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                 01/20/2018 06:13 AM  
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09/11/2008 06:32 PM ID: 73329 Permalink   

If it Hadn't Been for Those Darn Kids..


In Nanteree, a suburb of Paris, a magistrate has allowed a dog to take the witness stand. Police believe the hanging death of a flat owner to be suicide.

In court the dog was praised and yet ridiculed- the judge stating the canine testimony was 'invaluable' while a present attorney said it 'proved nothing' and "Human evidence is unreliable enough, let alone canine evidence."

In a twist of fate, the dog's nickname was 'Scooby.'

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  No wonder ...  
... they forgot to give him his Scooby Snacks! I wouldn't talk either after a session in the mystery machine.
  by: Daev     09/11/2008 06:42 PM     
  This is interesting...  
It is hoped Scooby can collar the potential perpetrator, having already played a leading role during a preliminary court hearing in Nanteree, a Paris suburb.

He is said to have hounded a suspect, "barking furiously" after being taken out of the kennel and into the witness box by a vet.

  by: captainJane     09/11/2008 09:00 PM     
While this is all very funny and romanticized, what other evidence is there? Perhaps the animal simply does not like the suspect for whatever arbitrary reason animals are oft to feel.
  by: velger   09/13/2008 02:51 AM     
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