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                 02/22/2018 02:13 AM  
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09/04/2008 02:47 AM ID: 73150 Permalink   

Bill Melendez 'Peanuts' Animator Dies


Bill Melendez the wonderful animator of the 'Peanuts' characters has passed away at the age of 91 in St. John's Hospital, Santa Monica.

Mr Melendez was the only person permitted to animated Charles M. Shultz's bevy of characters resulting in several awards and acclaim for his work. Mr Melendez also on occasion provided the voices for 'Snoopy' and 'Woodstock'.

'Charlie Brown' was brought to life for 63 half hour specials and five one hour specials. A massive 372 commercials and four feature films were also animated by him.

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  lots of media icons have been dying recently  
Its kinda sad. Colin the whale. Carlin the comedian. The Voice. The Comic, father of Charlie Brown. Who's next?

Why, oh cruel world, why?
  by: maverick7h     09/04/2008 03:03 AM     
  @ Mav  
It is sad I must admit and we only hear of the talented who have made a name for themselves. How many more beautiful people die each day and we are none the wiser on what we may have missed?
  by: sleeky     09/04/2008 03:16 AM     
Indeed that is a very sobering aspect of reality. Most seem to forget it completely, but to be honest, I always keep a tiny place of my mind dedicated to the memory of those who die every day without ever having been known.
  by: maverick7h     09/04/2008 03:19 AM     
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