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                 01/18/2018 11:09 AM  
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09/02/2008 07:40 PM ID: 73125 Permalink   

Sunspot Activity Lowest in Nearly 100 Years


A whole month passed without a sunspot being seen. This is the first time since 1913 that such an event has happened. Data on sunspots has been collected since 1749. The sun undergoes cycles every 11 years where sunspot activity is close to zero.

Many climatologists believe that solar magnetic activity contributes to climate changes on Earth. Astronomer William Livingston, co-wrote a paper in 2005 that predicted that sunspots would completely disappear within a 10 year period.

Over the past 1000 years, three similar events have taken place. The Dalton, Maunder, and Spörer Minimums. These events let to rapid cooling with one even being dubbed a “Mini Ice Age”.

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  Global Warming  
Global Warming is over, welcome global cooling.
  by: greatwarrior1   09/02/2008 08:19 PM     
All hail to my new master! Global Cooling I await thy orders!
  by: Rv3   09/02/2008 08:29 PM     
The pic is very cool looking. How about the other side of the sun? Sun-spotless? Usually it has more sun spots then the side facing earth by a huge number, but this is still interesting.

This also seems weird because the poles switched back in 2001 and the 11 year cycle would show this was expected to happen in 2012, and not 2008.
  by: Vhan     09/02/2008 08:43 PM     
  Suck on that  
you global warming preaching, not proving with facts and figures, blaming everyone else and not working together to find the truth or solution, scientific wannabes!

Wow - I hope global cooling really does start. We might all grown long hair and have total body hairstyles!
  by: raabz   09/03/2008 01:22 AM     
We still need to stop the polluting of
out planet, buying products that take
forever to decompose, and so on.

If an ice age does happen and
everything is ok because of man made GW
then we are really screwed when the
"ice age" goes away. So its business as
usual for all who don't really care,
and then our children's children will
be forced with the task of surviving.
Nothing like handing our problems to
our kids and not worrying about it,
instead adding to the problem.

We can laugh and point fingers all we
want, but the problems are still out
there. All we can really do is change
our own actions and inform others, and
hope they are conscious enough to do
the same.

Business as usual >.<
  by: Vhan     09/03/2008 02:50 AM     
The sun rotates on it's axis once every 27 days. The side that's facing us now was facing away from us 2 weeks ago.

@slave: Even though the source does say that the mini ice age was caused by a decline in sunspots I believe that it is fairly common knowledge among geologists and weather experts that it was actually caused by a particularly nasty eruption of Krakatau but I could be wrong on that one. It may still just be a theory.

I didn't know the suns poles did that. Cool.

And I'll say this. I would be ecstatic if GW turned out to be caused by sunspots but solar activity has been declining since 2002. If it makes a difference then great but I doubt it.
  by: VermiciousG     09/03/2008 03:05 PM     
the north an south poles are styill melting..

we are still pumping rediculas amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, which traps heat in.

the heat being trapped by the CO2 is causing permafrosts to melt which are and will further release more methane into the atmosphere, which will just keep contributing to global warming.

but hey, lets not lets science or the environment get in the way of the economy or politics.
  by: HAVOC666     09/03/2008 03:30 PM     
I am of the opinion that GW its partly man made but also
natural. The temperatures of the earth back when dinosaurs
ruled the planet were much much hotter than today.

I believe the earth goes through cycles but I also believe
that we can massively affect our environment as well. Like
a one two punch we are getting.

But anyone that thinks we dont affect our environment is
totally naive. But also anyone that thinks that the earth
will remain unchanged without mans involvement is equally
  by: slavefortheman     09/03/2008 03:35 PM     
Yup. Agreed.

Of the 2 schools of thought. One says: Stop polluting
Stop cutting down trees
Drive more efficient cars.
Walk more
Recycle more
Consume less
Protect the environment

The other one says:
Keep making the rich richer

I'll take the former rather than the later.
  by: VermiciousG     09/03/2008 03:45 PM     
Yeah I agree with you there. I would
take that group as well. Plus they are
just more interesting people to hang
out with. Have you ever hung out with
rich people? Most of the time they are
so frigin boring. Plus the rich group
is usually a bunch of closed minded

Most of the rich people I have met are
more concerned with fashion and the car
they drive or what celebrities are
doing rather than regular issues...
  by: slavefortheman     09/03/2008 03:55 PM     
Years and years ago I did have some rich acquaintances. You're right. Boring, superficial, vain, arrogant elitists.

I overheard a couple of them making fun of my girlfriends thick Thai accent. Nujean spoke 4 languages and had moved to the U.S. ALONE at the age of 17 and taught herself English and they were looking down there noses at her.

That was the last time I spoke to any of them.
  by: VermiciousG     09/03/2008 04:10 PM     
"I am of the opinion that GW its partly man made but also
natural. The temperatures of the earth back when dinosaurs
ruled the planet were much much hotter than today."

indeed, but WE could not survive then but he oxygen levels were much lower then also... which was a direct factor in why mammals were tiny back then even compared to some of the smallest dinosaurs...

one of the primary reasons we couldn't survive in those condition is because:

A) we're warmblooded, whereas clood-blooded animals have the advantage in that envidenment, as they dont run nearly the risk of overheating as mammals do.

B) because lungs are downright inefficent in low oxtgen enviroment, the dinosaurs respitar system was FAR FAR more efficent than ours; they often used air-sac within bones all throughout their bodies; ESSPECIALLY the bigger dinosaurs, and the ones capable of flight.

5 million years ago our oxygen level were much higher also... its thought that at the time when oxygen levels jumped after the dinosaurs went exitinct thats we we split fro mthe rest of the primates, its thought this was kicked into action at the rise of oxygen as this co-incides with when the first hominids walked earth.

i agree climate change wiht or without us... but i think most people can agree that a volcano as an effect on climate, and our activities on earth are the equivelent of a small volcano that never stops erupting.
  by: HAVOC666     09/03/2008 04:16 PM     
I'm not sure about all the oxygen/dinosaur stuff that you just said but I love that last paragraph.
  by: VermiciousG     09/03/2008 04:27 PM     
Funny I have a Thai girlfriend also LOL!

@Havoc - Sounds like we are in agreement.
The earth changes but also humans change
the earth also.

Of course on a comical side I say we must
slay all bovine since they are a huge
source of methane and methane is much worse
than CO2. So I say do your part and eat as
much steak and hamburgers as possible!
  by: slavefortheman     09/03/2008 05:01 PM     
You didn't answer my question just gave
me answers I already knew. When the sun
rotates the sun spots that we seen on
the "earth side" of the sun change as
it crosses to the other side. The other
side is more active with sun spots all
the time. Just because our side will
show 0 sun spots does not mean the
other side is 0 as well. Thats what I
would like to know. Then we can say it
truly had 0 sun spot activity.
  by: Vhan     09/03/2008 07:38 PM     
  here ya go

Also notice the sun spot that stays at
the same spot at the same location as
the great red spot on Jupiter. Hmmmm
  by: Vhan     09/03/2008 07:59 PM     
  stupid chrome

Firefox FTW (for now)
  by: Vhan     09/03/2008 08:03 PM     
  Thank you inter-web  
I found the answer on my own, and its no. There still is activity on the other side. Also there still is no activity on our side. The pictures of the sun currently is beautiful. Never seen this before.
  by: Vhan     09/03/2008 08:17 PM     
didn't mean to be evasive but maybe the entire point is that it doesn't matter what's going on on the other side. Maybe it could be spotty as a leopard on the far side and only impact us on the side that faces us. I would think that makes sense anyway.
  by: VermiciousG     09/03/2008 08:39 PM     
But imagine if the other side wasn't active wonder what would happen, or what people would think. It will be a sad day to find that the sun is showing signs of dieing.

Speaking of which, anyone see that 2007 movie Sunshine? Boy was that an intense movie.
  by: Vhan     09/04/2008 07:50 AM     
  What is important, what is trivial?  
We know that observation today is better than yesteryear because our telescopes are of better quality. And we have more of them, too.

But why are there sunspots at all? Why is there variation? We don't know. Period. We watch the light bulb and it gets dim and it gets brighter and we don't know why sunspots happen or don't happen.

But we don't let that stop us, the important thing is to complain about Global Warming!
  by: terryeo   09/04/2008 04:39 PM     
I do know why sunspots happen.
  by: VermiciousG     09/04/2008 04:56 PM     
yeah, but only to a point. Its like Christians saying they know God, when they really don't.
  by: Vhan     09/04/2008 09:20 PM     
  A star is hardly a stagnant ball of light  
It's a chaotic perpetual thermonuclear explosion. Of course there are going to be cooler spots and when preasure builds up beneath them there's going to be outgassing.
  by: VermiciousG     09/04/2008 10:18 PM     
  by: Vhan     09/05/2008 06:00 AM     
Hey, I listened to my 5th grade science teacher.
  by: VermiciousG     09/05/2008 02:51 PM     
  or maybe not  
"Nothing like handing our problems to
our kids and not worrying about it,
instead adding to the problem."

Maybe, just maybe, global warming and cooling is a function mainly of sunspots, and we could build dozens of thousand mile wide bonfires around the planet without having any significant ffect.
  by: biggfredd   09/12/2008 10:28 PM     
  @ biggfredd  
or maybe that would consume all the oxygen in our atmosphere very quickly while adding enormous amounts of CO2.

The effects of your experiment would be irrelevant because we would all be dead anyway.

Good call.
  by: THISisNEWS   10/09/2008 07:27 AM     
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