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                 02/22/2018 11:56 AM  
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09/14/2008 05:15 PM ID: 73382 Permalink   

Four Time Women's National Karate Champion Mangles Mugger


Rome: A would-be thief has been charged with assault after coming off second-best while attempting to rob Lara Liotta, a prison officer and four time Italian women's karate champion.

The mugger asked for cigarette and when the 29-year-old said she didn't have one to give he seized her by the neck. Liotta responded with two punishing blows to the head which left her attacker on the ground.

The mugger had not recovered sufficiently to flee before Liotta arrived back from a nearby train station with police. She expressed disappointment that none of the many passers by stopped or tried to help her.

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I believe she was champion in the under 55kg class. I get great satisfaction out of reporting these type of stories.
  by: ixuzus     09/14/2008 05:18 PM     
I also enjoy reading about the slime of
society getting owned.
  by: claridus   09/14/2008 06:23 PM     
reminds me of the time in England when a carjacker met a car of 4 martial arts champs I think it was judo, karate,nijutsu and one other. If I remember he begged the police to arrest him
  by: simonwike   09/15/2008 02:35 AM     
  My mother-in-law is Jewish  
She would have made that mugger feel guilty about owning testicles.

Not sure if that is before or after removing them.
  by: White Albino   09/15/2008 10:11 AM     
  From that as  

"She expressed disappointment that none of the many passers by stopped or tried to help he"

I think this may be because the passers by took it as privat matter between two persons.

  by: vizhatlan     09/15/2008 10:37 AM     
I am afraid you are mistaken my friend. In most so called western countries people tend to not interfere with these sort of things. Going even so far not helping a person when he is getting killed. Being killed by someone else or by circumstanses. Drowning for instance.

It is a sad case of affairs that we live in a part of the world where noone hardly ever helps another person when they are in trouble on the street.
  by: Flutje   09/15/2008 01:41 PM     
thats because they dont want to get sued!!
  by: m.i.a.elite     09/15/2008 01:52 PM     
  Ya I think  
but at us I don't know what would be if the case would be a murder actually.
  by: vizhatlan     09/15/2008 03:37 PM     
  Deja Vu  
This happended to a friend of mine at an ATM. My friend was a blakc belt 5th Dan at Judo. Just picked the mugger up and slammed him to the ground.
  by: borisbeaver   09/15/2008 04:31 PM     
  You are really  
having a bad day when you try to mug someone who turns out to be a karate champ and prison guard. I wonder if he'll go to her prison?
  by: elzorro   09/16/2008 11:15 PM     
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