't submitted article "1". You find another site.
  by: VermiciousG     09/02/2008 05:14 PM     
Ya know what? I'm gonna apologize for that.

If you want to actually get someone too look into your point of view it would be best if you didn't start by insulting them by insisting that they haven't done there own research.

When you link to sites that are predominantly opinion you are only going to get a snippy retort. If there is a specific piece of that sight that is actually factual then quote it in front of the link.

And the same goes for you left wingers.

On another forum I tore a guy a new one for suggesting that President Bush Blew up the levees during Katrina and only sighted a bunch of Kanye West disciples' blogs
  by: VermiciousG     09/02/2008 05:27 PM     
  The more I read about Palin...  
The more I realize she's a hypo-christian c**t. If anyone actually votes for this laughable duo I hope they are sterilized.
  by: amir8500   09/02/2008 05:58 PM     
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