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                 01/18/2018 10:59 PM  
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09/15/2008 04:24 PM ID: 73399 Permalink   

"Star Wars On Earth"


Manouchehr Mottaki, Iranian Foreign Minister, has called the US' proposed missile shield "star wars on Earth," adding "the US missile shield is aimed at bringing Russia under control".

Sergei Lavrov, Russian Forgeign Minister, in turn maintained his position that the intent of a US missile shield is to contain Russia's power, adding that Moscow is prepared to expand "security cooperation" with Iran and nations in the Caucasus region.

During the time of November 10 - 14 Russia and Venezuela will be holding joint military maneuvers in the Caribbean, involving 4 Russian ships, 1000 troops, as well as Venezuelan aircraft and submarines.

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I was totally hoping this article was referring to the Millenium Falcon or Death Star being created.

This is all just preparation for WWIII.
  by: Mr. Wright     09/15/2008 04:36 PM     
We are overdue a world war anyway,get it over with i say let the killing begin
let us do the dieing,while making the arms manufacturers and politicians a fortune and too stay safe thousands of miles away from the fighting.There are too many angry people in power, should be removed asp.
  by: Jammy-Doger   09/15/2008 04:56 PM     
  Also disappointed  
title is misleading, wheres my speeder and lightsaber damnit.
  by: hl2k   09/15/2008 04:56 PM     
  awww crap  
i was hoping this was my passage to Alderon
  by: Hugo Chavez     09/15/2008 05:02 PM     
  Nerds! All Of You!  
Star Wars on earth and no one mentions Queen Amidala or Sabé?! For shame!
  by: wingedpuma     09/15/2008 05:27 PM     
Sorry, Alderan was destroyed a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
  by: Mr. Wright     09/15/2008 05:39 PM     
  Not to breakup the intellectual prowess but...  
I agree with the Russians. The US (Bush) had no right breaking a treaty knowing it is just going to instigate the Russians. It's no different than when the Russians put missiles in Cuba and the US had a conniption. Our technology is better than that and this isn't necessary.
  by: gws1968     09/15/2008 05:47 PM     
  the title had me think "theme park"  
and, in way, i guess that's what the article is about. just starting with the parking lots first.
  by: calilac     09/15/2008 06:22 PM     
  Red Dawn..?  
Anyone remember that movie where the premise is the US is invaded via Mexico by the Mexican Army and the Russians send in Paratroopers?
I realized this is probably not going to happen now, but since when do nations as far apart as these two have joint maneuvers? Especially when those maneuvers involve so many troops, hardware and this is happening so close to our border?
  by: Allanthar     09/15/2008 09:16 PM     
because it's an easy way to move alot of hardware without raising too many eyebrows (although they're bound to be raised aynway)
  by: wingedpuma     09/15/2008 11:03 PM     
I don't know what weapons will be used in WWIII, but I do know that WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones.
  by: crispies   09/16/2008 03:31 AM     
That was the indirect point I was trying to make..
  by: Allanthar     09/16/2008 02:36 PM     
but since when do nations as far apart as these two have joint maneuvers?
US and Australia have regular joint maneuvers.
I personally think the reason for the games is in responce of the 4th fleet being reactivated after 50 years in the region by the USN.
Also a good way to bring some hardware too.

  by: thinking   09/16/2008 06:27 PM     
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