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                 01/21/2018 09:06 AM  
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09/17/2008 12:49 PM ID: 73449 Permalink   

Sex Party Ends In Murder


A possible 'sex party' that was held in a block of flats in Birmingham, England, has ended with the deaths of two women. The scene in the flat was described as "like something out of a horror movie."

Residents heard a woman having really loud sex at the weekend form the flat, giving rise to the theory of a sex party, also due to the fact that the area is notorious for prostitution.

The women, in their 20s, were subjected to a “sustained and violent attack”, Superintendent Dave Mirfield said. A 28 year old local man has been arrested in connection with the murders whilst he was trying to leave the country.

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Why is it that sex and violence seem to be interchangeable for some people?
  by: VermiciousG     09/17/2008 02:14 PM     
Adrenalyne makes better sex//orgasms.
  by: Rv3   09/17/2008 03:04 PM     
  Well is has been said...  
it releases tension, but the reason men do this is way beyond me.

  by: captainJane     09/17/2008 04:02 PM     
think with that that the police arrested the man yet it is not sure he was the murderer if there is not an eyewitness who saw him going in and out.
  by: vizhatlan     09/17/2008 04:03 PM     
I'd go with loads of sperm.
  by: Rv3   09/17/2008 04:07 PM     
  If it is him...  
he will have a load of dna on him,or in his car at least with the accounts of the blood spread around.
  by: captainJane     09/17/2008 04:11 PM     
  Seems to be a popular murder "class"  
In Britain. Ther should be some sociological study about that. Why are violent crime in Brit seems to be around that template.
  by: Rv3   09/17/2008 04:19 PM     
A lot of the crime here and also in this case are not the English; we have had a huge influx of foreigners here over for the past 11 years, this government has given free access to all, with no records on their past crimes and this is our biggest problem here.
  by: philigs     09/17/2008 04:45 PM     
Sounds like a good screen write for a movie of TV drama!
  by: rogeratvfan   09/17/2008 05:18 PM     
  Yes it would...  
@ rogeratvfan.

now since this Government has created all this crime here, by bringing in thousands of war criminals and countless other misfits all here unchecked.
We have always had the serial killers there are all over the world but due to lack of care and blatant negligence within OUR system, it has been blown out of proportion.
  by: captainJane     09/17/2008 06:49 PM     
  The Source  
Is well worth the read.
  by: ichi     09/17/2008 07:00 PM     
  I can  
bet the bloke picked up for the murders is bloody foreign, if he is and he is found guilty of murder, send him to Iran where they think the women came from.
  by: philigs     09/17/2008 07:02 PM     
  Maybe they should stick to Clue  
Obviously its much more up their alley
  by: hl2k   09/17/2008 07:28 PM     
  I bet he is local.  
Like the others who killed prostitutes.
  by: Rv3   09/17/2008 07:42 PM     
  The man's innocent.  
The women killed each other.
  by: elzorro   09/17/2008 09:21 PM     
They forgot the "safety" word
  by: TaraB     09/18/2008 07:29 AM     
  Sex Party?  
Why weren't we invited? Seems that once you get a reputation as a fart-knocker, all the goodies pass you by.
  by: John E Angel     09/18/2008 07:53 AM     
As much as I agree with people doing what they like, does no-one else find the idea of a 'sex party' just a little depraved? I can only guess that 'sex party' translates to some kind of organised orgy? Move over Soddom and Gomorrah, the UK has you beat!
  by: Maxx20     09/18/2008 09:55 AM     
The women were Algerian sisters, they moved over here with their parents when they were just kids.
  by: TabbyCool     09/18/2008 01:57 PM     
Or they had gagballs, the best way to prevent that damn word from being utered and stop de "party"!

I would strongly suggest you to go out of your cave. "Sex party" are a lot more common than you could ever imagine. They have been for a long long time, and always be there.

It's better than porn, since you get a free show while doing it yourself!

I think that's pretty racist to accuse immigrants when the native of the island have made pretty horrific killing spree on prostitutes without the help of any said immigrants. The problem is not the immigrant, it "you" as a country, white, black, yellow, female, male or undisclosed.
  by: Rv3   09/18/2008 04:06 PM     
  The Wau I see It  
We started the slippery downward slop when they got rid of the Police on the street. Just recently in Southend on Sea, they have returned to putting Specials on the street and the crime rate has gone down quite a bit.
@ CJ
I aggree with you about the foriegners
but there nowt we can do except to vote in a new government. But saying that the next would be just the same.
  by: steve2045     09/18/2008 04:27 PM     
I guess so. I'd heard of swingers parties, which are similar, I guess people do just have parties to get drunk and have sex. So far out of my world though, and as enjoyable as it sounds, I don't think I'd want to go. You just know girls at those type of things are likely to be heavily used goods. With the rates of abortion, divorce and STDs spiralling in recent years, it's not difficult to see why. Still, absolutely awful that it ended in murder.
  by: Maxx20     09/18/2008 06:08 PM     
Dunno, but those I know of are STD free since ever, no abortions or at least very few (no method is 100%, proof, Mary has a kid!).

"Heavily used good" is rather an interesting concept which I cant accept. I see experience as a great advantage when choosing a partner, virgins/noobs are just so boring and vanilla.

But anyway, that's personal taste and everyone does as it pleases them.

Ps.: I rarely drink anything, and only drink if it taste like juice (miam miam). And rarely more than a glass of anything. I dont recall any drunken party involving sex party, most of the "sex party" were without even mild drinking.

Drunk sex = bad sex.
  by: Rv3   09/18/2008 08:00 PM     
  Captain Jane  
Now I rarely comment against one of your comments, but sick people do this, not men specifically, in my opinion at least.
  by: dieu_7     09/18/2008 09:28 PM     
Sex and aggression go hand in hand with Men, i.e become violent to your partner.

Women on the other hand like rough sex (Not all) and the bad boys. You know the choke me type while you thrust...

Maxx I'm with you, Old fashion and intimacy with onlookers, cheerleaders, referee's and others is absolutely not my thing.
I can dig 3some FFM no shouting and no bitting, but 69 or 71,2 from onlookers!! anh anh. not me.
  by: isuzu     09/19/2008 07:51 PM     
If women at an orgy aren't STD/Pregnancy ridden and a "heavily used good" what the hell are they doing there?
  by: promontorium   09/24/2008 09:48 AM     
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