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                 01/18/2018 11:00 PM  
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09/04/2008 10:02 AM ID: 73153 Permalink   

London Sex Just £15


A recent study of London brothels has found that some are offering sex for as little as £15 ($30) or £25 ($50) for unprotected sex.

Researchers found that 85% of brothels operated in residential areas. An average of 28 brothels for each of London's 33 boroughs, generating between £50m ($100m) and £130m ($260m) per year.

The report discovered 77 different ethnicities among the women, and an average age of 21. Several business offered 'very very young' girls, but would not confirm that they were underage. The average price for sex was £62 ($124).

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Oh how I pity myself, £15 and I still cant afford it =(
  by: wingedpuma     09/04/2008 10:54 AM     
  I dread to think  
just how desperate those girls must be to sell themselves for £15.

I can't understand men who visit prostitutes, no matter how unattractive you are there will always be someone who will do it for free, why degrade yourself by paying for empty, hollow sex with a girl who you know is only in it for the money to buy her next hit?
  by: TabbyCool     09/04/2008 11:51 AM     
I'm afraid in a world where there is so many people that girls don't have to choose the bottom of the barrel anymore for any reason.

Besides quite a few men have had bad enough experiences that this is what they would consider a welcome alternative.
  by: splicer   09/04/2008 12:23 PM     
Some men "degrade" themselves by doing that for the same reason that others turn to toys, porn, ect. Horny and lazy. But £15 to go bareback at a brothel? That's some pretty nasty Russian Roulette. At least you can't catch diseases from internet porn lol.
  by: dertah   09/04/2008 12:46 PM     
"I can't understand men who visit prostitutes, no matter how unattractive you are there will always be someone who will do it for free,"

Thats because a ball and chain usually comes with the free sex.
  by: mbartnz   09/04/2008 12:55 PM     
LOL! You obviously haven't been to the Bigg Market in Newcastle, they should rename it "Meat Market" since that's pretty much all it is! Loads of drunken chavs glassing each other and shagging around.
  by: TabbyCool     09/04/2008 01:55 PM     
Your Brit slang just overloaded my head lol
  by: dertah   09/04/2008 02:15 PM     
Which part of it?

  by: TabbyCool     09/04/2008 02:33 PM     
  Brit Slang  
The "drunken chavs glassing each other" part lol.
  by: dertah   09/04/2008 03:00 PM     
  I think your view of prostitution tabby  
may just be a little simplistic and condescending.

If these girls want to sell sex, then would it not be better that it be legal to guarantee them at least good money and a safe setting.

SO I do agree with the barebacking being absolutely disgusing and dangerous, no one needs the cockrot
  by: dieu_7     09/04/2008 03:08 PM     
I agree, if it were legal it would mean the girls would have a better working environment, they'd have more protection from the law and would get better pay.

That doesn't mean I can see a good reason for someone actually wanting to buy or sell sex though. I just can't imagine wanting to have sex with someone who was only doing it for money when you could have sex with someone who actually wanted to sleep with you instead!

@dertah - glassing is what a lot of idiots here do when they get into fights in bars, they pick up the nearest glass or bottle and hit the other person with it, usually in the face. If it's a bottle, they tend to smash it against the wall or something first to smash the bottom off, just so it's nice and sharp and jagged ;-)
  by: TabbyCool     09/04/2008 03:42 PM     
I'm going to quote an ex-friend of mine who used to frequent "houses of ill repute" on his reasoning for why those places can be preferred:

When an ugly/fat guy has to ask a woman out, there is a lot of trepidation, unless he is able to have the "air of I-Don't-Care" with him.. Meaning, he can withstand the typical rejection he gets.
But, on the off chance that he does get the date, typically he has to pay for dinner, about $60.00 at a decent restaurant, maybe a movie/go bowling/putt-putt what-have-you which is another $15.00 not including snacks if any, or a trip to the bar for drinks, which depending on how drunk they get can be from $10.00-???, and of course there is the fuel expense which we can't really quantify, but it is there.. So in an average date, a guy may have to pay anywhere from (guesstimate) of $100 or more. And that doesn't guarantee sex.

Now, at a brothel/whore house all a guy needs to do is walk in, choose a girl and pay..

And by the way, neither one is a guarantee that an STD will or won't be transmitted.

Now for some reason for most guys "hollow sex" is not something to be all that concerned about. But, from my college and fraternity days, I've known plenty of women who liked to have one night stands as well. And no, not all of them with me, guys talk as do girls.

So when you are a desperate guy, in need of some flesh on flesh action and you typically strike out in getting a date, what can you do...?

Yes, my ex-friend was a salesman...
  by: Allanthar     09/04/2008 04:13 PM     
its sort of sad to think that we live in a world so incapsulated by sex

i mean

why even do it if there is no real benefit?

sex is either about control, or love, and etc. maybe even stress relief.

buy when you have to shell out $30-$150

your probably better off just googling some free porn, and spending that money on something worth-while

like a real girlfriend, who like you for who you are and not what you buy for her...

fat chicks need love too
  by: m.i.a.elite     09/04/2008 04:23 PM     
chavs: the lower class; uneducated and ignorant people
glassing: Eyeballing
  by: biggfredd   09/04/2008 05:37 PM     
Ignore my comment, I didn't see tabby's.

During WWII, in Hawaii, the US government got tired of their sojers getting VD and the other problems that went with visiting prostitutes, so they did the one thing that's ever worked, and made it "legal".

They built brothels which were a building with four small rooms. Each room had a bed, a chair and a sink.

MP's were outside the small rooms. Sojers paid $3 for 3 minutes. The MPs protected the girls from the men and saw to it that everyone got their alloted time and a condom.

Street rate was closer to $5, so the sojers took advantage of the bargain (and no risk of problems), and the girls took the discount in exchange for volume, protection, medical checkups and freedom from arrest.
  by: biggfredd   09/04/2008 05:53 PM     
  I had an eccentric friend...  
who is probably the most interesting guy I have ever met. He got his masters in physics from MIT but got tired of it so didn't finish his PhD. He was a huge guy who used to be a stripper in Santa Barbara. Interestingly enough, although he was a master pickup artist, he would go to Tijuana to have sex with, as he put it "12 beautiful women every year", 4 of them every three months. He simply didn't have the desire to maintain a relationship. Strangely, while he was in TJ he would seduce the prostitutes into giving him freebies or letting him live with them for more free sex after he was done with them in the brothels, all the while psychoanalyzing them. Oh, and he lived in a box that he built himself on the back of his pickup truck.
  by: Ub3rTristan   09/04/2008 06:12 PM     
You appear to be advocating for legalization, and you're right, that is the only answer.

Conservatives, religious people, and various other prudes and puritans want to keep this illegal. But all that has achieved over the years is an underclass of prostitute. These women are vulnerable to exploitation from pimps, drug dealers, punters, the police, and from various others.

In addition by keeping it illegal it opens the door wide open for under age girls, human trafficking, slavery, rape, and various other crimes associated with exploitation.

By keeping it illegal millions of dollars are funneled into organized crime, that often has other sinister implications that go way beyond prostitution.

Thousands of years of human history has taught us that prostitution will NEVER go away. You can stone prostitutes to death. You can humiliate curb crawlers. You can pass every law imaginable, but it will still go on.

It's about time we collectively grew up, and had an adult discussion about this. Once we accept that we cannot change human nature, we should ensure that we do all we can to protect women.

Let's make sure that they are safe, that they are of legal age, that they are protected from those seeking to exploit them and steal their money.

With intelligent thinking millions of people all around the world could be saved from a life of servitude and misery. But politicians don't want to deal with it. Stupid right wingers would rather have illicit gay sex in a men's room. And the religious seem to have an unrealistic view of sex.

The fact is when a girl is having unprotected sex for $50 in London (the world's third most expensive city), someone is being exploited.
  by: ZCT     09/04/2008 06:20 PM     
  Alternative Ending  
Just after I posted my last comment I thought of this more witty ending...

The fact is, when someone is having unprotected sex in London (the third most expensive city in the world) for $50, someone is quite literally getting the shaft.
  by: ZCT     09/04/2008 06:24 PM     
Got to love the Google ads on this site.

I write an article talking about the sadness of female exploitation, human trafficking, and slavery, and Google pops up a nice ad for mail order brides from China. Identifying them by location, height, weight and age, like they were pieces of meat. Nice job Google.
  by: ZCT     09/04/2008 09:05 PM     
Fear not my Winged entrepreneurial friend, with a little bit of groundwork, and if your worked a little on lowering your expectations, you can have sex AND make 15 pounds.
  by: kmazzawi     09/04/2008 09:06 PM     
  big market!  
Who goes drinking down big Market??? - Keep away - full of loud mouths looking for trouble - too much hastle
  by: batman1057   09/04/2008 09:15 PM     
  I can't understand men who visit prostitutes  
Its a lot better than all the problems that come with free sex --- New had a Prozzy, never will but can understand the reason - some women as a pain in the A$$
  by: batman1057   09/04/2008 09:17 PM     
  Never paid for it. Never will.  
  by: luxfestinus     09/05/2008 07:00 AM     
"Who goes drinking down big Market???"

Rowdy, drunken idiots go drinking at the Bigg Market! Not somewhere I'd ever go myself, it's a dump. That, and I'd probably get my head kicked in for being a "freak", "goth", "hippy" or whatever else they feel like calling me at the time!
  by: TabbyCool     09/05/2008 02:20 PM     
You brits are so degrading for the industry :P
  by: Rv3   09/05/2008 03:50 PM     
I am afraid of saying what you just said.

There is a lot of things in life I said I will never do, I ended up doing or experimenting with. There is very few things I did not try yet and this is One of them so I am crossing my fingers that it will stay this way!
  by: kmazzawi     09/05/2008 06:34 PM     
  Sad for the young girls! :(  
"Thats because a ball and chain usually comes with the free sex"

Lol, That was just great! Ha-ha.
  by: captainJane     09/06/2008 01:54 AM     
  That's nothing  
Where I come from, some girls will take a dinner from Grandy's Restaurant, according to one of my media colleagues (I never asked how he found that out).
  by: l´anglais     09/07/2008 09:23 PM     
From what I hear the poor sap who orders the mail order bride is the one who gets exploited.
  by: reverend j roach     09/12/2008 03:09 AM     
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