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                 04/20/2014 05:53 PM  
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10/01/2008 09:08 AM ID: 73713 Permalink   

U.S. Incursions into Pakistan continue


The U.S. military has launched two or three missiles into North Waziristan, Pakistan, killing three, two Pakistani military sources report. The two commented on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to speak to the media.

U.S. attacks in Pakistan have become a controversial issue as of late, with multiple incursions in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari said he would not allow any violation of his nation's sovereignty.

A week after Zardari's statement, Pakistani forces fired upon two U.S. military choppers crossing into Pakistani territory. President Bush has authorized U.S. incursions in July to go after insurgents. U.S. military officials deny involvement.

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  I’m torn on this one  
While I am very opposed to war, Pakistan is harboring the biggest terrorists on the planet. Give Zardari an ultimatum, hand over the terrorists or face invasion and war for being co-conspirators to terrorism. Put it on Zardari and let him choose; let him decide his fate and the fate of his country. Bin Laden and Co. declared war on the US when they attacked us. If Zardari wants to ally his country with Bin Laden they are fair game.
  by: valkyrie123     10/01/2008 03:42 PM     
Fair game you say.
Name me one Pakistani or Afghanistan national that attacked the US?
These tribal people are the same tribal people that the CIA funded during the Soviet invasion.
The only difference now is that it's the US and coalition forces that have invaded Afghanistan.
These people fight who ever invades. When the CIA backed them they were freedom fighters, now they are called terrorists.
As far as they are concerned an invader is an invader.
And the US has no right to launch attacks on a sovereign nation at least that is what they tell the rest of the world.
What would you think if the Italian authorities declared full out war on the Mafia and then they started bombing houses in New York city as they know they have Mafia members there.
The US is not responding the way the Italians want.
Do you think this would be fair game?
  by: thinking   10/01/2008 05:14 PM     
  I agree with thinking  
We can't do the very thing we criticized Russia for a month ago. We can't just invade a nation on a without permission, otherwise that is an act of war. Besides, Bin Laden did not declare this war. Bush did. Go to and you will see that Bin Laden is not wanted for 9/11.
  by: Mr. Wright     10/01/2008 06:05 PM     
  That's nice and noble and all....  
just hand over Bin Laden and we will go away. Simple. Direct. Easy. I don't want war either, I detest it. But we all know the deal with Bin Laden, he was the money man and will continue to be as long as allowed to. Occupying Iraq was a crime. Crushing Afghanistan was a crime, just get the money man and get it over with. I hate war. Little good ever comes of it.
  by: valkyrie123     10/01/2008 09:09 PM     
hand for bin laden for which crime...

WTC 93' which was commited by the FBI; they recruited the bomber, they gave him the bomb; bin laden was the scapegoat.

or 9/11 which there is no evidence to tie bin laden to... investigate 9/11, find the REAL terrorisy; million to one says they are in your own government, dick cheney himself allowed the attack the happen via the stand down order, which coincidently happened during a CIA operation of EXACTLY what happened on 9/11, and remember al-aqeida was funded, founded and trained by the CIA... bin laden (tim osmond) couldn't have done it... he was yet again america's scapegoat.
  by: HAVOC666     10/01/2008 09:34 PM     
  Very interesting input guys...  
I find it atrocious that the U.S. can violate a nation's sovereignty, even if it means the possible capture or killing of Bin Laden. Why is Pakistan not pursuing this target? Do they know something the public is not aware of? Maybe HAVOC666 is right. I hope the truth will find its way out one way or another.
  by: DoubleTake   10/02/2008 04:25 AM     
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