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                 01/18/2018 03:18 AM  
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09/02/2008 08:34 AM ID: 73114 Permalink   

Hurricane Hanna Headed Toward U.S.; T.S. Ike and Another Storm Close Behind


Hurricane Hanna is gathering strength in the Atlantic and projected to make landfall on America's east coast by mid-week, with Tropical Storm Ike expected to intensify into another hurricane. A third storm recently left Africa's coast.

This third, unnamed weather pattern is also expected to develop into a tropical storm. In response, NASA has delayed the launch of a space shuttle and Florida is taking care not to extend too much aide to states coping with Hurricane Gustav.

The effects of Hanna are already being felt in the Bahamas and Haiti, which has already been devastated by Gustav. The European Union has pledged $2.9 million in aide to Gustav victims in Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

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better not screw up my vacation plans this coming Saturday!
  by: Jediman3     09/02/2008 04:26 PM     
If your gonna go to anywhere in the area of the carrabiean, Cuba or Haiti.DONT..
As there is another one behiond HANNA..True read your own news.....
Sorry Mate...
  by: steve2045     09/02/2008 06:02 PM     
  the other one behind hanna  
has been named T.S. Ike.

  by: elijah4twenty     09/02/2008 06:29 PM     
Nah, but hoping there is no weather
backlash in the great north eastern
states :)
  by: Jediman3     09/02/2008 09:47 PM     
Union has pledged 2.9 Million!! Thats the price of one cruise missile. Thats all for humanity!? Oh I forgot Haiti, less human beings.
  by: isuzu     09/03/2008 02:24 AM     
How much have other nations sent?
  by: Claridus   09/03/2008 08:30 PM     
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