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                 01/19/2018 06:53 AM  
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10/03/2008 04:29 PM ID: 73774 Permalink   

Wells Fargo Buys Failing Wachovia Bank


Wells Fargo & Co. has made a deal to acquire the failing bank of Wachovia. Originally, Citigroup was planning to buy the bank, but Wells Fargo provided a better offer. Wells Fargo will pay $15.1 billion for Wachovia's stock.

The deal is still under review by the Federal Reserve, as they were previously examining the Citigroup offer. Wachovia shareholders will receive about $7 per share, which is about 80% more than the stock's Thursday closing price of $3.91.

This acquisition is an attempt to prevent a crisis for Wachovia's customers without government interference.

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  The free market works  
This is what is supposed to happen when a bank fails. A better, more efficient bank buys them up. The government doesn't need to give ANY banks a penny. The credit crisis is a scare tactic, if you ask me.
  by: Mr. Wright     10/03/2008 04:34 PM     
It looks like Citigroup and the FDIC are fighting this deal now
  by: Mr. Wright     10/03/2008 07:57 PM     
  Wtg Wells Fargo  
I did hear on the news this morning that citigroup is fighting it, but once again how does a bank with billions of peoples money not have any??????? Im glad that wells fargo is buying them out instead of having the government doing it. WTG wells fargo
  by: brandyf1401   10/04/2008 01:24 AM     
  hah and no guarantee  
take that citibank
  by: MmmMan     10/04/2008 06:43 AM     
  Oh Boy  
How many more banks are going to go belly up ?
  by: wvcoalminer   10/05/2008 02:26 AM     
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